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Former Octagon House in Waverly, Tioga County, NY - Updated as of October 2023

The Evans family outside the octagon home around 1906, when the octagon home was at 7 Athens street, photo courtesy of an Evans' family descendant:
The Evans family; Mabel, Gabriel, Henry, Blanche and Esther, who lived in one side of the octagon home at 7 Athens street, rented it from the Slaughter family.

Waverly's First and Only Octagon Home, What a Shame it is No Longer Standing

Built circa 1846. It stood on the property of today's 208 Chemung street's yard from about 1846 to 1879. In 1879, the octagon home was moved around the corner of Chemung and Athens street, down to 7 Athens street. The octagon house stood at 7 Athens street, as a two-family rental, from 1879 to at least 1930. It was either taken down or destroyed by fire circa pre-1945.

We are still searching for any pictures of the former octagon house. Please if any of the descendants of any of the following who lived in the octagon home have any pictures they would share, you can email the pics or any information to amy@zehr.net. Thank you!

Andrew S. Rice bought a portion of Gilbert Hallet's land in 1846 for $1,900. This land had previously been part of; Isaac Shepard's farm land (1813), Elder Aaron Jackson's farm land and blacksmith shop (1824-1835), and Gilbert Hallet's 45 acres of farm land, all south of Chemung street, (1835). In 1833, all of our property was a field of oats.

July 30, 1846 - Gilbert Hallet and Philipine E. Hallet his wife, sold part of their farm land to Andrew S. Rice for $1,900. This was previously part of Aaron Jackson's farm. This sale included the land of current day 208 Chemung Street, 208 1/2 Chemung Street, 9, 7, 5, and 3 Athens Street Waverly, NY.

Andrew S. Rice had the octagon home built on Chemung street, which today (year 2023) would have been in the yard on the west side of our current "Eastlake style" Victorian home at Zehr Estate, 208 Chemung St. Waverly, NY 14892. The octagon house was built sometime around 1846.

Andrew S. Rice owned Waverly’s first and only octagon home. He owned the octagon home from circa 1846, when he had it built, to Feb. 9, 1858 when he sold his octagonal home to Amelia J. Foster and Henry S. Foster, of Brooklyn, NY. Andrew S. Rice was listed on the 1845 census for Factoryville, N. Y. (East Waverly), in the Town of Barton, Tioga county, NY. One male, 2 females for a total of 3.

1850 census - Octagon home on Chemung street, stood in the yard of today’s 208 Chemung street property. Andrew S. Rice 40 yo., foundry man, born in New York, real estate $1,000; wife Eliza Rice 30 yo., born in England; son George Rice 4 yo., born in New York; son Henry Rice 2 yo., born in New York; daughter Frances Rice 1 yo., born in New York; laborer Jas. Tutten 16 yo., born in New York

In 1850, Andrew S. Rice sold the northeast corner portion of his land to T. J. Brooks, where our current house at 208 Chemung Street stands, at the corner of Chemung street and Athens street, and the sale also included the front part of the land of current day 9 Athens street.

The 1853 map shows the octagon house on Chemung street:
1853 map showing the 202 to 208 Chemung street block

1855 New York State census - Octagon home on Chemung street, stood in the yard of today’s 208 Chemung street property. Framed home worth $4,000 - (which was quite an amount, for comparison, the home at 300 Chemung street in 1855 was worth $2,500 - The home of T. J. Brooks at 208 Chemung street was worth $1,000, this was not the current home at 208 Chemung street for the current home at 208 Chemung street was rebuilt in 1873) - A. S. Rice 45 yo., foundry man; wife Eliza Rice 35 yo.; son George Rice 9 yo.; son Henry Rice 7 yo.; daughter Frances Rice 6 yo.; son Arthur Rice 1 yo.

On June 12, 1855, Andrew S. Rice along with Guy Tozer, town of Barton, Tioga county, State of New York, invented a new and improved Kind of Self-Setting Sawmill Dog, in the use of which lumbermen are enabled to saw their lumber of a uniform thickness. Patents Office.

December 11, 1856 Andrew S. Rice sold to Luman Rice for $700.00, the land of current day 3 and 5 Athens Street Waverly, NY. Andrew Rice, living in the octagon house on Chemung Street, was dividing up his land and selling it off. (Luman Rice married Melissa Dix in 1856, perhaps Luman and Melissa were going to build a home on the property of today's 3 and 5 Athens street and then changed their minds, for 1 1/2 years later, they sold the property. By 1869, there was one home on the property of 3 and 5 Athens street "Mrs. Quick".

(In 1857, T. J. Brooks sold his rectangular shaped home, at 208 Chemung street, to Dewitt Slaughter, who with his wife, Caroline Mills Slaughter, and their two children; Samuel Wickham Slaughter and Antonette Slaughter, moved into the former Brooks' home at the corner of Chemung street and Athens street.)

Feb 6, 1858 A Question in Patent Law
MESSRS EDITORS: As there are no lawyers here who are acquainted with Patent business, I wish to enquire if a man is not liable in an action of damages, in the Supreme Court of this State, for making a patented article when it is his intention to sell the same, even though he sells to those who own territory? Or suppose I own a county right to make and sell, can any other make in said territory and sell to others out of said county or in it? Please answer through the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. A. S. RICE. Waverly, N. Y., Jan. 27th, 1858.
[The Supreme Court of the State of New York has no jurisdiction in patent cases. Suits for damages can only be brought in the United States Courts. A patent is the monopoly of the right to make, sell and use the article secured by the grant of Letters Patent therefore no one can manufacture a patented article upon territory owned by another without infringing the right of the latter. EDS. {Andrew S. Rice, owner of the octagon home on Chemung street}

Feb. 9, 1858 Andrew S. Rice of Waverly Tioga Co. and State of New York to Amelia J. Foster and Henry S. Foster of Brooklyn, Kings County, N. Y. - $1,500 -“lot on which my octagonal house was built.” Just 4 months later, June 25, 1858, Amelia J. Foster and Henry S. Foster (from Waverly, NY) sold it to Edwin Mills for $3,000. (From our Abstract). Edwin Mills was Mrs. Dewitt (Caroline Mills) Slaughter's brother. See further down this page for information on Andrew S. Rice and his family after he sold his octagon home in Waverly, NY.

According to ancestry: Henry S. Foster born Jan. 20, 1825, died June 28, 1901, buried in Ridgebury Cemetery, Orange county, NY. Ancestry says this Henry S. Foster had two spouses: 1. Amelia J. Dodge Foster, born Sept. 5, 1831, died May 15, 1864; 2. Adelia Maretta Fowler Foster, wife of Henry Schuyler Foster. Adelia was born Jan. 3, 1845 in NY and she died Feb. 19, 1923 in Ossining, Westchester County, NY and is buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Westchester county, NY.
1855 census - Wawayanda, Orange county, New York - Robert Dodge 54 yo., blacksmith; Susan J. Dodge 44 yo.; A. J. Dodge (Amelia J.) 24 yo. female; M. A. Dodge 17 yo. female; boarder John Wheeler 8 yo.; Wm. A. West 20 yo., apprentice
1860 census - Wallkill, Orange county, NY - Henry S. Foster 31 yo., carriage maker; wife Amelia A. Foster 25 yo.; Edwin D. Foster 6 yo.; Susan Foster 4 yo.; Mary A. Foster 4 months old; domestic Mary E. Wyatt 19 yo.; Family #2 Leander Purdy 27 yo., grain cradles; Obeda J. Purdy 24 yo.
Henry S. Foster and Amelia J. Dodge Foster had a daughter, Minnie A. Foster (born April 4, 1861, died Sept. 27, 1874, according to ancestry, yet Mary A. Foster is 4 months old on the 1860 census, this was most likely Minnie.
May 26, 1864 The Goshen Democrat - Deaths. May 15 - At Sing Sing village, Amelia Foster, daughter of Robert Dodge, of Ridgebury. (Sing Sing, later became Ossining-on-Hudson, NY.)
Sept. 9, 1875 The Goshen Democrat - Deaths. Dodge - Sept. 2, at Ridgebury Robert Dodge, in his 75th year.
1880 census - Ossining, Westchester, NY - Henry S. Foster 49 yo., works in foundry; wife Adelia Ann Foster 35 yo.; daughter Nellie M. Foster 13 yo.; son Henry S. Foster 11 yo.; son E. Lucas Foster 7 yo.
May 5, 1887 The Goshen Democrat - The wills of the following persons have been admitted to probate - Of Susan J. Dodge, late of the town of Wawayanda, …
1900 census - owned home in Ossining, Westchester, NY - Henry F. vs. S. Foster 76 yo. invalid; wife Adelia M. 55 yo.; daughter Eleanor M. 33 yo., school teacher; son Henry S. 31 yo., at college; son E. Lucas 27 yo., stenographer
Sept. 24, 1903 Fall River Daily Evening News, Massachusetts - Ordination In Somerset. H. Schuyler Foster Becomes Pastor of the Baptist Church of That Town. The ecclesiastical council to consider the advisability of ordaining H. Schuyler Foster, of Ossining, N. Y., to the Baptist ministry was called together … Rev. H. Schuyler Foster was born in Scarborough-on-the Hudson, N. Y., Aug. 22, 1868, the second child of H. Schuyler and Adelia M. Foster. He attended the public schools, and at 16 entered a printing office to learn the trade, remaining there five years. He then became general secretary of the Y. M. C. A. at Sing Sing, but wishing to give himself a better education he entered Colgate Academy at Hamilton, N. Y. After completing his course there he at once entered Colgate University, graduating with the degree of Ph. B in 1900. While in college he had been a member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, had been class historian and class poet and had also been connected with college papers and won numerous prizes as a student, including the Kingsford prize for declamation. In the fall after leaving college, Mr. Foster entered the Rochester, N. Y., Theological Seminary, completing his course in May of this year. During his seminary life he acted as pastor of the Baptist church at Henrietta, N. Y., where he baptized ten, and also supplied pulpits at several neighboring towns. Mr. Foster’s father, who in his later years was a hay and grain dealer in New York city, died in 1901. His mother, his sister, a teacher at Ossining, N. Y., and his brother, E. Lucas Foster, assistant registrar in Cutter Preparatory School, New York city, were unable to attend the ordination.
1910 census - Ossining, Westchester county, NY, "Still Court street" hard to read?- Adelia M. Foster 65 yo. widow; daughter Nellie M. Foster 40 yo., teacher at public school, has mother being born in NY and father being born in Massachusetts.
1910 census - Parisian Place, Ossining, Westchester county, NY - E. Lucas Foster 38 yo., secretary for corporation, has mother born in NY, father born in Massachusetts; wife Violette A. Foster 34 yo. (Elijah Lucas Foster, born Dec. 9, 1872.)
1920 census - Ossining, Westchester county, NY, "Still Court street" - Adele M. Foster 75 yo. widow; daughter Helena M. Foster 50 yo., has mother being born in NY, father being born in NY, teacher at public school
Oct. 3, 1928 The Ithaca Journal - The People Of The State Of New York - By the Grace of God Free and Independent - To Hanson Perry, Jessie Ohswaldt, Chester Perry, Edwin D. Foster, Susan Foster Havens, Helena M. Foster, H. Schuyler Foster, E. Lucas Foster, Clarence H. Foster, Maude F. Davidson, Frederick K. Foster, DeWitt C. Foster, Charles Foster, George Foster, Emma Green Lindner, Shalor Foster, Lyndia Sternberg, Lena Van Horn, Belle Johnson, Donald O. Newton, Lovilla Jane Newton, Josephine Elvira Newton, Delbert Cranmer, Harold Morrison, Burdett Morrison, Robert Morrison, and to all persons interested in the estate of Henry Foster, late of the City of Ithaca, Tompkins County, State of New York, deceased as heirs, creditors, … on the petition of Ella Drake of the City of Ithaca, …
1940 census - Ossining, Westchester county, NY, "Still Court street"? hard to read street name as were above census records, Helena May Foster 73 yo. single
June 4, 1944 - Edwin Dodge Foster died in Cleveland, Ohio. He is buried in Lake View Cemetery. He was born May 31, 1854 in Ridgebury, Orange county, NY.
March 30, 1954 The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina - Funeral services for E. Lucas Foster of the Blandwood Apartments, who died yesterday in a local hospital after an illness of five days, will be held Wednesday at Kipp and Flint Funeral Home at Ossining, N. Y. … Mr. Foster was born in New York City, the son of the late Henry and Adelia Hunt Foster. He was associated with Reid Hayden Co., Inc., in Charlotte. Surviving Mr. Foster are his wife, the former Miss Violett Post of Ossining and Charlotte; a niece, Mrs. Andrew B. Dey of DeLand, Fla.; and a nephew, Dr. H. Schuyler Foster of Washington, D. C.

