Zehr Estate

News Clips 1930 thru 1939

1930 census: renting at 327 Chemung st.; Anna H. Best, widow of William, son John H. 15 yrs. old, daughter Nelliana 13 yrs. old. The Best's were good friends of Gertrude and Charlotte Knapp. Also living at 327 and owners of the home; John Weller automobile salesman and wife Myrtle.

1930 Directory: 3 Athens st. William H. Kane. 5 Athens St. Lloyd M. Hedges. 7 Athens st. octagon home owned by Gertrude Slaughter Knapp; Henry Evans, Gabriel W. Evans. 4 Athens st. Frank R. Buley. 6 Athens st. Julia Haas. 8 Athens st. Mary E. Shoemaker.

1930 census: Has Lloyd M. Hedges as boarder at 10 Tioga street, Waverly, NY, living there also was Myer and Harding.

William H. Kane, wife Hattie E., daughter Margaret, son James, son William, son Leo. At 3 Athens st. renting $35.00

E. Manville Roberts and wife Frances were renting at 5 Athens st. $35.00

Henry G. Evans, a moving truckman, and wife Alice Evans, with sons, Henry, 10 yrs. and Robert, 8 yrs. were at 7 Athens street, octagon home, renting from Mrs. Gertrude Slaughter Knapp. $15.00 rent

Gabriel W. Evans and Mable E. Evans were at 7 Athens street, octagon home, renting from Mrs. Gertrude Slaughter Knapp, though this census has them at 9 Athens st. The octagon was a two-family or duplex, so possible that at this time it was numbered that way by the census taker. $15.00 rent

Frank R. Buley and his wife Lottie  owned 4 Athens st. worth $2,500.

Julia Haas 65 yrs. old with her son Daniel J. Haas 35 yrs. old, at 6 Athens st. Julia owned the home worth $1,500.

Mary E. Shoemaker 78 yr. old widow with grandson Howard Shoemaker 18 yrs. old at 8 Athens st. Mary owned the home worth $3,500.

From the U.S. 1930 census: At 208 Chemung St.- Gertrude Knapp (Head, no occupation, 39 yrs.), her daughter, Charlotte Knapp (14 yrs.), mother-in-law, Frances Knapp (84 yrs.), Ronald VanAtta (33 yrs., salesman) and his wife, Ethel (26 yrs., no occupation). Ethel Avice Justice (b.1903-d.1989)

February 27, 1930 The Binghamton Press: Sayre, Feb. 27 - Officials of the Waverly, Sayre and Athens Traction Co. announced today that motor busses will begin operating through Waverly, Sayre, Athens, and South Waverly by April 1, superseding the trolley service which has been in existence here for many years....

1930 The Binghamton Press: Waverly, May 31 - Mrs. Wellington S. Morley was elected regent of Carantouan Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, at the biennial election held at the home of Mrs. Lewis Atwater on Pennsylvania avenue.(1930 directory had Lewis Atwater at 112 Park Place as does the 1931 directory.) Other officers are: Mrs. Frank L. Howard, past regent; Mrs. Fred E. Slawson, first vice regent; Miss Alice Fish, second vice regent; Mrs. Gertrude Knapp, treasurer; Mrs. Leslie C. Tyrell, secretary; Miss Jean Merriam, corresponding secretary; Mrs. G. Frank Williams, registrar; Mrs. George Vastbinder, historian, Mrs. Fred A. Sawyer, genealogist; Mrs. Herman Olney, chaplain.

April 15, 1930 Elmira Star Gazette: Announcing the Opening of Jenkin's Inn 202 Chemung St. Waverly, N.Y. Thursday - April 17th Broiler Dinner, $1.50 Seating Six, Seven and Eight. Please Make Reservations Early. Music. Public Invited.

April 18, 1930 The Evening Leader, Corning, N. Y.: OPEN JENKINS INN. Bath, Apr. 18 - Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jenkins of Bath formally opened the Jenkins Inn at Waverly Thursday. The inn was formerly the Lang property which Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins purchased last Fall and have made extensive improvements. (202 Chemung Street Waverly, NY)

