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Slaughter family

Issac Slaughter (1758-1838) was the son of John and Martha Maritie Losee Slaughter.

Isaac Slaughter descended from Wales to Virginia. He was born in 1735 or 1758 (one site said he was over 100 when he died) and died Feb. 16, 1838. He had been a soldier in Washington's army during the revolution. He took part in the battles of Ticonderoga and Crown Point. Isaac settled in the town of Wallkill. In 1817 he purchased a farm in Hamptonburg and settled there in 1819 and lived the rest of his life there.

Issac Slaughter married first wife, Maria Davis (1759- 1793), daughter of Samuel Davis and Elsie Roberson. They had nine children:
1. John Wesley Slaughter born 1776, died June 9, 1869 in MI. Married Mary Crispell and had 9 children: Emily Slaughter, Louisa Slaughter, Lucy Slaughter, Mariah Slaughter, Nancy Slaughter, Polly Slaughter, Jane Slaughter (1805-1886), Sally Ann Slaughter (1809-1856), and John J. Slaughter (1806-1910).
2. Martha Slaughter born Feb. 11, 1776, died 1792 OH. Married Andrew Rogers (1772-1850)
3. Elizabeth Slaughter born Aug. 1779, died 1835 OH, married James Whiteside (1780 - 1847) and had 7 children: Caroline Whiteside, Jane Whiteside, Louisa Whiteside, Mariah Whiteside, Nancy Whiteside, Robert Whiteside (1803 - 1860 OH), and Isaac Whiteside (1807 -1882).
4. James Slaughter born Nov. 1781, died 1844 OH, married Mary Voght ( 1791 - 1872) and had 2 children: Jeremiah Slaughter (1808 - 1897) married Ann Griffin and Sheldon H. Slaughter (1831 - 1930) married Julia Araminta Winants ( 1849 - 1895).
5. Isaac Slaughter born Aug. 28, 1783, died Oct. 18, 1857 Yates, NY, married Harriet Bradner (1800 - 1858) and had 7 children: Joseph Taylor Slaughter (1813 - 1887), Benjamin P. Slaughter (1816 - 1875 Allegheny, NY), Mary Elizabeth Slaughter (1817-?) married Albert G. Laman, William Bradner Slaughter (1822 - 1897 Nebraska), John Wesley Slaughter (1824 - 1890 Penn Yan), {Caroline Ann Slaughter (1827 - 1913) married Benjamin Bowen Carpenter (1813 - 1872) and had 8 children: Herbert Slaughter Carpenter (born 1848 Missouri), Ella Frances Carpenter (born 1851), William Carpenter (born 1853), Charles Gregg Carpenter (born 1855), Burr Bacon Carpenter (born 1857), Grace Nancy Carpenter (1860 - 1899), Harriet Lucy Carpenter (1863 -1865) , and Asa Lewis Carpenter (born 1866)}, and Vincent H. Slaughter married Ann M and had 3 children: Frank Willie Slaughter (died 1859), Freddie Slaughter (died 1859) and Vincent Herbert Slaughter.
6. Jeremiah Slaughter born 1787, died Aug. 23, 1871 Indiana, married 1. Ann (1806 - 1882) and 2. Rebecca Logan (1803 - 1862) and had 8 (a -h) children: {a.William Logan Slaughter (1819 - 1890) married Isabel Mcclain (1815 - 1896) and had 9 (i - ix) children: i. Carloine Slaughter (1841 - 1926 Nebrasa), [ii.Dinah Slaughter (1842 - 1926) married Francis M. Williamson and had 6 children: Margaret Isabel Williamson married 1. Charles Jacobson and 2. Will Menefee, Glen E. Williamson (1870 - 1944), Catherine Williamson, William B. Williamson, Leni Leoti Williamson and Harian Logan Williamson], iii.Logan Slaughter (1843 - 1861), iv. Samuel Harmon Slaughter, v. Mary Slaughter, vi. Alexander Slaughter, vii. Jeremiah Henderson Slaughter,viii. Milton Slaughter, and ix.Isabelle Ann Slaughter}, b.Mary Davis Slaughter (1881 - 1888), c.Elizabeth Jane Slaughter (1823 - 1888), d. Martha Ann Slaughter (1825 - 1904) , e. Catherine Sarah Slaughter (born 1827), f. John M. Slaughter (born 1830), g. Julia A. Slaughter (born 1835), and h. Isabella C. Slaughter (1837 - 1931) married Jeremiah G. Bennett and had 5 children: Oliver Perry Bennett (born 1855), Annie Bennett (born 1858 Indiana), Rebecca A. Bennett (born 1858), William S. Bennett (born 1860), and Eliza J. Bennett (born 1876).
7. Catherine Slaughter born July 10, 1789, died 1837 OH. Married Daniel Watkins (1792-1844)
8. Harriet Slaughter born 1791, died 1817, married Ellison Chichester Scott (1801 -?)
9. Abraham B. Slaughter born 1793, died May 13, 1824 OH

John J. Slaughter married Sarah Jane Robertson and had Daniel Slaughter (1861- 1924). Daniel married Emma Alice Spring and had one child: Cecile B. Decamp (1887-1960 MI). Cecile married Ray O Decamp ( 1881- 1956) and had one child: Cleo R. Decamp (1911- 1983 MI). Cleo married Ava Shopbell (1911 -?)

Jane Slaughter (1805-1886) married Henry S. Holcomb ( 1800- 1854) and had 13 children: Dan Holcomb married Eunice Crouch, Diana Holcomb married I. N. Reynolds, Ebenizer Holcomb, Henry Holcomb, John Holcomb married Sarah Washburn, Nancy H. Holcomb married James Smith, Sarah Holcomb married John O Smith, Sally Holcomb (1831-?), Margaret Holcomb (1838-?) married Rutherford, {William T. Holcomb (1843- 1930) married 1. Amelia Brown and had one child, May A. Holcomb (1863-1901), married 2. Olive C. Smith ( 1852-1938) and had one child, Orra Diana Holcomb (1886- 1977), married Reginald Johnson and had one child, still living.}, Jane Holcomb (1844-?), {Gertrude Augusta Holcomb (1847-1922), married Matthew N. Brown and had 4 children born in Michigan: Henry Brown (1864-?), Blanche Brown (1866-?), William Brown (1869-?)and Lulu Brown (1880- 1909) married Myron Henry Griswold (1871-1940)}, and Florence Holcomb (1849-?) married Mike Cronan.