Edwin Mills was born March 4, 1827 and died April 28, 1896. He is buried in Scotchtown Cemetery, Orange County, NY.
He owned the former Octagon home in Waverly, NY, from 1858 to 1875, while it stood on Chemung street.

Previous to Edwin Mills purchasing the octagon home: Sept. 11, 1854 Middletown. Farms For Sale. The Subscriber Offers For sale his farm situate in the town of Wallkill, five miles north-east of Middletown, and one mile from Scotchtown. Said farm contains about 70 acres of good land, well divided into plow, meadow, and timber land, and is watered by never failing springs and streams. On the premises are a good dwelling house, barn and other out buildings, together with two fruit orchards. Also, a farm adjoining, containing about 90 acres of good land. Said farms will be sold together or separately, to suit purchasers, on Saturday, the 7th day of October next, at 1 o’clock P. M., at public auction, to the highest bidder. Conditions made known on the day of sale. Will be sold at the same time and place, at public auction, between 8— and 1,000 feet of bridge plank. Edwin Mills. Lewis Little, Auctioneer.
1855 census - Wallkill, NY, framed home worth $100. - Edwin Mills 26 yo., farmer; Mary E. Mills 22 yo.; Sarah I. Price 18 yo, domestic.; Silas A. Paine 14 yo., servant

June 7, 1858 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle - The Courts. ... Andrew S. Rice against Henry T. Foster - Motion to change the place of trial from the County of Kings to the County of Tioga, granted, $10 costs on this motion to abide the event.

June 14, 1858, Luman A. Rice and Melissa Rice, his wife, sold off 3 and 5 Athens street land to Amelia J. Foster for $1,000. Luman and Melissa Rice owned the land of 3 and 5 Athens street for about 1 1/2 years, they had purchased it on Dec. 11, 1856. (In 1860 - Barton, NY, real estate $500, personal $100 - L. A. Rice 25 yo., moulder; wife Melissa A. Rice 21 yo.; daughter Mary J. Rice 3 yo.) See Further down this page for more info. on Luman and Melissa Rice.

June 25, 1858, Edwin Mills purchased the Octagon home, (that once stood in the yard of today’s 208 Chemung street, and later in 1879, was moved and stood at 7 Athens street, Waverly, NY) from Amelia J. Foster and Henry S. Foster, her husband, of Waverly, Tioga County, N. Y. to Edwin Mills of Wallkill, Orange County, N. Y. Edwin Mills paid $3,000. At the time he purchased this octagon home, his sister, Caroline Mills Slaughter was living just next door to the east at 208 Chemung street, with her husband, Dewitt Slaughter, and their two children, Samuel Wickham Slaughter and Antonette Slaughter. Edwin’s sister, Mrs. Dewitt Slaughter, died in 1861. It appears that Edwin Mills purchased the octagon home for rental income. I can find no evidence that he ever lived in the home.

1860 census - Middletown, Wallkill, Orange county, NY - real estate $6,500. personal estate $1,800. Edwin Mills 32 yo., farmer; wife Mary E. Mills 27 yo.; N. J. Cavanaugh 18 yo. female, domestic; D. L. Dunn 15 yo., farm laborer; Lawrence Igo 25 yo., farm laborer, born in Ireland

Feb. 7, 1861 The Goshen Democrat - Deaths. Feb. 2 - Near Scotchtown, Mary E., wife of Edwin Mills, eldest daughter of Theophilus Vail of Middletown, aged 27 years. (Buried in Scotchtown Cemetery)

Feb. 21, 1867 The Republican, Goshen, NY - In Partition. Supreme Court - Orange County. George Walter Hurtin, against Edwin Mills and William Mills Hurtin. In pursuance and by virtue of a judgment and decree of sale, in partition, made at a special term of the Supreme Court, held at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., on the 28th day of January, 1867, and entered in the office of the Clerk of the County of Orange, on the 5th day of February, 1867, I. Benjamin F. Duryea, the Referee therein appointed, will sell at public auction, on the premises hereinafter described, in the Town of Wallkill, in said County of Orange on Friday, the 22d day of March next., at 10 o’clock … All that certain lot, piece or parcel of land situate lying and being in the Town Of Wallkill, in Orange County, New York, and being part of a tract of four thousand acres of land granted to Jacobus Brown and George Murray, and bounded as … containing one hundred and sixty-eight acres of land, be the same more or less. Also, all that certain other lot of land situate in the Town of Wallkill, … containing about ten acres, more or less. Benjamin F. Duryea, Referee. John E. Howell, Attorney.

In November of 1867, Miss N. A. Williams, advertised to open a School for Young Ladies the "Octagon House," Chemung st. Waverly. (Still owned by Edwin Mills of Orange county, NY.)

1867 The Waverly Advocate: Young Ladies School. Miss N. A. Williams, Will open a School for Young Ladies the Octagon House, Chemung st. Waverly. Rates Of Tuition Per Term Of Eleven Weeks. Reading, Spelling, Object Lessons and Mental Arithmetic $2.50. Reading, Spelling, Penmanship, Practical Arithmetic, Geography and Elements of Grammar. 3.50. Philosophy, Physiology Grammar, Composi'n including any of the above 4.50. Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy and Botany 5.00. Extras. French, 3.50. Drawing, 3.00.Painting on Velvet 6.00. Painting in Water Colors 4.00. Monochromatic Painting 4.00. Pastel or colored Crayons 5.00. Oil Painting 10.00. Wax Flowers and Fruit each 6.00. Embroidery on Silk and Worsted and Fancy Work of different kinds. Tuition due at the middle of the Term. First Term will commence Nov. 4th, 1867. N. A. Williams. No deduction made on account of absence, except in cases of protracted illness. (Edwin Mills, while living in Wallkill, Orange county, NY, was renting out the octagon house in Waverly, NY.)

1867 advertising in the Waverly Advocte for Young Ladies School in the octagon house on Chemung street
1867, Waverly Advocate newspaper ad for young ladies school in octagon house

Dec. 26, 1867 Goshen Democrat - Marriages. Dec. 12 - At the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. A. McLean, Mr. Edwin Mills to Miss Libbie Van Benschoten, all of Wallkill.

An 1869 map shows our house at 208 Chemung St. (D. Slaughter) with Octagon house (E. Mills), brother-in-laws, on Chemung St. Waverly, NY
1869 map showing the octago house and 208 Chemung street house

In 1869, Edwin Mills started advertising to sell the octagon house. December 17, 1869 The Waverly Advocate: For Sale. The subscriber going to leave, will sell his House and Lot on Chemung and Athens streets, containing about Two Acres of Land. - Also, a Top Buggy and half Portland Sleigh, both nearly New. A One Horse Lumber Wagon and Shelvings. Edwin Mills. See Jan. 1, 1875 advertisement.

If Edwin and his second wife, Libbie Mills, ever did live in the octagon home, it would have been after their marriage and only for a couple of years.

