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Community 208 Chemung Street World
1775 American Revolution
1776 United States Declaration Of Independence
1779 Battle of Newtown
1781 American Victory
1783 General Thomas Thomas Treaty of Paris
John Shepard's land purchase of all the site of Waverly, from General Thomas. John Shepard
1812 1813 Isaac Shepherd, had farm and outbuildings War of 1812
1821 Chemung Turnpike laidout
1824   Aaron Jackson, had a blacksmith shop on site of main house
Scattered homes on Chemung street  
1835 Gilbert Hallett bought out Elder Jackson's house (close by) and 45 acres of land (had previously been Isaac Shepard's land)
1842 Stores being built on Broad street
1846   Andrew S. Rice
1849 New York and Erie Railroad opens for traffic

Andrew Rice - octagon home (our yard on Chemung street) and Thomas J. Brooks - 1/2 of current Chemung St. side (east 1/2) and 1/2 front or east side of 9 Athens St.

1850 Azariah J. VanAtta moves to Waverly from Barton. (designer and builder of 208 Chemung street) April 1, 1850 Thomas J. Brooks and wife, Cynthia. (part of property where current main house stands)  
1851 First newspaper "Waverly Luminary"  
1852 Planting of 400 maple trees on principal roads  
1853 rectangular home shows up on map where current main house is  
1854 Waverly Incorporated  
1857 Dewitt Slaughter and family moved to Waverly T.J. Brooks and wife to Dewitt Slaughter for $1,500. (Rectangular shaped house on site of current main house)  
1858 Feb. 9, 1858, Rice sells his octagon home to Amelia J. Foster and Henry S. Foster , who then on June 25, 1858 sell it to Edwin and Libbie Mills (octagon house and land up to Slaughter's, including current day 3, 5, 7, and 9 Athens street)  
Caroline Slaughter died Civil War Starts
1864 Dewitt Slaughter was one of the trustees for Waverly. 1863, Samuel Slaughter buys building on corner of Waverly and Broad street to become his Corner Drug Store  
End of Civil War
1868 Mark Twain stops over at Waverly on his way to Elmira on the Erie railroad. Antoinette Slaughter died
1873 Village was lighted with gas. Samuel Slaughter married Charlotte Wells
1874 Citizen's Bank organized. Samuel Slaughter was vice president of Citizen's Bank.
1875 Edwin Mills and Libbie B to John S. Conkling (about 1 acre and octagon house).
1875 Dewitt Slaughter died, leaving home to his son, Samuel Slaughter.
1876 Samuel Slaughter also owned house at 146 Chemung street. John S. Conkling and Addie to Charles A. Luckey (octagon house)

In September, Luckey to John S, Conkling (octagon house)

In October, John S. Conkling and wife, Adeline to Samuel W. Slaughter (octagon house and lot immediately to the east for $2,600). At this point in time, the "Slaughter" family property consisted of 208 Chemung Street, 9 and 7 Athens Street.

1880 Waverly Water Company organized. Samuel Slaughter was vice president. Octagon home moved to 7 Athens street in 1879
1888 Carriage house at 9 Athens street is seen on a Sanborn map.
1890 Mary Gertrude Slaughter is born to Samuel and Charlotte Slaughter
Village Hall is erected
Samuel Slaughter died, leaving property to his wife, Charlotte.
1899 Theodore Roosevelt in Waverly
First horseless carriage arrived (Dr. Ellsworth Gamble)
1910 Old Home Celebration  
1912 Charlotte Wells Slaughter died. Property left to daughter, Gertrude Slaughter, 22 years of age.  
1914 Gertrude Slaughter is engaged to George Brinker Knapp Gertrude married George B. Knapp Feb. 2, 1915  
1916   Charlotte Knapp, daughter of Gertrude and George is born.  
1914-1918 World War I
1922   Prohibition in the United States
1925   Only 50% of homes in the United States had electric power to them.
1927   George Brinker Knapp died.
1929   The Great Depression
1930 Sometime after 1930, the octagon home was no longer at 7 Athens Street, Waverly, NY Census shows: Gertrude and Charlotte Knapp at 208 Chemung street along with Gertrude's mother -in -law, Frances Knapp
1939   World War II starts

7 Athens street is an empty lot as early as 1942, maybe in 1931.

Gertrude Knapp sells to Mary I. Fralick. Fralick turns main house into apartments and then carriage house and other outbuilding

World War II ends

1947-48, carriage house is converted into two apartments.

1950 7 Athens street sold off to Mary Alamo for a building lot and current home was built at 7 Athens street.
1954 Hurricane Hazel was said to have taken down several trees on Chemung Street.  
1956 Mary Gertrude Slaughter Knapp died. She was the only child of Samuel and Charlotte Slaughter.
1958 Mary I. Fralick to Robert G. Callison and Vera C. Callison.
1970 Land contract to Richard H. Morris and wife, Ruth M. Morris
1974 Re-do of land contract since Robert Callison died.
1976 Vera C. Coveney, formerly Vera C. Callsion, to Richard and Ruth Morris
1979 Richard and Ruth Morris to William J. Rynone and Scott Jewell.
1982 Returned back to Richard and Ruth Morris
1985 Charlotte S. Knapp died in Los Angeles , CA, returned to Waverly for burial.(Glenwood Cemetery)
1992 Mary I Fralick died in Florida.
Vera Coveney died.


Amy and Brad Zehr purchase, March 17, 2010

January 17, 2017 Amy and Brad purchase 7 Athens street rejoining the property


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