Sally Ann Slaughter (1809, Ontario, NY -1856 MI) married William Conard Hersha (1806- 1879) and had 9 children: William Merrit Hersha (1846- 1864), John S. Hersha (1831 - 1908), Louisa Jane Hersha, Elizabeth Hersha, Samuel Hersha, Alonzo Hersha, Charles Hersha, George Albert Hersha, and Henry Daniel Hersha.

John S. Hersha (1831 - 1908) married Emma C. Curtis (1837 - 1907) and had 4 children: Ida Annette Hersha (1861- 1941), married Louis Augustua Davis (1856- 1924) and had 2 children: Lucy Ida Davis and George Louis Davis, Minnie Elizabeth Hersha (1871- 1939) married 1. Leonard Marley and 2. Pleasant Hollomon Roork (1854 - 1943 and had 2 children: Alma Roork and Emma Eunice Roork), Irvin John Hersha (1875 - 1946), and Charles E. Hersha (1881-1882, Oregon).

Lucy Ida Davis (1882 - 1943 Oregon) married Shannon Phillips (1878-1968)

George Louis Davis (1886- 1963) married Mary Magdelena Riplinger ( 1887 - 1979) and had 4 children: Florance Davis, John Davis, Kathleen Davis, and Florence Miriam Davis (1910 - ?) married Charles Henry Withers (1910-?) and had 2 children: John Davis Withers and Kathleen Ann Withers.

Emma Eunice Roork (1892 - 1964) married William Lawrence Eivers (1885 -1939) and had 4 children: Still living, Virginina Eivers (1917 - 1992) married Marcus Groton (1921 - 1977) and 2. Lans McKenzie Gross, Jean Eivers (1918 - 1978) spouse and children still living? , John Lawrence Eivers (1920 - 1973) married Patricia Estelle Dillon ( 1921 - 1970).

Irvin John Hersha (1875 - 1946) married 1. Jane Hershfield (died 1927) and 2. Abertin Jermin Hirsch (1891 - 1922) and had 4 children: Joel Hersha, Harold Irvin Hersha (1910-1910), Billy Lester Hersha (1911 - 1991 Oregon), and Frank Lee Hersha (1913 -1962), and married 3. Bertha Fisher.

Billy Lester Hersha (1911 - 1991) married Marvis R. Leitch (1924 - 1987) and had 5 still living children.

Frank Lee Hersha (1913 -1962) married Caroline Onna Davidson ( 1916 - 1986) and had 4 still living children.

Isaac Whiteside (1807 -1882) married Georgette McCoy (1814 - 1896) and had 11 children: James Whiteside (1845 - ?), {John Wesley Whiteside (1834 - 1927) married Amelia Tabitha Dale and had 3 children: Frank Arthur Whiteside, Edward Lee Whiteside and Albert N. Whiteside}, Martha Ellen Whiteside (1851 - 1929) married 1. Andrew Jackson Kinnamon and 2. Harvey H. Hoffman (1849 - 1893) and had 6 children: Alva Lee Hoffman, Jesse A. Hoffman, Gertrude Hoffman, Omer A. Hoffman, Luella Maude Hoffman, and Harry C. Hoffman, {Louisa Adelaide Whiteside (1836 - 1903) married John Wesley McCoy ( 1843 - 1911) and had 7 children: Viola McCoy, Charles Wesley McCoy, Valetta McCoy, Fred McCoy, Frankie McCoy, Ara McCoy and Lois McCoy}, {Charles Cook Whiteside (1839 - 1935) married Martha Dean (1846 - 1919) and had 11 children: Cora Whiteside, Edgar Whiteside, Ida Whiteside, Elizabeth Georgetta Whiteside, Harvey Dean Whiteside, Charles Ross Whiteside, Clementine Whiteside, Leona Whiteside (1842 - ?), Walter Whiteside, Cecil Mae Whiteside, and Orville Whiteside}, Leander Whiteside (1842 - ?), Thomas Whiteside (1843 - ?), {George Roland Whiteside (1849 - 1941) married Addie Jane Beckman and had 4 children: Fred Whiteside, Jessie Whiteside, Flossie Whiteside, and Ruby Whiteside}, David Mccoy Whiteside (1849 - ?), Lydia Jane Whiteside (1854 - ?), and Oscar Whiteside (1858 - ?).

Joseph Taylor Slaughter (1813 - 1887 Penn Yan, NY) married Margaret Southerland (1813 - 1904) and had 3 children: Arthur Slaughter, Alexander Slaughter (1837 - 1914 NYC) married Hettie ( 1837 - 1914), and Harriet Slaughter (1840 - 1917 Penn Yan) married Bower.)

William Bradner Slaughter (1822 - 1897) married 1. Sarah Buck (1819-1850) and had 2 children: Bradner Deray Slaughter (1849 - 1909) and Sarah Ellen Slaughter. Married 2. Lucinda Butterfield (1828 - 1855) and had one child: Harriet Lucinda Slaughter. Married 3. Adelaide Butterfield (1832- 1914) and had one child: William Benoni Slaughter.

Bradner Deray Slaughter (1849 - 1909 Nebraska) married Adaline Amanda Dorsey (1843- 1909) and had 9 children: Ada Lois Slaughter (1867 - ?), Bertha Grace Slaughter (1869 - ?) married William Gamble who died in 1901, Benjamin Bradner Slaughter (1871- 1880), Annelia Slaughter (1872 -?), Lotta Alice Slaughter (1875 -?) married John Lottridge, William Bradner Slaughter (1880 -1885), Chauncey Dent Slaughter (1883 - 1885), Carl Denton Slaughter (1889 - 1952 NYC) married 1. Jeanee Taylor and 2. Constance Mary King (1888 - 1944) and had one child: Constance Virginia Slaughter (1910) married Frank Rheinhold Denke (1905 - 1988) and have 4 still living children, and Samuel Charles Slaughter (1887 - ?).

Glen E. Williamson (1870 - 1944) married Alma Ann Carr (1875 - 1970) and had 6 children: Clarence Williamson, Donald Williamson, Dorothy Williamson, Russell L. Williamson, Lorna Lucille Williamson (1901 - 1923 Texas), and Presley Carr Williamson (1903 - 1993 Minnesota) married Elnora Viola Noftsker (1909 - 1993) and have 4 still living children.