1870 census - Octagonal House on Chemung street, in between 202 and 208 Chemung street, in today's yard of 208 Chemung street - Frank Gallagher 28 yo., allopathic physician, no real estate / personal $2,500; Mary E. 30 yo.; Frank 12 yo.; John F. Esch 30 yo., Episcopal minister, no real estate / personal $1,000, born in Bavaria; Eliza Persley 30 yo., domestic servant
(April 15, 1870 - The Waverly Advocate - Classes in German and French by the Rev. J. F. Esch in elocution by Dr. Frank Gallagher, are being formed Application should be made at once. May 14, 1869 The Waverly Advocate -  Dr. Frank Gallagher, Pennsylvania Avenue, opposite North end of the Park, Waverly, N. Y. Special attention given to diseases of Throat
July 2, 1869 The Waverly Advocate - Dr. Frank Gallagher, Pennsylvania Avenue, opposite North end of the Park, Waverly, N. Y. Special attention given to diseases of Throat
1880 census - boarding in Winchester, Litchfield county, CT - Frank Gallagher 36 yo., physician; Mary E. Gallagher 39 yo.; Mary E. 8 yo.)

1870 census - Wallkill, Orange county, NY - Edwin Mills 44 yo., farm laborer, personal $5,000. Real estate $3,000; wife Elizabeth Mills 24 yo.; Mary Horton 9 yo., servant

September 30,1870 The Waverly Advocate: For Rent, The House occupied recently by Dr. Gallagher on Chemung St. adjoining the Residence of Lewis Richardson Esq. Enquire of M. J. Warner (M. J. Warner, attorney and counsellor, in Waverly, NY), or Dr. Gallagher. Waverly, Sept. 16, 1870. (L S. Richardson had a home at 202 Chemung street, his home is no longer standing. Interesting is that the only home adjoining Lewis Richardson's at this time was to the east of his home, which was the octagon home. Edwin Mills of Wallkill, Orange county, NY, owned the octagon home at this time.

In 1871 Dr. M. B. Weaver moved his practice into the "Octagon House" on Chemung street. (Still owned by Edwin Mills) April 7, 1871 The Waverly Advocate: Dr. M. B. Weaver has removed to the "Octagon House" on Chemung street, where those desiring his services will be able to find him at all hours. (Samuel Slaughter, of 208 Chemung street, nephew of Edwin Mills, bought the Octagon House in 1877 and then moved it around the corner and down to 7 Athens street.)

April 1871
April 1871 newspaper Dr. Weaver having his practice in the octagon home on Chemung street

1872-1873 Broome and Tioga County Business Directory - Weaver, M. B. Dr.(Waverly) clairvoyant physician, Octagon Place, Chemung street

Information on M. B. Weaver:
1860 census - Ulysees, Tompkins county, NY - Marvin B. Weaver 27 yo., journey miller; Jane Weaver 25 yo.; Henry D. Weaver 23 yo., journey miller
June 30, 1863, Counties of Cayuga, Seneca and Wayne, NY - U. S. Civil War Draft - Marvin B. Weaver 29 yo. on July 1, 1863, occupation as a miller, married, born in New York
1875 census - framed home worth $3,000 - Barton, Tioga county, NY - M. B. Weaver 42 yo., doctor; wife M. J. Weaver 40 yo.; son M. L. Weaver 10 yo.
July 2, 1875 Waverly Advocate - Dr. M. B. Weaver met with quite an accident on Tuesday last while out riding with his wife; his horse becoming frightened, overturned the carriage, throwing out both, breaking the Dr’s collar bone. He is doing finely. Mrs. W. was not injured in the least.
July 13, 1875 Auburn Morning News - Cascade - Dr. M. B. Weaver, Clairvoyant Physician, of Waverly and Elmira, is now permanently located at Cascade. Call and see him.
Sept. 21, 1877 Waverly Advocate - Married. Weaver-Nye - At Buffalo, by Rev. Aaron A. Thayer, Sept. 11th, Dr. M. B. Weaver of Waverly, and Mrs. Caroline M. Nye of Syracuse, N. Y.

Circa 1877 - Dr. M. B. Weaver, who recently purchased the H. C. Clapp property on Tioga street (In 1873, Henry C. Clapp purchased 447 Park ave. for $7,000. At this time, this home was considered to be on Tioga street.), has been making extensive and important changes in the grounds and buildings. The quite large amount of inferior trees and shrubbery have been cleaned away; the house has been raised four feet; the cellar enlarged, and all the old walls replaced by new and substantial ones. This makes a commodious basement of ten feet in height, in which has placed a furnace capable of warming the entire building. The old wooden street and yard walks have been replaced with the best flagging, and steps of cut stone placed at the entrance. The grounds are being graded to correspond with the more elevated position of the house. The changes inside are no less extensive and important, especially in the way of making the halls and rooms more convenient, and the building more modern in style. The entire inside has been painted, and all the rooms papered with fine and expensive paper. The building has been piped throughout for gas, and some magnificent gas chandeliers hung. The Doctor is expending a good deal of money on the property, but the improvements are most decided and valuable. When completed, he will have one of the finest residences in Waverly.

May 16, 1879 The Waverly Advocate - Dr. M. B. Weaver has gone southward to near Philadelphia, in pursuit of a more genial atmosphere and renewed health. May he succeed in finding both.

Aug. 1, 1879 Waverly Advocate - Dr. M. B. Weaver died at 9 o’clock on Wednesday morning. Funeral services at his late residence, Park Avenue, on Saturday afternoon. Obituary next week.

Aug. 7, 1879 The Evening Gazette, Port Jervis, N. Y. - Death Of A Waverly Doctor. Dr. M. B. Weaver, a physician of much repute of Waverly, N. Y., died at his residence in that village the morning of July 30th.
Aug. 8, 1879 Waverly Advocate - We noticed very briefly last week the death of Dr. M. B. Weaver, which occurred at his residence on Park avenue, on Wednesday morning, July 30th, in the prime and meridian of manhood, his age being but 46 years. His prominence as a man of enterprise and business energy, and his high standing as a Spiritualist and spiritual medium, demands more extended notice. And our intimate relations with him for the past ten years justify us in speaking a few plain, honest words with regard to him. He came to this neighborhood ten years ago in the capacity of head miller in the flouring mills of Phillips & Curtis, located a mile and a half from the village. We were early attracted to his quiet manners, sincerity and kindness of heart, and peculiar religious views, and warm friendly relations were maintained ever afterwards. After a year and a half with Phillips & Curtis, he removed to Waverly, which has been his home, with occasional intervals, to the day of his death. His peculiar phase of mediumship, then but partially developed, rapidly grew to greater perfection, till he became widely known as one of the finest mediums of the country. For many years he followed his healing and mediumistic powers - for a few months in Buffalo, for a longer period at Cascade - head of Owasco lake - but mainly in Waverly and vicinity, although he was frequently called hundreds of miles away to minister to the afflicted. Some of the most remarkable cures on record were the work of his hands; and there are hundreds of witnesses living today who gratefully testify to his wonderful healing powers; and thousands have been made happy in the demonstrated truth of immortality through his mediumship. His success was entirely the result of intuition and inspiration having never read a work of a scientific character, or devoted an hour’s time to the investigation or study of any subject coming within the range of his specialties. But the prejudices against Spiritualism, developed mainly through ignorance of what it really is, were so deep-seated, and at times so demonstrative and virulent, that his life was rendered burdensome. But Dr. Weaver, although of delicate constitution, timid, and sensitive even to nervousness, was a man of marked courage and bravery, and he never hesitated, when occasions seemed to require it, to stand upright as a self-reliant man, and declare his convictions, even in the face of bitter and remorseless persecution. A virtue preeminent in him was his fidelity to his convictions, and his contempt for shame and hypocrisy, in what ever form they came. It is doubtful if the inquisition of old could have extorted from him what it did from Galileo. The practice of his healing art proved injurious to his delicate health, as he took on, to a greater or less degree, the symptoms of his patients; and for the last two years or more of his life he refused to practice altogether. Being a miller by trade, he conceived, and at the head of the firm of Weaver & Shear, successfully carried out the idea of building a steam flouring mill in this village; and at the corner of Broad street and Penn’s avenue stands one of the most perfect structures of the kind to be found in the country. But his ambition and forgetfulness of self led him to overwork which, with mental anxiety connected with his business, prostrated him during the past winter, and he gradually sunk under that ever-flattering disease, consumption, till the 30th, when the life-co-partnership between body and soul dissolved, and he passed to a higher and brighter field of labor. It is pleasant to know that during his last sickness, up to the moment of his departure, nothing was left undone that could smooth the thorny pathway, or in any manner relieve his sufferings. The hands of a kind and loving wife were ever quick and untiring in ministering to his wants; but kindness could not stay the destroying angel’s hand, nor love longer hold the departing spirit. To him this natural and beautiful change, called death, had no terrors. It occurred in the most quiet and peaceful manner; and to the last moment he realized the truth, written by the sweet poet of Sheshequin, nearly half a century ago, that “Death is but a kind and gentle servant, who, with noiseless hand, unlocks life’s flower-encircled door to show us those we love.” Dr. Weaver was a lover of humanity, from the highest to the lowest and poorest; and there will ever stand recorded against his name: “A man that loved his fellow men.”
Aug. 15, 1879 Corning Journal - Dr. M. B. Weaver, a prominent physician of Waverly, died Wednesday.
Sept. 3, 1879 Probate Will of Marvin B. Weaver with Caroline M. Weaver as executrix.

The following two pictures are from an 1874 bird's eye, hand drawn map, not to scale at all. The "Octagon House" is towards the upper middle of picture, on Chemung street, our current yard. On the right side of octagon house is our Victorian house, "Enchanting East Empress" of Zehr Estate, on the corner of Chemung and Athens street. Waverly street is where the number 4 is in the picture. The street on the bottom is Tioga street.