May 13, 1930 Elmira Star-Gazette: Trust Firm Brings Suit To Prevent Disposal of E., C., & W. Real Property. Guaranty' Trust Asks Steuben County Supreme Court For Injunction - Holds $1,352,000 in Bonds and Seeks Recompense. An injunction to prevent the Elmira, Corning & Waverly Railway Company from disposing of its real property pending the outcome of a mortgage foreclosure action is sought by the Guaranty Trust Company of New York in an action started in Supreme Court in Stueben County. The Guaranty Trust Company holds bonds with a face value of $1,352,000, allegedly constituting a lien against the real property of the interurban railway company. The trust company seek to foreclose these bonds with interest from Jan. 1, 1922. The State Public Service Commission and the people of the State of New York are named codefendants in the suit. Attorney Charles D. Newton of Genesee represents the trust company. The Elmira, Corning & Waverly Railway Company discontinued service on April 1. The rails and trolley lines were sold to a dismantling company. On June 1, 1907, the Elmira, Corning & Waverly Railway Co. issued 5,000 bonds at $1,000 each which carried interest of five per cent and were to be redeemed in 50 years. According to the plaintiff, the Standard Trust Company took a mortgage on all property, rights of way, stock and franchises of the railway company and also ordered 1,500 bonds. It was stated that $1,352 bonds were delivered. On July 1, 1921, interest was not paid on 48 bonds held by the Guaranty Trust Company which took over the holdings of the Standard Trust Company. On and after Jan. 1, 1922, no interest has been paid on any of the bonds, it is alleged. It is said that most of the remainder of the bonds are now the property of the Erie Railroad Company, which controlled the interurban line. The Public Service Commission was named a defendant in the action because of the public control within the power of the commission over the company. Because of taxes said to have been unpaid by the traction company, the People of the State of New York entered into the suit. According to the papers filed, the following taxes have been unpaid: To the Village of South Corning, franchise tax, $368; real estate tac $13,600. To the Village of Waverly, real estate tax, $6,800. To the Village of Wellsburg, real esate tax, $11,000; special franchise tax, $220. It has been reported that other actions are now pending in Stueben County against the Elmira, Corning & Waverly line following the discontinuance of the service on the line on April 1. Chauncy B. Hammond, general manager of the defunct interurban line, was out of town today and could not be reached for his comment.

September 10, 1930 Elmira Star-Gazette: Lad Crushed To Death by Heavy Truck. John Stranger, Six, Loses Life Under Wheels of Heavy Vehicle Driven by Henry Evans - Child Expires on Way to Sayre Hospital. Waverly. Sept. 10. - John Stranger, 6, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stranger of 34 Ithaca Street, was crushed to death in front of his home Tuesday at 5:15 p. m. by a truck loaded with sand belonging to Truckman Henry Evans of 7 Athens Street, Waverly. A defective spring caused Evans to stop his truck in front of the Stranger home. He got down to inspect the spring when he saw the little fellow climb on the truck. The boy got off the truck when Mr. Evans spoke to him but evidently tried to get back again just as the car started. While the truck was still in low gear Mr. Evans heard a cry and looking down saw the child under the wheels. He immediately stopped and hurried to the child's assistance. Frank Bowman of Sayre, who was passing in his automobile, stopped and taking the still breathing child from Mr. Evans' arms hurried to the Robert Packer Hospital at Sayre, but death occurred before the hospital was reached. Death was due to a fractured skull. Coroner John T. Tucker and Chief of Police Dana Boyle were notified and are investigating the accident. Evans is not being held by the police and Dr. Tucker has not yet decided to hold an inquest. (Henry Evans was living in the octagon home at 7 Athens St)

September 10, 1930 The Binghamton Press: Waverly, Sept. 10 - Six-year-old John Stranger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stranger of 34 Ithaca street, Waverly, was killed almost instantly when he fell from the side of a heavy truck and was crushed underneath the right rear wheel in front of his home about 5:15 p.m. Tuesday.

October 16, 1930 Elmira Star-Gazette: Teams Chosen For Waverly Scout Drive. Waverly, Oct. 16 - At a meeting at the home of Arthur C. Palmer, (329) Chemung Street, arrangements were made for the local campaign which will be launched next week for funds of the Boy Scout council. Mr. Palmer is area chairman. Dr. Harry Fish of Sayre was the principal speaker. Committees were appointed as follows: District 1, Athens ... District 2, Sayre ... District 3, Waverly and South Waverly - Chairman, Cecil R. Berry; central committee, F. W. Eaton, L. C. Hardy; captains, John H. Murray, P. C. Meserve, Francis Clohessy, D. N. Handrick, Mrs. Cass M. Williams, Justus H. Dimon, H. B. Ingham, R. C. Kolb, C. W. McCray, Mrs. Gertrude S. Knapp.