Issac Slaughter married Jane McBride, his second wife and had ten children with her.

Jane McBride (1776- 1866) was the daughter of Archibald McBride jr. and Jane Newkirk. She was married on December 5, 1793 to Isaac at her father's home in Mamakating in Ulster county.

Family tradition states that the Slaughter's ancestors were Welch.

1. Joseph T. Slaughter, born Oct. 13, 1794, died Feb. 25, 1873 in Phillipsburg, NY. Agricultural farmer. Married Amelia Booth (1798 - 1877) and had 3 (A-C) children: A. Alanson Slaughter (1818 - 1883 Crystal Run, Orange, NY) married Mary Ann Bailey and had 3 children: Ann Amelia Slaughter, Helen Jane Slaughter married George W. Ackerly, and Jennet Bailey Slaughter married Robert G. Young, B. Mary L. Slaughter (1826 - 1911) married John Thew Coleman and had 3 children: John Thew Coleman (born 1843), Harriet Coleman (born 1850) and Joseph Coleman (born 1850), and C. Helen Slaughter (born 1828 in Crystal Run).
2. Benjamin Slaughter (1796 - 1841) married Sarah Crane ( 1801 - 1886) and had 7 children: Jane Harriet Slaughter, Sarah Elizabeth Slaughter, Isaac Dewitt Slaughter, Caroline Slaughter, Joseph Slaughter, Mary Ellen Slaughter, and Cornelia Ann Slaughter.
3. Nancy B. Slaughter born Dec. 27, 1798, died in 1818, married William Millspaugh (1791-1820) and had one child, Nancy Slaughter Millspaugh.
4. Archibald Archie Slaughter born Feb. 19, 1800, died Jan. 6, 1868, married Catherine Mills (1807 - 1888) and had Samuel M. born about 1830, Harriet born about 1836, Esther A. born about 1840.
5. Fannie Slaughter (1802 - 1859) married Henry Moore.
6. M Dewitt Slaughter born Sept. 3, 1803, died at Waverly Sept. 18, 1875. Farmer at Hamptonburg. He married Caroline Mills , born May 4, 1812, died Nov. 9, 1861.
A. Sarah Elizabeth Slaughter born May 26, 1835, died July 3, 1841
B. Samuel Wickham Slaughter born Nov. 8, 1837, died Aug. 24, 1894. He married Charlotte Wells, born July 13, 1850, on May 13, 1873. Charlotte Wells Slaughter died on July 27, 1912.
a. Mary Gertrude Slaughter born April 26, 1890, died June 1956. She went by Gertrude. Gertrude married George Brinker Knapp February 2, 1915.
i. Charlotte Slaughter Knapp born 1916
, died Feb. 7, 1985 in Los Angeles, CA. Charolotte never married and never had children.
C. James DeWitt Slaughter born March 9, 1840, died March 1842
D. Antonette Slaughter born July 10, 1846, died March 18, 1868
E. Mary Caroline born June 22, 1850, died Sept. 4, 1854
7. Sarah Jane Slaughter born Feb. 28, 1806, died 1827. Married Ellison Chichester Scott.
8. Harriet Slaughter born 1809
9. William Harrison Slaughter born July 6, 1815, died March 22, 1869. Married Mary Mills Slaughter (1819-1849) and Sarah Crawford Slaughter (1827-1883). Children: Emily Aususta Slaughter, d. 1846, Henrietta Slaughter, d. 1864, Jane Frances Slaughter, d. 1845, William W. Slaughter (1838-1857) and John Slaughter (1862-1864)
10. Amelia Slaughter born 1817, died Sept. 10, 1896 married Caleb Howell Coleman, born Dec. 9, 1820, died 1908.
A. Alonzo Howell born Oct. 25, 1849

Benjamin Slaughter's children:

Jane Harriet Slaughter (born 1824) married Utley Hare and had 4 children: Clinton Hare, Emma Hare, Mary Hare, and Mary Hare.

Sarah Elizabeth Slaughter (1821 - 1918) married Thomas Grier Pierson (1819 - 1881) and had 5 children: Edwin D. Pierson, Edward G. Pierson, Alice S. Pierson, Caroline Augusta Pierson, and Charles Grier Pierson.

Isaac DeWitt Slaughter (1832 - 1909) married Margaret Walling (1844 - 1929) and had 3 children: 1. Grace C. Slaughter married Jason Layton and had one child - Vincent Layton, 2. Jennie W. Slaughter married W. Edward Sargeant and had 3 children: Jay Sargeant, Marion Decker Sargeant and Marjorie Buttlar Sargeant, and 3. Mary Wood Slaughter married Irving B. Adams.

Caroline Slaughter (1832 - 1919) married William Wilson Peirson (1830 - 1895) and had 6 children: Howard G. Pierson, Fred B. Peirson (1854 - 1859 Warwick, Orange, NY), Wellington Slaughter Pierson, Emma Pierson (1862 - 1937) , Clara S. Peirson, and Harry Pierson (1880 - 1919). Howard G. Pierson (1869 - 1959) married Frances Eager and had 2 children: Howard E. Pierson and Morris R. Pierson. Wellington Slaughter Pierson (1857 - 1944) married Fannie Orr (1859 - 1922) and had 3 children: Bertrum Pierson, Melville DeWitt Pierson, and Gladys Madeline Peirson. Gladys Madeline Pierson (1899 - 1995 Walton, NY) married Lockwood Scott Hawkins

Joseph Slaughter (1837 - 1868) married Prudence Wilcox and had 3 children: Emma Slaughter, Frank Slaughter, and Joseph Slaughter (1858 - 1939). Emma Slaughter married 1. Purdy and 2. George Roberts and had 2 children: Bess Roberts and Jay Roberts.

Mary Ellen Slaughter (1838 - ?) married Joseph Wilcox and had 3 children: Edward Wilcox, Jessie Wilcox, and Sarah Wilcox.