A close look at the 202 to 208 Chemung street block in Waverly, NY, 1874
A close look at the 202 to 208 Chemung street block in Waverly, NY, 1874

A look out farther from our estate in 1874
A look out farther from our estate in 1874

January 1, 1875 The Waverly Advocate: House And Lot For Sale Cheap, - The subscriber offers his House and Lot for Sale known as the Octagon House on Chemung Street with land enough extending on Athens Street for two Building Lots. Inquire of J. E. Hallet, Waverly, N. Y. or of the subscriber. Edwin Mills, Middletown, N. Y.

March 16, 1875, Edwin Mills and wife, Libbie B., sold the octagonal home to John S. Conkling. (Libbie's sister, Sarah, was married to John S. Conkling's brother, Joseph Conkling.)

Edwin Mills' obituary: For more info. on the Mills family, see Genealogy page
April 28, 1896 Middletown Daily Press - Mr. Edwin Mills, of near Phillipsburgh, died Tuesday morning at 6 o’clock. He had been the subject of sudden attacks of illness for some time past, and when the family returned from church Sunday, he was found unconscious. He never revived. Deceased was born near Scotchtown, March 4, 1830, and was the son of Samuel and Esther Mills. He married for his first wife Miss Mary Ellen Vail, Dec. 2nd, 1852, who was a sister of Mrs. J. R. VanDuzer of this city. She died about eight years later. In Dec. 12, 1867, he married Miss Elizabeth VanBenschoeten. He is survived by his wife, one son Ralph, and one daughter Bertha, at home. He was about 66 years of age. Rev. S. W. Mills, of Port Jervis; J. J. Mills and Mrs. Mary Jane Bull, mother of Mrs. Albert Bull, of near Scotchtown, are brothers and sisters of the deceased. Mr. Mills was a man who had a kind word and welcome hand for all. He was a kind husband and father. He was a member of the Scotchtown Presbyterian church. The funeral service will be held from his late home Friday at 1:30. Interment in family plot, Scotchtown. (Former owner of the octagon home on Chemung street in Waverly, NY. He was a brother to the late Mrs. Dewitt Slaughter, Caroline Mills Slaughter, of 208 Chemung street Waverly, NY, who died in 1861.)  See further down this page for a continuation of Edwin Mills after he sold the octagon house.

John Stitt Conkling and Addie B. Conkling (John's second wife, “Mary Adeline Bannister”)
Owned the former octagon house in Waverly, NY from about 1875 to 1877, but in-between that time they had sold it to Charles C. Luckey for about a year, then it was back in the Conkling’s name for about two months before they again sold it on Oct. 25, 1877 to Samuel W. Slaughter for $2,600. Samuel Wickham Slaughter purchased the octagon home in order to make a “park” next to his home at 208 Chemung street, for in 1879, Samuel Slaughter moved the octagon house around the corner to 7 Athens street and used it as a two-family rental income property.
Interesting is that John S. Conkling’s brother, Joseph D. Conkling, married Sarah Van Benschoten. John S. Conkling was next to own the octagon home after Edwin Mills. Edwin Mills' second wife was Elizabeth Van Benschoeten. Sarah and Elizabeth were sisters, their father was John Van Benschoten. (From the 1860 census, Wallkill, Orange county, NY - John Vanbenschoten 51 yo. widow, born in New York, farmer, real estate $8,000 personal $1,000; Elizabeth 49 yo.; William 25 yo., student at college; Edward 23 yo., farmer; Sarah 17 yo.; Elizabeth 15 yo; Sarah Barker 37 yo.)

Prior to John S. Conkling purchasing the octagon house in Waverly: 1860 census - Wallkill, NY - John S. Conkling 32 yo. gentleman, real estate $1,200; Personal $500; wife Caroline A. 27 yo.; son Dewitt 4 yo.; Julia 2 yo.; Harriet E. Gardner 29 yo.; Rebecca A. Mead 37 yo.
1865 census - Middletown, NY - John S. Conkling 38 yo.; wife Carrie A. 32 yo.; son Dewitt 9 yo.; servant Addie Banister 19 yo. (Interesting, after Carrie’s death, John married their servant, Addie.)
Nov. 8, 1866 Goshen Democrat - Deaths. In Middletown, Carrie A., wife of John S. Conkling, aged about 34 years.
1870 census - Middletown, NY - Family #1 Sylvanus Grier 42 yo., real estate $3,000; wife Sarah 43 yo; Family #2 John S. Conkling 41 yo., no real estate, personal $4,000, lumber merchant; wife Addie M. Conkling 25 yo.; son Dewitt Conkling 15 yo.
1875 census - Wallkill, NY, frame home worth $3,000 - John S. Conkling 45 yo.; wife Addie 28 yo.; son Dewitt 19 yo., bank clerk; daughter Nellie 4 yo.; son Wilbur 1 yo.; Family #2 Samuel Shaw 42 yo., carpenter; wife Susan Shaw 35 yo.; boarder Carrie Bannister 17 yo.

(June 1875 census - Wallkill, NY, Brick home worth $3,000 - Edwin Mills, 49 yo., farmer; wife Elizabeth Mills 30 yo.; daughter Bertha Mills 5 yo.; son Ralph Mills 2 yo.) See more info. on Edwin Mills and his family, after they sold the octagon house, further down on this page.

July 2, 1875 The Waverly Advocate: The Octagon House, on Chemung Street, in this village, with One Acre of Land. Inquire of J. E. Hallet, Opposite the Premises (207 Chemung street). (Was previously two acres of land, so now includes only 7 Athens street, back part of 9 Athens and west yard of 208 Chemung street.). John S. Conkling of Wallkill, Orange county, NY, owns the octagon house at this time.

September 14, 1876, John S. Conkling (owned from March 16, 1875 - Sept. 20, 1876 and Sept. 5, 1877 - Oct. 30, 1877) and Addie, the octagonal home to Charles C. Luckey (owned from Sept.14, 1876 - Oct. 26, 1877). Then, a year later, September 5, 1877, it was back to Conkling. And, not quite 2 months after that, on October 25, 1877, John S. Conkling and wife, Adeline, sold the octagon home to Samuel W. Slaughter for $2,600. (Looks as though the Conkling's had a mortgage with C. F. Spencer that was discharged Jan. 2, 1878 and one with Charles C. Luckey that was discharged Sept. 14, 1878. Both are in our abstract.)

For more info. on John S. Conkling and his family, after he sold the octagon house in Waverly, NY, look further down this page.

For a little information on C. F. Spencer: Charles Frederick Spencer born Jan. 19, 1845, died April 21, 1919, buried in Forest Home Cemetery - In this time period (1870’s), he owned a boots and shoes store “ C. F. Spencer’s” on Broad street in Waverly, NY. (Old numbering #84, Next door to Waldo & Tracy.)
1875 census - across the street from 208 Chemung street and the octagon house, at 207 Chemung street - J. E. Hallet 64 yo., retired carpenter; wife M. A. (Houston) Hallet 64 yo., born in Orange county, NY; daughter F. L. Hallet 20 yo.; boarder C. F. Spencer 33 yo., boot and shoe dealer; daughter Mrs. J. Spencer 32 yo.; granddaughter Jose Spencer 4 yo.; grandson William Knight 2 yo.
Circa 1888 Waverly Free Press - C. F. Spencer and A. V. C. Vail have traded residences, and made the exchange this week.
Nov. 16, 1897 Middletown Daily Press - Mrs. C. F. Spencer, of Waverly, visited her cousins Joseph D. Conkling and James I. Houston last week.
Nov. 20, 1911 Elmira Star Gazette - Waverly - Josephine Hallet Spencer, wife of C. Frederick Spencer, died at her late home, 327 Chemung street yesterday morning of acute indigestion. She was 69 years old and had resided in Waverly all her life. Surviving are her husband and one son, Dr. Hallet Spencer, also a brother Hatfield Hallet, all of Waverly; two sisters, Mrs. A. E. Miller and Mrs. F. Robertson of Paterson, N. J. Of brilliant intellect and of broad education, Mrs. Spencer was a leader in the best social circles and in charitable and religious work as a member of the Methodist church. The funeral will be held from the home Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock, the Rev. George Connell will officiate. The interment will be in Forest Home cemetery.
Oct. 29, 1916 The Telegram, Elmira, N. Y. - “Uncle Joe” Hallet, of Waverly, the oldest active volunteer fireman in the United States, died last Saturday. He was born in New York in 1810, began as a torch boy when twelve years of age. In 1833 he moved to Tioga county, built the first comfortable house located in Waverly and named that place after one of Sir Walter Scott’s novels. He is survived by a wife and four children, Hatfield Hallet and Mrs. C. F. Spencer, of Waverly; Mrs. Fannie Robertson, Middletown; Mrs. Lon Miller, of Patterson.