October 16, 1930 Elmira Star-Gazette: Waverly Honor Student Roster Is Announced. Waverly, Oct. 16 - The honor roll of the Waverly Junior High School is as follows: First honor - Ruth O'Mara, Elnora Knapp, Gertrude MacDonald, Margery Tyrrell, Clarence McCray, Palmer Simonds. Second honor - Rachel Birney, Helen Bialy, Virginia Fenderson, Charlotte Knapp, ...

November 7, 1930 Elmira Star Gazette: To Discuss Missions. Waverly, Nov. 7. - The study of the missionary book, "A Crowd of Witnessess," will be commenced at the meeting of the Methodist Missionary Society, today at 7:30 p. m. at the home of Mrs. F. E. Munn, 207 Chemung Street.

November 20, 1930 Elmira Daily Gazette: Valley Scouts Plan Activities For Coming Year. Waverly, Nov. 20. - With Mrs. Cass Williams, councilor, Waverly, presiding, an interesting meeting of the council of the Susquehanna Valley Girl Scouts was held at Wyalusing Tuesday. Committees for the year's work appointed by the chairman, with the following Waverly members included: Mrs. C. B. Tobey and Mrs. James Bartlett, are members of the committee on badges and awards; Mrs. John Murray, sr., is a member of the troop committee; Mrs. Gertrude Knapp, on the camp committee; Mrs. John Murray, jr., of the troop committee. Mrs. F. H. Abbe, of Athens, Mrs. Williams, of Waverly, and Miss Blanche Coit, of Towanda, were the speakers. Luncheon was served by the Wyalusing Girl Scouts and games and stunts were enjoyed during the afternoon and an exhibition of handicraft held.

December 22, 1930 Elmira Star-Gazette: Nativity Story Told in Pageant By Young People. Waverly, Dec. 22. - The story of the Nativity was vividly portrayed in a pageant given by young people of the Presbyterian Church at 5 o'clock Sunday afternoon. The Biblical costume of the participants and the choruses by the choir, accompanied by harp and organ, were very impressive in an auditorium illuminated only by the soft light of candles. The cast of characters follows: Mary, Jean Ferguson; Joseph, Walter Peck; shepherds, Thomas Williams, Junior Howard, Fred Zoll, Frank Boyle; kings, Howard Shoemaker, Leslie Tighe, Fred Kellogg; pages, Clark Baxter, Jack McDuffee, Arthur Field; angel chorus, Irene Looms, Beatrice Andrews, Emily Leslie, Marian Bailey, Doris Bailey, Margaret Hall, Anna Bennett, Isabel Ferguson, Jenet Kester, Charlotte Knapp, Eleanor Knapp, Elleryn Schultz, Bernice Felt, Dorothy Deyo; organist, Catherine Price; harpist, Ethel Dean West; choir, Percy Weler, A. W. Bouton, Francis Gibbs, Donald Grant, A. H. Abell, Mrs. A. W. Bouton, Mrs. T. E. Wilson, Mrs. Bingham, Juanita Buley, Jane Adams, Ellen Kellogg; pageant committee, Mrs. Orrin D. Cranmer, director, Mrs. John Slater, Mrs. Fred Lyford Jr., Mrs. Victor Buley, Miss Jane Murray, Mrs. Cass Williams, Mrs. Evan Johnson, Walter Peck, Percy Meserve, A. W. Bouton, Percy Weller.

The octagon home at 7 Athens st. is not listed in the directories after 1930. In August of 1933 according to newspaper Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Evans celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary at 7 Athens st.

1931 Directory: 3 Athens st. William Kane. 5 Athens st. Linn D. Rathbun. 4 Athens st. Frank R. Buley. 6 Athens st. Julia Haas. 8 Athens st. Mary Shoemaker.

From 1931 Directory of Athens, Sayre, & Waverly: no 7 or 9 Athens Street address listed; at 208 Chemung Street - Mrs. Gertrude S. Knapp and vacant, Frances E. wid Joseph W. Knapp r 208 Chemung

April 23, 1931 Elmira Star-Gazette: Serve Tea at Tourney. Waverly, Aug. 8. - Afternoon tea will be served during the Finger Lakes tournament at Shepard Hills Country Club at the club house. Mrs. David Keefe of Athens is in charge today and Mrs. F. A. Bell of Waverly will be in charge Saturday. Mrs. George Knapp and Mrs. E. Clair Van Atta were in charge Thursday.