Cornelia Ann Slaughter (1839 - ?) married William Pierson Uptegrove and had 4 children: Helen Uptegrove, Sarah Uptegrove married Peter Keufman, William D. Uptegrove, and Edward P. Uptegrove. Edward P Uptegrove (1875 - 1934 New Jersey) married Edith Boyd Denton and have 2 still living children. Mrs. Helen Uptegrove Teed, born in Warwick, NY. Wife of Leonard E. Teed or Teets?. Granddaughter of Benjamin and Sarah Slaughter. Great granddaughter of Isaac and Jane McBride Slaughter. DAR


Mills Family (Samuel Slaughter's mother)

The Mills family came from Yorkshire, England. Some of the names are of Holland extraction, the first to come to America being Peter Vander Mulin (the name meaning "from the mills"), who settled in Windsor, Conn., where the family took the English name of Mills.

Samuel Mills was the son of Jacob (1746-1841) and Catherine Denton Mills (July 9, 1756-Sept. 24, 1825). Samuel was born August 27, 1776 on the paternal homestead in Wallkill which was left to him. He died Sept. 26, 1860. Samuel operated a tannery which was established by his father and also had 3 large farms. He married Esther Stitt on Jan. 31, 1807. Esther Stitt was born Aug. 28, 1787 and died Nov. 11, 1863. She was the daughter of John and Nancy McCullough Stitt.

Samuel and Esther Stitt Mills had the following children:
1. Catherine Mills born Dec. 19, 1807, died in 1888, married Archibald Slaughter (1800-1868). They had one child: Esther Slaughter
2. Nancy Mills born July 10, 1809 (died March 3, 1843) married Hiram S. Dunning
3. William Mills born Oct. 5, 1810, died in 1885 at Petersburg, Virginia. He married Julia Ann Houston and had one child, John Houston Mills
4. Caroline Mills born May 4, 1812, died Nov. 9, 1861 in Waverly, married DeWitt Slaughter (1803-1875)
5. Mary Jane Mills born Nov. 5, 1813 (died 1896) married Robert Jordan Bull (1810-1893) of Wallkill. They had 9 children: Catherine M. Bull (1835-?), Hiram D. Bull (1837-?), George E. Bull (1842-?), W. Dewitt Bull (1846-?), Samuel A. Bull (1846-?), John S. Bull (1848-?), Thomas E. Bull (1851-?), Mary E. Bull (1854-?), Sarah E. Bull (1857-?).
6. Sarah Elizabeth Mills born Sept. 26, 1816, died in April 24, 1886, married General Alfred D. Hurtin
7. Jacob Stitt Mills born Sept. 21, 1818, died young
8. Samuel Wickham Mills born April 5, 1820. Became a pastor and removed to Port Jervis, NY. He died Nov. 22, 1902. Married 1. Amira St John 2. Almeda Jane Bailey. They had 6 children: Esther Mills, Harriet Bailey Mills (1845-1847), Anna Mills (1850-1879), Theodore Denton Mills, Cornelia Hunter Mills (1855-1871), and Mary Delia Mills
9. James Jackson Mills (1822-1870) born Oct. 2, 1822, married Eliza D. Hulse.
10. Albert Mills born June 12, 1825, died 1890. Married Louisa Linderman. Had the following children: Charles Albert Mills, Herbert Mills, Ina Louisa Mills, Samuel Mills, Sarah Esther Mills, and William Wickham Mills.
11. Edwin Mills born Dec. or March 4, 1827, resided near Phillipsburg, NY
12. Ruth Mills (1831- 1835)

They also had John Stitt Mills (April 6,1815- April 5, 1816)

Could this Edwin Mills be the one who owned the octagon house? Caroline's brother, Dewitt's brother-in-law? Samuel Slaughter's Uncle? The Edwin Mills that owned the octagon house had a wife Libbie.

Caroline Mills, Samuel Slaughter's mother, married DeWitt Slaughter, and Caroline's sister, Catherine Mills, married DeWitt's brother, Archibald Slaughter.

Esther Mills (1850-1879) married Cornelius Elting Cuddeback and had 5 children: Samuel Mills Cuddeback, Harry Cuddeback, Anna M Cuddeback, Cornelius Elting Cuddeback, and Nellie Cuddeback.

Samuel Mills Cuddeback (1876- 1950) married Anna Van Inwegen and had 4 children: Cornelius Elting Cuddeback, Charles Van Inwegen Cuddeback, Samuel Mills Cuddeback, and Cynthia Van Etten Cuddeback.

Cornelius Eltings Cuddeback (1906-1985 Port Jervis) married Neva Hammond Poe and had 2 children, both living.

Cynthia Van Etten Cuddeback (1914-2000, Vernon, Vermont) married Kenneth Durland Cuddeback and had 5 children all living.

Charles Van Inwegen Cuddeback (1908-1981, Port Jervis, Orange, NY)married Martha Ray and had 2 children, both living.

Theodore Denton Mills born June 9, 1852 (died Jan.21, 1927 Middletown, Orange, NY), married Christina Stewart Stivers and had 2 children: Samuel W. Mills and Elizabeth Stivers Mills (1893-?).

Samuel W. Mills married Dorothy VanOrden and had one child: Louis Van Orden Mills who married Roberta Arrowsmith and had Louis Van Orden Mills who married Monica Chelakian.

Mary Delia Mills born March 18, 1860, died Nov. 1953, married James Alexander Stitt (1856-1925) and had 3 children: Theodore Stitt, Mary Mott Stitt (1888-1976, Illinois), and Elizabeth Mott Stitt (1891- 1974, Woodbury, NY).

Theodore Stitt (1887- 1952) married Edith Marjorie Griesemer and had 2 children: Marjorie Stitt (1927 - March 10, 1963) and Elizabeth Anne 1924 - ?. Elizabeth married John Portman.