For a little information on Charles C. Luckey: 1875 census - Wallkill, Orange county NY, frame home worth $3,000 - David B. Luckey 67 yo.; wife Catharine 63 yo.; son Charles 26 yo., something ? in New York City
1880 census - Middletown, Orange county, NY - David B. Luckey 74 yo., retired; wife Catherine A. Luckey 66 yo.; son Charles 29 yo., dry goods merchant; granddaughter Catherine Prims 15 yo.; son William F. Luckey 14 yo.
May 9, 1883 Independent Republican, Goshen, N. Y. - Mrs. Catherine A., wife of Hon. David B. Luckey, of Middletown, died Friday night about 8 o’clock, at her residence in that village, aged 70 years, 3 months and ten days. Mrs. Luckey was a daughter of Wm. Davis, and was born at Burlingham, Sullivan county. Her aged mother, Mrs. Phoebe Davis, still survives her and was 90 years of age at her last birthday. Mrs. Luckey was married in 1829 to Mr. Luckey, who at that time was a resident of Bloomingburgh. He survives her and also has a younger sister living, Mrs. Elizabeth Houselander, of Burlingham. She has eleven children, five of whom survive her.
Oct. 10, 1888 The Republican, Goshen N. Y. - Hon. David B. Luckey, a well-known resident of Orange and Sullivan counties, died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Lewis M. Toulon, in Port Jervis, Monday morning, at the advanced age of 82 years and 4 months. He suffered a stroke of paralysis a few years ago, since which time he has been a partial invalid. Mr. Luckey was born near Deckertown, Sussex Co., N. J., in 1806, but removed to Sullivan county when a young man. He was a prominent business man of that county, and represented it in the Assembly for three terms, in 1853-5 and ’57. He accumulated quite a property and located in Middletown, where he has since lived. Mr. Luckey is survived by four children as follows: Mrs. Rosa, wife of L. M. Toulon, of Port Jervis, Mrs. Lavinia, wife of George Mair, Wm. and Charles C. Luckey all of Middletown.
From 1891 to at least 1899, Charles C. Luckey was president of The Orange County Trust and Safe Deposit Company. … Loans made on real and personal securities, and on approved collaterals. …
March 23, 1910 The New York Times - Charles C. Luckey, for many years a leading dry goods merchant of Middletown, N. Y., died there on Monday of apoplexy in his sixty-first year. In recent years Mr. Luckey had devoted the greater part of his time to financial affairs in this city. - On Monday, March 21, at his late residence, 1,814 East 13th St., Brooklyn, Charles C. Luckey, husband of Mary J. Luckey. Funeral services at Hanson Place M. E. Church, Thursday, March 24, at 2:30 P. M.

Samuel Wickham Slaughter:
Picture of Samuel Wickham Slaughter

October 1879 The Waverly Advocate: The old-Octagon House, formerly standing on Chemung street, has been removed to Athens street; and Mr. Slaughter is grading the grounds it occupied for a park adjoining his magnificent residence (208 Chemung street).

October 1879, the octagon home has been moved by Samuel W. Slaughter from Chemung street to 7 Athens street
October 1879, newspaper saying that octagon home has been moved, the octagon home has been moved by Samuel W. Slaughter from Chemung street to 7 Athens street

Shortly after the octagon home was removed to 7 Athens street, the Slaughter and later Slaughter Knapp family rented it out as a two-family home. See Main House - Mansion page and Genealogy page for more information on the Slaughter family.

From an advertisement in The Waverly Advocate, October 6, 1882: Mrs. N. M. Bennett - Dress Maker, Octagon House, Athens St.

More info. on Mrs. N. M. Bennett:
Dress maker at 7 Athens street in 1882
1860 census - Rome, Bradford county, PA - Peter Bennett 34 yo., harness maker; Nancy Bennett 25 yo., real estate $300, personal $300; daughter Mary 6 yo.; son Joseph 4 yo.; son Wm. 2 yo.; Celestia Chaffee 16 yo., milliner
Aug. 30, 1866 Bradford Reporter - Registers Notices. The apartment of property set off by Executors or Administrators to widows or children, of the following decedents: Estate of … Peter V. Bennett. …
1870 census - Manchester Ward 6, Hillsborough, New Hampshire - William Ferrin 43 yo., clerk in store, real estate $2,500, personal $3,000; Mary Ferrin 37 yo., keeping house; Charles Ferrin 11 yo., attending school; Mary Ferrin 7 yo.; Nancy Bennett 35 yo., dress maker; Mary Bennett 16 yo., attending school; William Smith 25 yo., works in bake shop; Lottie Smith 20 yo., dress maker; Nellie Hatch 20 yo., cotton mill
1880 census - Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire - 407 Manchester Street - Nancy M. Bennett 44 yo.; daughter Mary R. Bennett 26 yo., dressmaker, has heart disease
1890 veterans records - Nancy M. Bennett, widow of Hornellsville, NY. Private Peter V. Bennett, discharged in 1864. He served 11 months, 20 days.
1891 directory - Nancy M. Bennett at 104 Main street, Hornellsville, NY, widow of Peter V. Bennett
1892 census of Hornellsville, Steuben county, NY - N. M. Bennett 58 yo. female, born about 1834, dress maker
next in order was M. A. Smith 38 yo. female, dressmaker; Ray A. Smith 7 yo. And right before N. M. Bennett on this census was listed: Y. W. Turner 53 yo., landlord; Harry Turner 18 yo., asst. landlord; Nancy Turner 87 yo., housekeeper; Cora Turner 27 yo., landlady
April 12, 1900 The Canisteo Times, Canisteo, N. Y. - Death of Nancy Bennett. Mrs. Nancy M. Bennett died on Tuesday morning at he home on Depot street after a brief illness. Mrs. Bennett was born at Danby, N. Y., and came to this section about 16 years ago, and for many years being a resident of Hornellsville. Her father was Wm. Baird who lived in Hornellsville many years. She leaves a daughter, Mary R. Smith of this place, and a son, of Rome, Pa.
1900 census - renting in Rome, PA, Russell street - Mary R. Smith 46 yo., butter turner; son Ray A. Smith 15 yo., butter sorter
1905 census - Hornellsville, NY - Mary R. Smith 49 yo., son Ray A. Smith 20 yo, woodworker
April 24, 1914 - Mary R. Smith died of chronic ulceration hernia discharge. She was born Feb. 21, 1854. She was a clerk in a confectioners store at the time of her death. Her father was the late Peter V. Bennett, her mother was the late Nancy M. Baird Bennett. Mary, a widow, was living in Rome, PA

A Continuation of Andrew S. Rice and his family after he sold his octagon house in Waverly, NY:

June 7, 1858 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle - The Courts. ... Andrew S. Rice against Henry T. Foster - Motion to change the place of trial from the County of Kings to the County of Tioga, granted, $10 costs on this motion to abide the event.

1860 census - Brooklyn Ward 10 District 2, NY - Andrew Rice 50 yo., machinist; wife Elizabeth Rice; son Henry Rice 12 yo.; daughter Frances Rice 11 yo.

Jan. 18, 1862 Brooklyn Evening Star - County Court, of Kings County. James A. Degrauw, plaintiff, against Andrew S. Rice and Eliza S. Rice, his wife, Nathan Carpenter and Margaret Carpenter, his wife, Oscar B. Leavenworth, George Cook and Phebe, his wife, David Cook and Mrs. Cook, his wife, Charles F. Kittridge, George W. Kittridge, George H. Wyman and Phinehas P. Markham, defendants. Summons - For Relief. The Defendants above names: You are hereby Summoned and required to answer the complaint in this action, which was filed in the office of the Clerk of the County of Kings, on the 8th day of January, 1862, at the City Hall, in the City of Brooklyn, State of New York, …

June 1863 - U. S. Civil War Draft Registration Records - Smith St., Brooklyn, NY - Andrew S. Rice 43 yo., machinist

1864 directory - 286 Smith street, Brooklyn, NY - Andrew S. Rice, machinist

May 23, 1865 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle - County Court Of Kings County - Thomas Longking against Eliza S. Rice, widow of Andrew S. Rice, deceased, and others. … will sell by public auction … All that certain piece or parcel of land, situate in the Village of East New York, Town of New Lotts and County of Kings, …

1865 census - Brick home worth $4,500 in Brooklyn, Kings county, NY - Eliza Rice 40 yo., born in England, seamstress, mother of 6 children; son Henry Rice 17 yo., machinist, born in Tioga county; daughter Frances Rice 15 yo., born in Tioga county; daughter Florence Rice 11 months old born in Kings county, NY; Family #2 Thomas Bulgin 38 yo, born in England, carpenter; wife Hester 30 yo., born in NY; son Aaron 8 yo.; daughter Ida 4 yo.; Family #3 James Sadler 35 yo., born in England, store keeper; wife Mary 36 yo., born in England; daughter Eliza 17 yo., born in England; son James 12 yo., born in England; daughter Emily 6 yo., born in England

1870 census - Town New Lots, Kings county, NY, real estate $2,500- Eliza S. Rice 46 yo., seamstress; daughter Frances A. Rice 26 yo., milliner; daughter Florence Rice 6 yo.

1880 census - 289 Orient ave. Brooklyn, NY - Elizabeth Rice 50 yo. widow; daughter Florence Rice 16 yo., born in New Jersey

1880 census - 414 Van Brunt Brooklyn, NY Henry Rice 35 yo., father born in NY, mother born in England, works in K Gil Works; wife Hattie Rice 21 yo.; son George Rice 1 yo.

1890 Brooklyn, NY city directory - Eliza S. Rice, widow of Andrew S. Rice, home on Powell n. E. New York av.

1900 census - renting at 986 DeKalb ave. Brooklyn, Kings county, NY - Henry Rice born in July 1848 in NY, 57 yo., his father born in NY, his mother born in England, stationery eng.; wife Harriet Rice born in March 1860, 40 yo.; daughter Myra Rice born Sept. 1880, 19 yo.; son Harry Rice born Oct. 1883, 16 yo., operator on rubber stamps; daughter May Rice born April 1886, 14 yo.

Aug. 26, 1904 Times Union - Transfers … Powell st., e. s. 275 n. Liberty ave. 35x100. Eliza S. Rice to Annie Rosenxwerg

1910 census - 443 Herkimer street, Brooklyn, Kings county, NY - Edward Ross 59 yo., dairy salesman; wife Frances 59 yo.; mother-in-law Eliza Rice 89 yo. widow

1910 census - renting on Atlantic ave. Queens, NY - Henry T. Rice 61 yo., laborer odd jobs; wife Harriet F. Rice 50 yo., laundress working out; son Harry S. Rice 26 yo., laundry wagon driver

July 26, 1914 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle - Rice - At her home, Roosevelt, L. I., on July 24, 1914, Eliza S. Rice, aged 91 years. Funeral private.

