Zehr Estate

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Zehr Estate

208 Chemung Street (Mansion)
208 1/2 Chemung Street (Cottage)
9 Athens Street (Carriage House)
7 Athens Street (Bungalow)
Waverly NY, 14892

We do not receive mail at the above addresses. Please use email to contact us.  

Email: amy@zehr.net

Google Maps for Directions & Location

Upper Drive Way ---GPS 42.004696,-76.540375
Athens Street Parking ---GPS 42.004748,-76.539978
Lower Drive Way --- GPS 42.004541,-76.539854

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WBA Member
Waverly Business Association

NOTE: Please do not send any mail or packages to 208 Chemung Street Waverly, NY, we will not receive it. There is no mail or package delivery at this address at this time. Please contact us via email. Thank you.

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