Taken from The Tri-States Union Port Jerivs N.Y. December 4, 1902: The Rev. S. W. Mills, D. D., who has been lying critically ill at his home, No. 47 West Main street, died at six minutes past 6 o'clock last Thursday night. On Saturday afternoon last, Dr. Mills received a stroke of paralysis which affected the entire left portion of his body. It was evident at the time that his recovery would not be likely, and the members of his family residing out of town were sent for and arrived here shortly afterwards. (This was Caroline Mills Slaughter's brother. Dewitt Slaughter's brother-in-law. Samuel Slaughter's Uncle. Charlotte Wells Slaughter's Uncle-in-law. Gertrude Slaughter's (Knapp) Great Uncle.)... Brief Sketch of One of the Oldest Families in this State. Samuel Wickham Mills, D. D., was a native of Orange County, born in the town of Wallkill, near Scotchtown, five miles north of Middletown, on the 5th of April 1820, and was the son of Samuel and Esther Stitt Mills. His mother was a daughter of John and Nancy McCullough Stitt of Bloomsburg, Sullivan county. The Mills family came from Yorkshire, England. Some of the names are of Holland extraction, the first to come to America being Peter Vander Munn (the name meaning from the mills) who settled in Windsor, Conn., where the family took the English name of Mills. The English family can be traced back to the DeMolis, founded in 1008, in Devon, England, the name being derived from Meulles of Normandy. Members of the family bearing that name went to England with William the Conqueror in 1066. The name has several times been changed, being Milne in 1612, and Mylle from 1627 to 1665, these being found in the records of Yorkshire, England. ...From George, in a direct line to our subject, are Samuel, Jonathan, Timothy, Jonathan, Jacob and Samuel, the latter the father of our subject. ... Samuel Mills, the father of the Rev. S. W. Mills, succeeded to the old home place. He was born August 27, 1776, and died on the 13th of November, 1860, at the age of 85. He cast his last vote just before his death. On the 13th of January 1807, he married Esther Stitt, who was born August 28, 1787, and her death occurred November 1, 1863. Of their family we note the following: Catherine married Archibold Slaughter, and died June 8, 1888, in her 81st year; Nancy, wife of Hiram S. Dunning, died in her 34th year, March 8, 1843; William, died October 31, 1885 at Petersburgh, Va., in his 76th year; Caroline, wife of DeWitt Slaughter, died November 9, 1861, in her 50th year; Mary Jane, the wife of Robert J. Bull, of Wallkill, died in her 85th year; John Stitt died when young; Sarah Elizabeth, who was the wife of Gen. Alfred D. Hurtin, died April 24, 1886 in her 70th year; Jacob Stitt passed away when young; Samuel Wickham is next in order of birth; James Jackson lives at Middletown in his 81st year; Alfred died on the old homestead in his 66th year, July 25, 1890, where his widow still resides; Edwin died at Phillipsburgh, this county; and Ruth died in childhood. The father of this family carried on a tannery. He also engaged in farming, and owned a large tract of land which comprised three farms. He was a successful business man, and assisted his children very materially.

Wells family - (Charlotte's family, Samuel Slaughter's wife) Sometimes they spelled it, "Welles"

Joanathan Sayre and Mary Monenll had a daughter, Jemima Sayre born April 27, 1779. Jemima married Joshua Wells, Jr. They had a son, Alfred Wells, 1801 or 1805.
Alfred Wells was a direct descendant of Hon. William Wells, of Norfolkshire, England. William Wells emigrated to America 5 years after the Pilgrim Fathers landed at Plymouth Rock. Alfred inherited the homestead.
Alfred Wells married Lydia Nyce Wells in June 1832. Lydia Westbrook Nyce born June 7, 1809, died Oct. 1871. Lydia was the daughter of John Nyce.

From Obituary of James Edward Wells, son of Alfred Wells.(1907) The Wells family came from England in 1727 and located in Connecticut. Five years later they removed to Goshen, and purchased a farm just north of Goshen, now owned by Jesse S. Mapes. Soon afterwards they purchased the farm in the western section of the town, which had been in the possession of some member of the family ever since.

Alfred and Lydia Wells had the following children:
1. Jerome Wells born March 30, 1832, died in Flushing, L.I. Oct. 17,1855. Unmarried, druggist.
2. James Edward Wells born Jan. 1, 1834, died May 6, 1907. Married (Feb. 17, 1858), Frances Emily Conkling born April 1, 1833, died April 2, 1919
A. Harriet A. Wells born Oct. 29, 1861, died Oct. 17, 1863
B. William Alfred Wells born March 22, 1863, died 1927. Married Isabelle Forbes born 1857, died 1941
C. Selena Wells born Oct. 2, 1869
D. Frances Emma Wells born Feb. 24, 1875, died March 11, 1875
3. John N. Wells born Jan. 25, 1836, died Oct. 1903, San Francisco, CA
4. George W. Wells of NYC born June 5, 1841. Married Emma Grant Hamilton June 29, 1865.
A. John Hamilton Wells born July 21, 1866, died in infancy
B. Virginia Grant Wells born Feb. 23, 1867
C. Grantina B. Wells
D. Grace W. Wells
5. Moses A. Wells born July 16, 1844, served in Civil War, resident of Chicago, had insurance business. Married Elizabeth Southard on May 22, 1869.
6. Eugene Franklin Wells born June 16, 1846, died May 9, 1891, druggist of Waverly, NY
7. Lewis (Arnell or Albert) Wells born April 30, 1848, died Oct. 11, 1870, bank clerk in Chicago, IL
8. Mary Frances Wells born Sept. 7, 1837, married Lewis E. Coleman of Deposit, PA-May 3, 1855
A. Frances Louise Coleman born Dec. 29, 1855. Married James Mapes Hagerty.
B. Anna Mary Coleman born Oct. 15. 1857, died July 20, 1859
C. Alfred Wells Coleman born Sept. 20 1859
D. William Edson Coleman born Feb. 2, 1861
E. Irene Isabella Coleman born Oct. 24, 1863
F. Howard Clifton Coleman born Dec. 6, 1865
G. Lewis Herbert Coleman born Jan. 24, 1867. Married Mary Wardrop.
H. Charles Leslie Coleman born Nov. 13, 1869
I. Lydia Wells Coleman born March 12, 1871, died March 12, 1871
9. Cathrine R. Wells born Aug. 5, 1839. Married Samuel M. Slaughter, born June 11, 1831, of Wallkill on Oct. 23, 1861.
A. Hattie Slaughter born July 12, 1863
B. Eugene W. Slaughter born Dec. 6, 1869
C. Edna Slaughter born Jan. 28, 1874
10. Charlotte Wells born July 13, 1850, married Samuel Wickham Slaughter of Waverly, NY on May 13, 1873
A. Mary Gertrude Slaughter born April 26, 1890. Married George Brinker Knapp.
a. Charlotte Slaughter Knapp born 1916, died 1985