1915 census - 402 Owydam street - Henry T. Rice 66 yo.; wife Harriet F. 54 yo.; Harry A. Rice 31 yo.; wife Josephine Rice 20 yo.; daughter Ruth Rice 2 yo.; son Harry Jr. Rice 1 yo. (No occupation listed for all)

1920 census - 402 Yarmouth or 85th street Queens, NY - Henry Rice 71 yo., house jobbing own account; wife Harrieta 60 yo.

1925 census - 75th street Queens, NY - Charles A. Mignery 41 yo., machinist; wife Myra 43 yo.; daughter Myra 19 yo.; son Charles A. jr. 15 yo.; father of Myra, Henry T. Rice 76 yo.

July 16, 1927, Henry T. Rice died, widowed, 78 yo., resided at 434 Hendricks St., Brooklyn, NY. Buried in Evergreens Cemetery. Parents were Henry Rice and Eliza Rice. Died in Brooklyn State Hospital.

More Information on Luman and Melissa Rice

Luman A. Rice and his wife, Melissa A. Rice, owned the land of 3 and 5 Athens street for a short time, when they purchased the land from Andrew S. Rice on Dec. 11, 1856 for $700. Andrew Rice lived in the octagon home that he had built that was standing on Chemung street at this time. On June 14, 1858, Luman A. Rice and Melissa Rice sold the land at 3 and 5 Athens street to Amelia J. Foster for $1,000. Luman and Melissa owned the land for about 1 1/2 years. It appears that Amelia J. Foster and her husband Henry S. Foster, bought the land so it could be added back to the property of the octagon home on Chemung street, so that they could turn around and just eleven days later sell it all to Edwin Mills. Possibly Luman A. Rice was a nephew of Andrew S. Rice?

1860 Barton, Tioga County, NY - L. A. Rice 25 yo., moulder, real estate $500, personal $100; wife Melissa Rice 21 yo. daughter Mary Jennie Rice 3 yo.

1865 census - Columbus, Chenango county, NY - Luman A. Rice 31 yo.; wife Melissa A. 26 yo.; daughter Mary J. 7 yo.; son Charles E. Rice 4 yo.

1870 census - Elmira Ward 2, Chemung county, NY - Luman Rice 36 yo., no real estate, personal $300; Melissa Rice 32 yo.; daughter Jennie Rice 13 yo.

1880 census -Veteran, Chemung county, NY - Luman A. Rice 46 yo., farmer; wife Melissa A. Rice 41 yo.; daughter Jennie Mary Rice 22 yo.; adopted son George L. Rice 1 yo.; Timothy Taylor 56 yo., carpenter

Feb. 13, 1899 Elmira Star Gazette - The funeral of Luman A. Rice was held at 2 o’clock this afternoon at the late residence, No. 209 1-2 West Miller street. Rev. William T. Henry officiated and the interment was in Woodlawn. Deceased was sixty-four years of age. He is survived by a wife, one daughter, Mrs. A. S. Van Gorder of Millport, and one son, George L. Rice of this city. He was at one time manager of the Nobles Manufacturing company and also held the position of superintendent of the Crane farm in this city.

Feb. 18, 1900 - Melissa A. Dix Rice married Charles L. Bagley in Elmira, NY

1905 census - Elmira Ward 08, Chemung county, NY - Charles L. Bagley 56 yo., day laborer; wife Melissa A. Bagley 65 yo.; stepson George L. Rice 26 yo., rail road brakeman; daughter-in-law Francis A. Rice 24 yo.; granddaughter Marone S. Rice 3 yo.; granddaughter Edna A. Rice 2 yo.

Oct. 30, 1918 Elmira Star Gazette - George Luman Rice, 372 East Church street.

Sept. 9, 1918 World War I Draft registration - George Luman Rice of 372 E. Thurston St. Elmira, Chemung county, N. Y. 39 yo., born Nov. 17, 1878. Spouse Ettie B. Rice same address.

April 25, 1923 The Watkins Express - Mrs. Jennie Van Gorder of Sayre, Pa., died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. G. D. Lyon of Alpine on Thursday afternoon, April 19. The decedent was the widow of Ambrose S. Van Gorder, whose death occurred about ten years ago. She was born Sept. 7, 1857, the daughter of Luman and Melissa Rice, and had spent the greater part of her life in Schuyler and Chemung Counties. About three weeks ago, Mrs. Van Gorder suffered a severe fall on the street in Sayre, which greatly impaired her health. Acute indigestion caused her death, which came as a great shock to her family and friends. She was a member of the Millport Baptist Church and very much devoted to her family. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. G. D. Lyon of Alpine; three sons John B., of Elmira; L. Samuel of Horseheads and Albert B., of Willard; eight grandchildren; her aged mother and step-father, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Bagley of Sayre, and a brother, George L. Rice of Elmira. The funeral was held at the home of her daughter in Alpine, Monday at 2 o’clock, Rev. C. E. Fry of the Riverside M. E. Church of Elmira officiating. Burial was in Woodlawn cemetery in Elmira.

1925 census - Elmira Ward 08 Chemung county, NY - George L. Rice 48 yo.;, conductor D L & W rail road; wife Etta Rice 50 yo.

1930 census - 372 E. Thurston St. Elmira, Chemung county, N. Y., owned home worth $6,000 - George L. Rice 51 yo., conductor for steam rail road; wife Etta H. Rice 55 yo.

Nov. 25, 1930 - George L. Rice, son of Melissa and Luman Rice, died. He was born Nov. 17, 1878. He is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY. His wife, Etta Belle Rice, born April 11, 1869, died Sept. 7, 1933, is also buried in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Nov. 26, 1930 Elmira Star Gazette - George L. Rice, 52, of 372 East Thurston Street, a conductor on the Lackawanna Railroad, died Tuesday at 10:40 o’clock. He was a member of Ivy Lodge F. & A. M.; Elmira Chapter, R. A. M.; the St. Omer Commandery, K. T.; Order of Railway Conductors and the B. of R. T. Mr. Rice is survived by his widow, two daughters, Marion of Elmira and Mrs. Edna Kartes of Texas; the parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Bagley of Sayre, Pa. …will be removed to the family home Thursday morning. … Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery. …

Jan. 8, 1931 - Melissa A. Bagley died. She was born July 2, 1838 in Morrisville, Madison county, NY. She died in Sayre, PA. She is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY. Her second husband, Charles Lyman Bagley born in 1849, died in 1933. He is buried in Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens, PA. Charles’ first wife, Orinda Bagley (b. 1842- d. 1899) is also buried in Tioga Point Cemetery.

Jan. 15, 1931 Elmira Star Gazette - Sayre - Mrs. Melissa Dix Rice Bagley died at her home, 113 West Street, Sayre, Jan. 8, at the age of 93. She was born at Morrisville, N. Y., July 2, 1838, where she spent her girlhood. In 1856 she married Luman Rice, and they first made their home in Lower Pine Valley, Sullivan County, later removing to Sayre, where they spent the remainder of their married life. To them were born three children, Jennie, Edward and George. Jennie, wife of Ambrose Van Gorder, died at the age of 64. Edward died in infancy, George’s death occurred six weeks ago in Elmira. Mr. Rice died in 1899. In 1900 she married Charles L. Bagley of Sayre. Mrs. Bagley is survived by her husband and six grandchildren, Mrs. Rosalia Lyons, Waverly; Mrs. Edna Kartes, Bracketville, Texas and Miss Marion Rice of Elmira; J. B. Van Gorder, Dundee; L. S. Van Gorder of Elmira and A. B. Van Gorder of Binghamton. She is also survived by 13 great-grandchildren.

Sept. 7, 1933 Elmira Star Gazette - Mrs. Etta Howe Rice, widow of George L. Rice, late of 372 East Thurston Street, died this morning at 2:30 o’clock after four months’ illness. She was born in Corning the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Howe, formerly of Corning and later residents of Elmira several years. Mrs. Rice is survived by her brother, Charles J. Howe; a stepdaughter, Miss Marion S. Rice; a niece, Mrs. Raymond M. Howe; a grand niece, Catherine Louise Howe of Utica; two grand nephews, Charles and Raymond Howe of Utica. She was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star and the White Shrine of Jerusalem. … be removed to the home of Charles J. Howe, 456 Maple Avenue, where the funeral will be held … Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery.

A Continuation of Edwin Mills and family, starting after he sold the octagon house in Waverly, NY:

Sept. 10, 1879 Independent Republican, Goshen, NY - Charles Bodine, the deaf mute who stole money and other things from the residence of Joseph Wilkin in the town of Wallkill a few weeks ago, entered the house of Edwin Mills on Sunday, while the family were at Church and took a silver watch, spoons, and other articles away and hid them in the garret of his father’s house, where they were found. The mother claims that the boy is insane and is not accountable for what he does. An examination of him was made by physicians, who reported that there was something wrong with the lad’s mind. He was thereupon committed to the Asylum at Orange Farm.

1880 census - Middletown, Orange County, NY - Edwin Mills 50 yo., farmer; wife Elizabeth Mills 35 yo.; daughter Bertha E. Mills 9 yo.; son Ralph Mills 7 yo.

1881 Goshen Independent Republican - A. V. Boak has sold for Edwin Mills the farm of 27 acres with a fine brick house, just north of Middletown on the road to Mud Mills, to Wm. B. Miller, who will occupy it. His son, Josiah W. Miller, will occupy the homestead.

Nov. 17, 1881 Middletown Daily Press - This evening Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Mills, of the same neighborhood (Middletown, just north of the village) give a social party.

Nov. 16, 1887 The Republican, Goshen, N. Y. - The next sociable of the Scotchtown Presbyterian Church will be held with Mrs. Edwin Mills, near Crystal Run, on Friday evening of this week.

