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From the two feet wide foundation base walls to the Pennsylvania Bluestone side walks, landscaping cobblestone and the slate roofs, Zehr Estate features stone in a variety of ways.

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We will be restoring and installing the slate roofs at Zehr Estate, you can find materials and videos at josephjenkins.com. Find info and contractors at the National Slate Association.

1878 The Slaughter Residence at 208 Chemung Street was among one of the first six properties to put down "PA Flagging Walk" in Waverly NY. The total cost was $440 at a rate of 15 cents/sq. ft. for the 3-4 inch thick sidewalk stone. The stone was from Laceyville quarries furnished and laid by Mr. O'Bryan, proprietor of the quarries. The stone walks were replacing hemlock walks. Also, around this same time, in the summer of 1878, Samuel Slaughter put a cut stone horseblock and hitching post in front of the home, which we found the horseblock or what we call a carriage step, in pieces buried on the property and used it for a walkway until we had time to reconstruct the carriage step/horseblock. The horseblock and hitching post can be seen on a 1910 postcard.

May 3, 1907 The Waverly Free Press And Tioga County Recorder: Board Of Trustees. Waverly, N.Y., April 30, 1907. A special meeting of the Board of Trustees called by Trustees Howard and Lang, was convened upon notice served upon all members of the Board as provided by law in the trustees' room in the village hall at 8 o'clock p. m. Present, President Lawrence, Trustees Lang, Farley, Howard, Bennett, Brown and Brougham. ...The following resolution was offered by Trustee Howard, seconded by Trustee Lang and adopted: Resolved, That Section 19 of the Code of Ordinances of the Village of Waverly, be amended to read as follows; Section 19, All sidewalks in this village shall be constructed of stone or concrete, and shall be five feet in width; except that all walks on Elizabeth street, Broad street between Loder street and Pennsylvania avenue, and Fulton street from Elizabeth street south to the state line shall extend from the curb to the street line. All stone walks shall be of flagging of a grade of stone to be first approved by the Board of Trustees. If the flagging shall be quarried stone, it shall not be less than two and one-half inches thick; if it shall be sawed-stone it shall not be less than two inches thick. Under all stone walks shall be laid a well made bed of cinders not less than three inches in depth. All concrete walks shall be built strictly after the following specification: 1. The work to be done shall consist of removing the present plank, brick or flag walk, and grading the foundation for the new walk five feet in width for the entire length of the improvement, and in such a manner that when completed and the cement walk laid, the surface of the sidewalk for its entire width shall have a slope of one-quarter of an inch to each foot toward the curb line, or as directed by the inspector....No bill for a rebate on stone or concrete walks shall be presented without endorsement thereon of the authorized inspector that the sidewalks have been constructed in accordance with this ordinance, and a statement of the inspector's charges for inspecting the construction of said walks. ...For all sidewalks constructed of concrete or stone in accordance with this ordinance, there will be paid to the owner in cash one-half the cost of such walk not exceeding seven and one-half cents for each square foot of stone walk excepting Warsaw blue stone and ten cents for each foot of Warsaw blue stone, and six cents for each square foot of concrete work, less however, the cost of inspection on such walk so constructed. No further rebate shall be allowed on re-building stone of concrete walks....

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