11. Charles Snodgrass Wells born April 2, 1853. Married Alice Hadden (born Sept. 14, 1852) Feb. 23, 1876.
A. Samuel Hadden Wells born Jan. 21, 1877
B. Jennie N. Wells born Aug. 3, 1882, died Oct. 3, 1882
C. Clara Lounsberry Wells born March 26, 1884
D. Charlotte Wells born June 4, 1887, died Sept. 8, 1888
E. Gertrude Fraser Wells born March 2, 1889, died Aug. 22, 1889
F. John Nyce Wells born April 19, 1893

On Jan. 10, 2011, I found this website with the following information:


"In the History of Orange County, New York compiled by E.M. Ruttenber and L.H. Clark, originally published in 1880, republished in 2 volumes in 1980 through the Orange County Genealogical Society, there is a section on Goshen (pages 520 to 563) that includes a bio and picture of Alfred WELLS. Here is the WELLS genealogical info given:"

"William WELLS b 1608, emigrated to Southold LI about 1635 at age of 27.
His son, Justice Joshua WELLS, b 1664 in Southold, died there in 1744.
His son, John WELLS, b 31 Jan 1689 in Southold and died there.
His son, John WELLS b in Southold about 1715, died in Orange Co 4 July 1776 having settled in Goshen about 1735.
His son, Joshua WELLS b Goshen in 1744 died in 1819. He was a soldier in the colonial army during the Revolutionary War. His wife was Rhoda Booth, grandaughter of William BULL and Sarah WELLS and
they had the following children: Mary (wife of George PHILLIPS), John, George, Joshua, Christina (wife of John DECKER), Dolly (wife of Edward ELY), and Sarah (wife of James TUTHILL).
Joshua WELLS (6 Sep 1779-1867) (son of Joshua & Rhoda BOOTH WELLS) married Jemima Sayer (1779-1811) daughter of Jonathan SAYER of Goshen, as his 1st wife. They had Adeline (wife of James C. REEVE), Alfred, Mary Jane (died unmarried), Jerome (a physician in Goshen where he died) and Frances (wife of Adrian HOLBERT).
Joshua WELLS (6 Sep 1779-1867) married 2nd Katy FORD (? - 1834) had Julia (wife of John M. FORD) and Elizabeth (unmarried).
Alfred (the subject of the bio which includes an ink drawing) who is the son of Joshua (1779-1867) and Jemima SAYER (1779-1811) was b 17 Nov 1805 on the Goshen homestead. He married in June 1832 Lydia NYCE (daughter of John NYCE of Wheat Plains, Pike Co., Pennsylvania). Lydia died October 1871 at the age of 62 in Goshen. Their children were: Jerome, died at Flushing in 1855, James E a farmer in Goshen, John N. of San Francisco CA, George W grad of Princeton in 1865 who went on to be a doctor at Bellevue Hospital NY and in the medical dept of NY Mutual Insurance Company, Moses A Civil War soldier and later a druggist in Chicago, Eugene F. a druggist in Waverly NY, Lewis A died Oct 1870, Charles S. farmer in Goshen, Mary F. (wife of Lewis E. COLEMAN of Goshen), Catharine R. (wife of Samuel M. Slaughter of Wallkill), Charlotte (wife of Samuel W. Slaughter of Waverly NY)."

Charlotte Wells Slaughter was a descendant of the William Bull and Sarah Wells family thru her father, Afred Wells, who was a descendant thru his grandfather who married the granddaughter, Rhoda Booth, of William Bull and Sarah Wells.

Knapp family

Dr. William Knapp born October 28, 1788 in Otsego county, NY and died Feb. 3, 1874 on his farm in Athens, PA was the son of William Knapp. He practiced medicine in Factoryville (East Waverly). He married Armenia Gates (1792 - 1850), daughter of Azel and Margaret Holbrook Gates. Dr. William and Armenia Knapp had the following children: William (1813 - 1895 Waverly), Augusta (1816 - 1848) married B. F. Snyder, Emily Margaret (1818 - ?) married Thomas Yates, Mary Gates (1820 - 1858), Dr. Jerome B. (1822 - 1853) married Maria Armstrong and had a son, Frederick Jerome, Lucia (1825 - ?) married Rev. A. Stowell, Armenia (1828 - 1908) married John Chemey, Azel (1834 - ?) married Hattie Babcock.

William Knapp (1813 - 1895) married Mary Ann Shackleton and had the following children:1. Joseph Warren (first) born 1843, 2. Emogene (1845 - ?) married Chauncy Frisbie and had 2 children: Josephine married Frank Loring Howard and had Blanche, 3. William born Jan. 21, 1848, 4. Josephine born 1850 and married Arthur L. Brinker.

Joseph Warren Knapp, 1rst, (born Nov. 17, 1843 in Barton) married Frances E. Durkee. In 1861, he enlisted in the war of rebellion, on the first call for troops. He was the smallest and youngest member of the company, 17 years of age. He participated in the Second Battle of Bull Run and several smaller engagements, then South Mountain, Antietam and Fredericksburg. He was honorably discharged after 2 years and returned to Waverly, NY. He attended Eastman Business College at Poughkeepsie, NY. At Factoryville, he clerked at Manning & Finch for 2 years. In 1866, he started a grocery business in Waverly at the corner of Broad and Clark streets. In 1880, at 14 Johnson St. Waverly was; Warren W. Knapp 35 yrs. old, wife Francis 32 yrs.old, Harry 9 yr.old son, Joseph W. 10 month old son and boarder Linda Durkee 71 yrs. old. Around 1881, he added the dry goods business and continued to add to his business, making a large department store.
They had 5 children:
1. Harry William Knapp (1870 - 1941 buried in Glenwood cemetery Waverly, NY) married Maria L. Phillips Knapp June 21, 1894. Home at 455 Waverly st.  He became a partner with his father under J. W. Knapp & Son.
1A.Thomas Phillips Knapp b. 1895
1B. Frances Helen Knapp b. 1899
1C. Romain Knapp b. 1903
2. Joseph Warren Knapp II married Ella Grace Mixer Knapp. In 1910, they were living at 303 Chemung st. in one half of the home and Ella's parents, Edwin and Jennie Mixer were living in one half with address of 303 1/2. Both had their own servants.
2A. Helen Elizabeth Knapp
2B. Edwin Mixer Knapp (1906-1980) married Lucia Crowell (1906-1983) In 1945 Edwin Knapp was living at 89 Spring Street in Waverly, NY. In 1954 he was at 33 Pine Street, Waverly.
2C. Joseph Warren Knapp III married (1944) Alice Kemp from Albany{They had, Helen Elizabeth and Joseph Warren Knapp IV, born in 1947}From Jan. 2014 obituary: Alice Knapp passed away on Jan. 4, 2014. She was born Oct. 20, 1915. Survived by three children: Betsy, Peggy (Sila) and Joseph; daughter-in-law, Maureen. Joseph Warren Knapp III passed away in 1973. They both had worked at Knapp's Hardware store.
2D. Elnora M. Knapp married Frank Boyle
3. Robert Shackleton Knapp born 1883, died while student at Cornell.
4. Ralph Waldo Knapp married Vera Taylor (Ralph attended Cornell)
5. George Brinker Knapp (b. Nov. 9, 1885, d. Oct. 8, 1927) (Was Living at Los Angeles, California for a short time before his marriage.) married Gertrude Slaughter in 1915.
A. Charlotte Slaughter Knapp b. 1916, d. 1985