April 26, 1890 Middletown Daily Press - Crystal Run. Mr. Edwin Mills is improving the appearance of his place by building a new fence around his yard and garden.

July 26, 1890 The Evening Gazette, Port Jervis, N. Y. - Mr. Albert Mills, one of the most widely known and respected farmers of the town of Wallkill, died at his home near Scotchtown on Friday afternoon, in the 66th year of his age. Deceased has been out of health for several years, and last winter contracted the “grippe,” from the effects of which he never fully recovered. His fatal illness, superinduced by the “grippe,” set in about a week ago and his death was not unexpected. Mr. Mills was a member of the oldest families in Orange county. He was born on the farm where he always lived and where he died. His father before him resided on the same farm for 66 years, and which has been in the possession of the family for about 100 years. As a citizen, neighbor and kind friend, Mr. Mills enjoyed in the highest degree the respect, confidence and esteem of all his wide circle of acquaintances; and as a Christian gentleman he was an honor in the Presbyterian church of Scotchtown to which he belonged, and was for many years a useful member. He is survived by his widow and five children, four sons and one daughter, as follows: Samuel, Charles Albert, William Wickham, Herbert and Ann Louisa. Of his family there are three brothers and one sister: Rev. Dr. S. W. Mills, of Port Jervis, James S. Mills, of Scotchtown, Edwin Mills, of Phillipsburg, and Mrs. Mary Jane, wife of Robert J. Bull, of Robert J. Bull, of Wallkill. The funeral will take place from his late residence Monday afternoon at 11 o’clock.

Nov. 11, 1890 Middletown Daily Press - Crystal Run. Edwin Mills is excavating a cellar for a barn, which he intends building this fall.

Nov. 20, 1890 Middletown Daily Press - Crystal Run. Mrs. Edwin Mills and Mrs. Edward Van Benschoten spent a few days, last week, in New York city.

Dec. 17, 1890 The Independent, Goshen, NY - Crystal Run. Mr. Edwin Mills has the foundation up for a large new barn on his farm near here.

April 8, 1891 Middletown Daily Press - Orange County. Crystal Run. Edwin Mills is sick with la grippe.

May 8, 1891 Middletown Daily Press - Orange County. Crystal Run. Edwin Mills hopes to be ready to raise his new barn in a few days.

March 22, 1892 Middletown Daily Press - Dairy Notes. Mr. Edwin Mills of Crystal Run has received from the stock farm of P. Taber Willets of Old Brick Roslyn, Long Island, a very fine yearling Guernsey bull. The Guernsey stock give rich milk.

July 12, 1892 Middletown Daily Press - Crystal Run. Mr. Edwin Mills’ old family horse, “Harry,” strayed upon the railroad track one day last week and met a violent death.

Nov. 21, 1892 Middletown Daily Press - Crystal Run. The Y. P. S. C. E. will hold a sociable at the residence of Mr. Edwin Mills Tuesday evening, Nov. 29. All are cordially invited.

Aug. 13, 1894 Middletown Daily Press - Miss Charlotte Hurtin of Middletown is at the home of her uncle Edwin Mills.

Aug. 25, 1894 Middletown Daily Press - Samuel Wickham Slaughter, a native of Orange County, died at his home in Waverly, N. Y. (208 Chemung street) Friday night. He was the son of Dewitt Slaughter and Caroline Mills, who went from this county to Waverly several years ago. Deceased was a druggist and a prominent citizen of Waverly. He is survived by his wife, who was Charlotte Wells, daughter of Alfred Wells, of the town of Goshen, and by one child almost four years of age. Dr. T. D. Mills of this city is a cousin of the deceased. The funeral will be held at the Scotchtown Presbyterian church, Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock.
Aug. 27, 1894 Middletown Daily Press - Died. Aug. 24th, in Waverly, S. Wickham Slaughter, formerly of Orange county, son of Dewitt Slaughter and Caroline Mills. (Edwin Mills' nephew)

Jan. 5, 1895 Middletown Daily Press - Mr. Edwin Mills, of near Phillipsburg, who has been confined to his house for several weeks, is considered critically ill now.

April 28, 1896 Middletown Daily Press - Mr. Edwin Mills, of near Phillipsburg, died Tuesday morning at 6 o’clock. He had been the subject of sudden attacks of illness for some time past, and when the family returned from church Sunday, he was found unconscious. He never revived. Deceased was born near Scotchtown, March 4th, 1830, and was the son of Samuel and Esther Mills. He married for his first wife Miss Mary Ellen Vail, Dec. 22nd., 1852, who was a sister of Mrs. J. R. VanDuzer of this city. She died about eight years later. In Dec. 12, 1867, he married Miss Elizabeth VanBenschoten. He is survived by his wife, one son Ralph, and one daughter Bertha, at home. He was about 66 years of age. Rev. S. W. Mills, of Port Jervis; J. J. Mills and Mrs. Mary Jane Bull, mother of Mrs. Albert Bull, of near Scotchtown, are brothers and sisters of the deceased. Mr. Mills was a man who had a kind word and welcome hand for all. He was a kind husband and father. He was a member of the Scotchtown Presbyterian church. The funeral services will be held from this late home Friday at 1:30. Interment in family plot, Scotchtown.

May 13, 1896 Middletown Daily Press, NY - Estates Of The Dead. Report of Proceedings Before Surrogate O. P. Howell, Ending May 11, 1896. Admitted the last will and Testament of Edwin Mills, Wayaywanda; Libbie V. B. Mills and J. Ralph Mills, executors.

1900 census - owned farm, Elizabeth Mills 55 yo. widow, farmer; daughter Bertha E. Mills 29 yo.; son John R. Mills 27 yo., farm laborer; servant George W. Merritt 37 yo., farm laborer

Nov. 21, 1900 Middletown Daily Press - Mrs. Jennie E. Van Duzer, whose critical condition has been frequently mentioned in the city papers during the past week, passed away at 8:20 Tuesday night at her home on Roberta Street. … Mrs. Van Duzer was the youngest and last surviving member of a family of ten children of Theophilus Vail and Bittridge Millspaugh. She was born on the homestead farm in the town of Wallkill near Crystal Run, July 22, 1835. During the early life of the deceased her father erected and removed to the residence on Monhagen Avenue now occupied by Mrs. Sarah E. Vail, whose husband Oliver B. Vail, was a brother of Mrs. Van Duzer. Ellen Mills, who was the wife of Edwin Mills, of Phillipsburg, was a sister. On November 26, 1857, at the Monhagen Avenue homestead, Mrs. Van Duzer was joined in marriage by Rev. D. T. Wood, to John Ralph Van Duzer, whose sudden death will be remembered on Aug. 19, 1899, the shock of which Mrs. Van Duzer had never recovered from. Two children were born to them: Edwin W. VanDuzer, of the firm of Van Duzer & Smith of this city, who survived, and Nellie, a daughter whose sad death occurred June 9, 1879, at the age of 18 years. There is also one grandson, Ralph D. VanDuzer, only child of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Van Duzer. After her marriage Mrs. Van Duzer removed to Waverly, N. Y., where her husband was engaged in business, and in 1863 they returned to this city where he established the business succeeded to by the present firm of Van Duzer & Smith. …

Circa 1900-1901 - Arthur Conklin Van Benschoten, aged 80 years, died of consumption, July 16, at the home of Mrs. Edwin Mills, near Phillipsburg, N. Y. He was the son of William B. and Julia Conklin Van Benschoten. He was for eight years a Sergeant in Company K. Twenty-third Regiment of Brooklyn. He was connected with the New York and New Jersey Telephone Company.

Aug. 16, 1901 Middletown Daily Press - Bullville. The New York Life Insurance Company, through their agent here, Mr. Clarence D. Roberson, has adjusted and settled the life policy held by the late Arthur C. Van Benschoten who died July 16th at the home of Mrs. Edwin Mills, Crystal Run. On Monday last a check for $1,665.48 was paid to Mr. Van Benschoten’s mother by Agent Roberson.

Nov. 24, 1903, John Ralph Mills died. 1903 Goshen NY Democrat - J. Ralph Mills, aged 31 years, died at Thrall Hospital, Middletown, Tuesday morning. He was operated upon the day before for the relief of an intestinal obstruction. The deceased was the son of the late Edwin Mills, and lived with his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Mills, near Phillipsburg. One sister, Bertha, wife of Milton H. Santee, also survives.

Jan. 5, 1904 Goshen Democrat- Auction - At the residence of the later J. Ralph Mills, near Phillipsburg, Wednesday, January 5th, at 10 a. m., 35 head of cattle - 20 milkers, 9 springers, 9 registered Holsteins, three good horses, 40 tons of hay and farming implements. Mrs. Elizabeth Mills.

1910 census - Wallkill, NY - owned house - Milton H. Santee 44 yo., retail feed merchant; wife Bertha E. Santee 39 yo.; daughter Helen M. Santee 9 yo.; daughter Marion E. Santee 4 yo.; mother-in-law Elizabeth V. B. Mills 64 yo. widow

Jan. 5, 1913 - Elizabeth "Libbie" Van Benschoten Mills died. She was born May 12, 1845. She is buried in Scotchtown Cemetery.

Jan. 9, 1958 - Bertha E. Mills Santee, 87 years old, died. She was born Aug. 1870 in Phillipsburgh, NY. She died in Ellenville, Ulster county, NY. She is buried in Scotchtown Cemetery.