In 1954 and 1955 Gertrude still lived in Waverly, and daughter, Charlotte lived in Ithaca.
In 1956 Charlotte may have lived in Waverly again.
Sometime after 1956, Charlotte may have moved to CA. We have not been able to find out what she did from 1956-1985.


John Hanna family
Knapp and Sawyer married into the John Hanna family.

John Hanna born (1744) in Scotland, died April 28, 1845 in Barton, NY. Married Margaret McCullum, born in Scotland, died 1839 in Boston, NY
Numbers 1 -9 are children of John Hanna and Margaret McCullum
Capital Letters are grandchildren of John Hanna
Lowercase letters are great grandchildren of John Hanna
roman numerals are great great grandchildren

George Brinker Knapp and Charlotte S. Knapp were great great grandchildren of John Hanna.

Harold Sawyer was a great great grandchild of John Hanna.

Fred A. Sawyer and Mary were great grandchildren of John Hanna. Mrs. Fred A. Sawyer was who gave George and Charlotte their engagement party.

John and Margaret had nine children:
1. John Hanna, Jr.(?1785- 1849) married Deborah Hyatt
2. Betsey Hanna married Lewis Mills
3. William Hanna (1791-1866) married first wife, Nancy Sanders
William Hanna married second wife, Jane Raymond
4. Nancy Hanna ( ?1796-1876) married John Swartwood
5. Margaret Hanna (1798-1880) married Elisha Hill
6. George Walter Hanna (1799-1878) married Katherine Wentz
7. Sally Hanna (1802-1873) married Squire Whitaker
8. Martha Hanna (1804-1898) married Joseph G. Wilkenson
9. Jane Hanna (died 1829) married Joseph Swain

1. John and Deborah Hyatt Hanna had 4 children:
A. Mary Hanna married William F. Ellis
B. Sally (Sarah) Hanna married David C. Lyons
C. Julia Hanna married Daniel Horton
D. Ira Hanna married Myra (Maria?) Park

2. Betsey and Lewis Mills had 3 children:
A. William Mills married Susan Shackleton
B. John Mills married Elizabeth Brown
C. Miami Mills married Sylvester Wright

3. William and Nancy Sanders Hanna had 7 children:
A. Selah Hanna married Elizabeth Broadhead
B. William Hanna
C. Eliza Hanna married Charles Holt
D. Sarah or Sally Hanna married John Shackelton
E. Charlotte Hanna married James Partridge
F. Jane Hanna married Matthias Hunter Hollenbeck
G. John Hanna married Mary Mundy Hanna
3. William and Jane Raymond Hanna had 8 children
H. George Hanna married Estella Catlin
I. William Hanna
J. Estella Hanna married Thad. Ellis
K. Edward Hanna
L. Frederick Hanna married Mary Mills Hanna
M. Adelbert Hanna
N. Emmet Hanna
O. Maud Hanna married Arthur Fitch

4. Nancy and John Swartwood had 4 children:
A. Seely P. Swartwood married Sally Seymour Swartwood
B. Eliza Swartwood married Issac Raymond
C. Linda or Belinda Swartwood married George Durkee
a. Byron Durkee married Camline Payer
b. Mary Durked married Amherst Gordon
c. Charles Durkee married Kate McKinney
d. John Durkee
e. Frances Durkee married Joseph Warren Knapp
i. Harry married Marie Phillips (3 children)
ii. Joseph married Ella Mixer (4 children)
iii Robert
iv Ralph
v George
D. Martha Swartwood married George Bennett

5. Margaret and Elisha Hill had 6 children:
A. Hannah Hill married Oliver Welton
B. Sarah Hill
C. John Hill married Elizabeth Cure
D. Elizabeth Hill married Joe Park
E. Jane Hill married Montgomery Mead
F. Lometia Hill married Alonson Welton

6. George and Katherine Hanna had 7 children:
A. Julia Hanna married Leander Walker
B. Ambrosia Hanna married Thad Walker
C. Martha Hanna married Charles Sawyer
a. Fred A. Sawyer
married Mary Moore
i. Harold Moore Sawyer married Regina Lutz of Wheeliing, W. VA, in 1914
D. Amelia Hanna married Lyman Buck
E. Charles Hanna married Harriet Ellis
F. George Quigg Hanna married Sarah Sauners Hanna
G. Katherine Hanna married Emmett Holbert

7. Sally and Squire Whitaker had 7 children:
A. Horace Whitaker married Marian Walker
B. Jane Whitaker married Grant Follet
C. Phoebe Whitaker married Hatfied Hallett
D. James Whitaker
E. Lewis Whitaker married Francis Parker
F. William Whitaker married Margaret Madill
G. Francis Whitaker married Wilbur Finch

8. Martha and Joseph Wilkenson had 17 children
A. Margaret Wilkenson married Archibald Little
B. Charlotte Wilkenson married William Corey
C. George Wilkenson married Margaret Decker
D. Lenora Wilkenson
E. Katherine Wilkenson married J. E. Halabarr
F. Ester Wilkenson
G. John Wilkenson
H. William Wilkenson
I. Charles Wilkenson married Charlotte Raymond
J. Elizabeth Wilkenson married Albert Swartwood
K. Isabel Wilkenson
L. Sarah Wilkenson married Andrus Greer
M. Rachel Wilkenson married John Joslin
N. George Wilkenson
O. Hiram Wilkenson
P. Margaret Wilkenson married George French
Q. Jane Wilkenson married George French

9. Jane and Joseph Swain had 7 children:
A. Horace Swain married Sarah Edwards
B. Lewis Swain
C. Owen Swain married Albina Gregory
D.. Alfred Swain married Anna Denson
E. John Swain
F. Robert Swain married Sarah Catlin first, then, Kate Catlin
G. William Swain married Lucy Ruggles


VanAtta family

The Van Atta name is a derivation of the original Van Etten. Originally the family came from the small agricultural town of Etten, eight miles southwest of the prominent city of Breda in Noord Brahant (North Brabant), a province in Holland.

John (Johannes) M. VanAtta was born November 1, 1782 (died March 7, 1862), and came from Rockburg, Warren county, N. J. to Barton about 1823. He married Elizabeth Albright, who was born August 16, 1787 (died Sept. 1, 1879). John and Elizabeth moved to Barton in 1823. They had the following children:

1. Peter born July 28, 1810
2. Margaret born November 21, 1811
3. Adam born November 18, 1813
4. William born February 1, 1816
5. Benjamin born June 6, 1818
6. Caroline born June 19, 1821
7. Sarah born July 15, 1823
8. Isaac born July 22, 1826 (died young)
9. Azariah J. born December 15, 1827
10. Rebecca M. born December 11, 1832, died March 14, 1906

Peter (died March 8, 1885) married Fanny Jane (died Aug. 12, 1887), daughter of Reuben Harding; farmer at Straw Hill, Barton.
A. Oscar H. (b. May 29, 1845, d. Jan. 24, 1896)
B. Clarence

Peter may have also had: Eliza, Nancy and John (died unmarried at age 22)

(Peter and Benjamin were musicians in the old state militia.)

Azariah J. VanAtta was the designer and builder of the "Slaughter residence," at 208 Chemung street Waverly, NY in 1873, our now "Enchanting East Empress" at our  "Zehr Estate."

Azariah J. VanAtta born Dec. 15, 1827 in Barton, NY, married Carlista E. Ames of Danby and moved to Waverly and remained there til he died May 27, 1913. Carlista was born Oct. 19, 1828 and died Feb. 20, 1912. Carlista was the daughter of Calvin and Sarah Ames.

1. John C. VanAtta born Dec. 7, 1859, died Oct. 2, 1937, married Carrie Campbell, daughter of Burt Campbell.
A. Ronald VanAtta
2. E. Clair VanAtta married first wife, Gussie (Augusta) Harnden (1857-1892). E. Clair married second wife, Kitty Spencer of Scranton. E. Clair was a harness dealer.
3. Edwin H. VanAtta born 1869, died June 20, 1909, married Rose Grafft, born 1868, died 1957
A. Virginia VanAtta (died June 9, 1988) married John Garrard Tarleton
4. Clarence F. VanAtta, born 1855, died 1905

From Our County And Its People A Memorial History Of Tioga County New York: An old European family is the Venette one. The name is now spelled VanAtta. The first one we can trace in this country is Thomas Venette, born April 5, 1717 in New Jersey. His children were Joanna, Anna, Bridget, Benjamin, and Lydia. Benjamin, born in New Jersey also, on April 12, 1753, married Margaret Middaugh, born June 23, 1755. Their children were Peter, Marietta, Thomas, Johannes M., Elizabeth, and Isaac. Johannes M., born November 1, 1782, married Elizabeth Albright, born August 16, 1787, came to Barton in 1823, took up a lot of wild land, built a log house, and by industry and thrift developed a fine farm and acquired competence. Of their ten children were Peter, Margaret A., Adam, William, Caroline, Benjamin, Sarah, Isaac, Azariah J., and Rebecca M. Mr. VanAtta (as. the name now began to be known) died March 7, 1861, his wife surviving him until September 1, 1870. Azariah J. VanAtta, born on the new home in Barton, December 15, 1827, was brought up on the farm. He then married Carlista E., daughter of Calvin and Sarah Ames, and located in Waverly as a carpenter. He has been an active figure in Waverly for many years and the degree of respect in which he is held is derived from his uniform walk and conduct. Since 1880 he has been the superintendent of the Waverly water works. Mr. and Mrs. VanAtta's surviving children are E. Clair, a dealer in coal of Waverly; John C., a leading druggist, and Edwin H., also a druggist.

Brooks family

Thomas J. Brooks sold part of our property (where the main house stands) with a rectangular shaped home on it, to DeWitt Slaughter in 1857.
Thomas was born Dec. 18, 1816 in Otsego County. Thomas' parents were, Thesius Brooks and Roxanna Beard Brooks. Thomas died Sept. 29, 1857.
Thomas Jefferson Brooks married Cynthia Lowman on Sept. 3, 1844.
Cynthia was born March 4, 1824 and died Dec. 4, 1874.

Thomas and Cynthia had :
1. Rosamund Lowman Lillis Brooks born Feb. 11, 1847 in Waverly, NY, died March 11, 1923 in Elmira, NY

Rosamund married Samuel Murray Tubbs on Oct. 25, 1865.. He was born March 31, 1835 in Elmira, NY and died Feb. 15, 1900 in Elmira, NY. He was a farmer. Rosamund and Samuel had the following children:

1. Susan Brooks Tubbs was born on Aug. 25, 1866 in Elmira, Chemung Co., NY. She died on Mar. 6, 1868 in Waverly, Tioga Co., NY.
2. Mary Alice Tubbs born Oct. 1, 1872 and married Jan. 8, 1896 John or Jacob George Zimmerman. Resided at 310 DeWitte Ave. Elmira, NY
Children: Helen Frances Zimmerman born May 29, 1897, Karolena Rosamund Zimmerman born Nov. 24, 1901or Nov. 27, 1901 and married June 28, 1935 to Lewis E. Rhoades.
Lewis Edwin Rhoads died Jan. 21, 1983 (Woodlawn cemetery, Elmira)
Karolena Rhoades died Oct. 21, 1996 in Elmira
3. Frances Brooks Tubbs was born on May 23, 1875 in Elmira, Chemung Co., NY. She was still living about 1923 and unmarried.
4. Helen Rosamund Tubbs born Dec. 7, 1877, married William Randall Compton. Resided at 925 College Ave. Emira, NY. They had William Randall Compton born July 9, 1902. Helen married second husband, Orson Richards, married Nov. 15, 1922.

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