Jan. 10, 1958 The Kingston Daily Freeman - Mrs. Bertha Mills Santee, 87, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Allen E. Potter, 5 Parks Street, Ellenville, Thursday. She had been residing with her daughter for two years. She was born at Phillipsburgh, the daughter of the late Edwin and Elizabeth VanBenschoten Mills. She was the widow of Milton H. Santee. A member of Circleville Presbyterian Church, Mrs. Santee was treasurer of Women’s Foreign Missionary Society. She was a director of the Home for Aged Women, Middletown. Surviving are her daughter, Mrs. Potter; two grandsons, Allen Potter of Ellenville and Frank Potter of Penfield; a granddaughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Haswell, of Latrope, Pa.; seven great-grandchildren; a cousin and a niece. … Burial will be in Scotchtown Cemetery. …

A Continuation of John S. Conkling and family, starting after he sold the octagon house in Waverly, NY:

Jan. 19, 1878 The Evening Gazette, Port Jervis, NY - Court Proceedings. The Grand Jury was discharged Thursday morning, after finding 16 indictments. Among the bills found were the following Against Solomon Ellis and Charles E. Ellis of Mount Hope, for grand larceny, for finding a pocket book and keeping it and its contents. Against George A. Mathews and John S. Conkling, of Middletown, for grand larceny for finding another pocket book and keeping it and its contents. … All of the above were arraigned in open court and all pleaded not guilty, with the exception of Washington Barnes. …

1880 census - Middletown, Orange county, NY - John S. Conkling 51 yo., manufacturer; wife Addie M. Conkling 31 yo.; daughter Nellie 8 yo.; son Wilbur L. 5 yo.; son Bertis 4 yo.; daughter Hattie A. 2 yo.; sister-in-law Carrie L. Bannister 21 yo.

Nov. 6, 1889 The Independent Republican, Goshen, N. Y. - Died. Nov. 4 - In Middletown, of diphtheria, Edna, daughter of John S. and Addie B. Conkling, aged 8 years and 4 days.

Nov. 19, 1889 The Evening Gazette, Port Jervis, N. Y. - No new cases of diphtheria are reported from Middletown for the past 48 hours. There have been two more deaths, both occurring in families which have been sorely afflicted. Mr. John S. Conkling has lost his eldest daughter, Nellie, an accomplished young lady of 18. This makes the third death in Mr. Conkling’s family and another child is sick with the disease. The other afflicted family is that of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Fuller, who after having, like Mr. and Mrs. Conkling, lost two children, are now called on to mourn the death of their only surviving child, Clarie W., a bright boy of about ten years, who died Saturday.

April 8, 1890 Middletown Daily Press - Attention - I am anxious to get a position to do any kind of work at moderate wages. Have had considerable business experience and am good penman and accountant. John S. Conkling.

Oct. 28, 1891 Middletown Daily Press - Mrs. Sarah Van Benschoten, wife of Joseph D. Conkling, died at Phillipsburg today in her 50th year. Mr. Conkling is a brother of John S. Conkling of this city. The funeral occurs on Sunday at 1 o’clock. Mrs. Conkling had an operation for cancer in the breast about a year ago.

Dec. 28, 1892 Middletown Times-Press - Crystal Run. Mr. A. C. Van Benschoten of Brooklyn, and Mr. Wilbur Conkling of Middletown, spent Christmas with their uncle, Mr. J. D. Conkling.

Sept. 22, 1894 Middletown Daily Press - Mr. John S. Conkling has left the Prudential In. Co. to engage in other business.

Aug. 29, 1896 Middletown Daily Press - Mr. John Conkling has received advices from Honolulu, which state that Burtis Conkling, his son, sailed with Co. I, First Regiment, Aug. 5, from San Francisco, and reached the Sandwich Islands in good health. The rumor that he was left sick in a hospital at San Francisco was false. Mr. Conkling hopes to get a letter tonight.

Dec. 18, 1897 Middletown Daily Press - Died. Banister - Dec. 16, at Newark, N. J. Melvina Banister, formerly of this city. Funeral services will be held at the residence of her brother-in-law, John S. Conkling, No. 137 Academy avenue, this city, Sunday afternoon, at 1:30 o’clock. Interment in family plot, New Vernon.

1900 census - Middletown Ward 4, Orange county, NY - 137 Academy avenue, renting - John S. Conkling 73 yo., book keeper; wife Addie B. Conkling 56 yo.; son Wilber Conkling 27 yo., clerk at grocery store; son Bertis Conkling 23 yo., clerk at shoe store; daughter Julia Conkling 11 yo.

July 7, 1900 Middletown Daily Press - Mr. and Mrs. Ira M. Pierson of Newark, N. J., are visiting the latter’s sister, Mrs. John S. Conkling.

Aug. 15, 1900 Middletown Daily Press - BD. Education. Couldn’t Agree On A Truant Officer. … The applications of J. M. Phillips, J. C. Vail, Theodore S. Pierce and John S. Conkling for the position of truant officer were read and ordered filed. … An informal ballot for truant officer resulted in J. S. Conkling, J. M. Browning and J. M. Phillips each receiving two. Two formal ballots resulted the same way and a third formal ballot resulted as follows: Conkling 2, Phillips 1, and Theodore S. Pierce 1. The matter was deferred until another meeting. …

Oct. 19, 1901 Middletown Daily Press - Obituary. Mr. John S. Conkling, one of Middletown’s oldest and best known citizens, passed away at his home, No. 147 Academy Avenue, at 4:15 Friday afternoon after a brief illness. Death was the result of a complication of diseases. He was out on the street for the last time on the morning of firemen’s parade and went home at noon feeling so badly that he went to bed never to leave it again. He was born in Middletown May 5, 1827, in the old house at the corner of Monhagen Avenue and West Main Street, his father being Hiram Conkling. His early life was spent in Middletown and when gold was discovered in California he was among the original “forty-niners” who went there to seek his fortune. He remained there four years and returned home in comfortable circumstances. He entered into partnership with S. S. Conkling, his cousin, and was engaged in the lumber business where Captain Fuller’s yard is now located on Centre Street. Then he went to Jersey City and conducted a large grocery. Returning to Middletown he some years after re-engaged in the lumber business with James F. Rooss. corner West Main and Mill Streets. Later he carried on the blanket manufacturing business. Up to the time he was appointed as truant officer a year ago he was employed by the Prudential Insurance Co. He took the last United States census in his district. Mr. Conkling was married twice. His first wife was Carrie Gardner, an aunt of Alderman Chas. E. Gardner, Ira S. Gardner, R. F. Gardner and others of that large family. Mrs. Lizzie Y. Hulse’s mother was a sister of the first Mrs. Conkling. There was one son, Dewitt Conkling, who was teller in the Middletown National Bank, who died in early manhood. In 1869, Mr. Conkling was married to Miss Addie Bannister, who survives with the following children: Wilbur, clerk in Kellogg’s grocery; Bertis, clerk in J. G. Harding’s shoe store, and Julia at home. Two brothers, Joseph D. Conkling residing at Crystal Run, and James in the west. Mr. Conkling was a well informed man being a great reader. In politics he was a Republican and possessed many fine traits of character.

Oct. 21, 1901 Middletown Daily Press - Funeral of Truant Officer Conkling. Rev. J. C. Hendrickson of the First Baptist Church conducted the funeral services of the late John S. Conkling from the family home 147 Academy Avenue, at 1:30 today. The pall bearers were J. E. Campbell, Walter Reeder, E. C. Burr, Leander Brink. Interment was in Hillside cemetery.

Aug. 26, 1903 Middletown Daily Press - The Hurricane Made Things Quite Lively. … A tree on Academy Avenue in front of Mrs. John S. Conkling’s at 109 Academy Avenue blew over and crippled the fire alarm, trolley, electric light and telephone service. …

1910 census - 66 1/2 Academy avenue, Middletown, NY, renting - Addie Conkling 65 yo.; son Wilber 33 yo. single, book keeper railroad office; daughter Julia 20 yo. single

1915 census - 68 1/2 Academy ave., Middletown, NY - Wilbur Conkling 42 yo., rail road clerk; mother Addie Conkling 70 yo.; sister Julia 25 yo.

Nov. 6, 1916 Middletown Times-Press - Wilbur Conkling, of this city, participated in the big Republican parade, in New York, Saturday evening, being with his brother, Burt, in the shoe trade division.

July 21, 1917 The Tribune Scranton, PA - Miss Julia B. Conkling, of Middletown, N. Y., is spending a few days with Rev. and Mrs. E. Belden Hart, of Rock street.

Sept. 12, 1918 - Registration card for World War I - Bertis Conkling 42 yo. of 68 1/2 Academy, Middletown, Orange county, N. Y. Born June 15, 1876. Salesman for Elmach Morse and M. Rogers at 27 Hudson St., N. Y. City, N. Y. Nearest relative Mrs. M. A. Conkling of 68 1/2 Academy, Middletown, N. Y.

1920 census - renting at 68 1/2 Academy ave., Middletown, NY - Addie Conkling 76 yo.; son Wilbur Conkling 44 yo., book keeper rail road office; daughter Julia B. Conkling 30 yo.

June 20, 1925 - Julia B. Conkling died in Middletown, NY.

1930 census - renting $40 at 56 Broad street, Middletown, NY - Wilbur Conkling 55 yo., was 52 yo. at time of first marriage, accountant for rail road; wife Lavina D. Conkling 45 yo., was 42 yo. at time of first marriage; family #2 renting $40, Charles E. Taylor 44 yo., own business, lawyer; wife Mary L. Taylor 42 yo

March 29, 1939 Middletown Times Herald - Several Wills Before Court. Goshen. … Wilbur Conkling of Middletown will receive the entire $5,500 estate of his brother, Bertis Conkling, who died January seventh at Bartlett, N. H. without a will. …

1940 census - renting $35, at 41 Washington street., Middletown, NY - Wilbur Conkling 66 yo.; wife Lavina D. Conkling 55 yo. - no occupations listed for them

1950 census - 242 Collage street, Middletown, NY - Wilbur Conkling 73 yo, unable to work; wife Lavina D. Conkling 64 yo.

See Waverly, NY, Former Octagon House Part Two

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