April 25, 1931 Elmira Star-Gazette: Committees Of Auxiliary Made Public. Sayre, April 25 - George F. Carling of Sayre, president of the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Shepard Hills Country Club at Waverly, Friday announced plans for the coming season ... Members of the auxiliary board for the year include the following Wavelry: Mrs. M. Shepard, Mrs. E. Tilton, Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. F. Lyford, Mrs. W. Peck, Mrs. F. Howard, Mrs. A. C. Palmer, Mrs. J. T. Slater, Mrs. W. Hall, Mrs. K. VanAtta, Mrs. H. Knapp, Mrs. John Murray Jr., Mrs. Fred Sawyer, Mrs. W. Farley, Mrs. F. A. Bell. ...

June 9, 1931 Elmira Star Gazette: Valley Rotarians Will Sail Tonight For French Port. Waverly - June 9 - Leaving Waverly on the Lackawanna this morning the delegation of Waverly, Sayre, and Athens Rotarians and their wives will sail tonight on the S. S. Carmania as part of a group of 350 Rotarians who have booked passage on the same boat for Vienna to attend the annual convention of Rotary International, June 21 to 26. Hart I. Seely of Waverly has been appointed by Rotary International as captain of Rotary activities on this ship during the ocean voyage.
The Carmania is one of six ships sailing from New York City and Montreal during the week between June 9 to 28 with Rotarians from this continent, bound for the Vienna convention. The valley party is a part of the group of 147 delegates and their wives from the 27th and 28th Rotary districts who will enjoy pre-convention and post-convention tours of Europe and Africa. Those who are going from this valley are: Mr. and Mrs. Harl I. Seely, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Palmer, Mrs. G. B. Knapp, Miss Frances Howard and Slade Palmer of Waverly; Miss Marion Hamilton of Hammondsport; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Page of Athens; Mr. and Mrs. C. C. West, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bolich of Sayre. The Carmania will land its party at Havre, France, where Mr. and Mrs. P. P. Sturdevant of Towanda, who sailed a week ago, will join the valley group for the European tour. From Havre, they will to to Brussels, the battlefield at Waterloo and Cologne. They will go by boat from Cologne up the Rhine to Mayence, and Frankfort-on-Main. They will then visit Munich, with side trips to Omerammergau, castles on the Rhine, the Hofbrau-Haus and the Austrian Tyrol.

July 14, 1931 Elmira: Waverly, July 14 - Frisbie Howard of the Tioga-Empire Feed Mills, Inc., of Waverly, has received a radiogram from A. C. Palmer, president of the company, now touring Europe with a party of valley Rotarians, that all members of the party are well and were now "homeward bound." Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Hart I. Seely, Mrs. George B. Knapp, Miss Frances Howard, Slade Palmer of Waverly; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Page of Athens and Mr. and Mrs. Payne Sturdevant of Towanda, who have been enjoying a post-convention tour of Europe since attending the convention of Rotary International in Vienna, are expected to arrive in New York City on the S. S. Roma, July 21. They sailed from Genoa Saturday for a trip on the Mediterranean and were to have passed through the Strait of Gibraltar Monday to the Atlantic Ocean en route to America.

July 25, 1931 Elmira: Waverly, July 25 - To Hart I. Seely of Waverly was given the distinction of being chosen spokesman for the party of 149 Rotarians from the 27th and 28th districts, during their audience with Mussolini at his official residence in Rome, Italy, and replying to the address of welcome by the famous dictator. At the conclusions of Mr. Seely's brief speech he was patted on the shoulder by Mussolini, who complimented him on his address and told him to give a good report of his reception. The party from these two districts, situated in the United States and Canada, was the only one attending the Rotary convention from this side of the Atlantic which was granted an audience by Mussolini and arrangements for this were started six months before the party sailed from this country. Included in this group of 149 Rotarians were Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Hart I. Seely, Mrs. George B. Knapp, Slade Palmer and Miss Frances Howard of Waverly, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. West and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bolich of Sayre; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Page of Athens, and Mr. and Mrs. P. Payne Sturdevant of Towanda. The party spent six weeks on their European pilgrimage, five days of which were spent in attendance upon the sessions of Rotary International at Vienna. One of the high lights of the convention was the reception, given by the Austrian government at the imperial palace where there was more than 6,000 guests from 65 countries represented at the convention. The handsome dress uniforms of the men of the various European countries, the kilts of Scotland, turbans of India and colorful dress of the ladies made a brilliant scene amid the splendors of the great palace which will never be forgotten by those in attendance. Thirty ballrooms were opened for the great occasion. Many orchestras furnishing music and the bountiful display of foods and wines, together with handsome favors for every guest, men and women alike, created a lavishness of entertainment seldom heard of in this country. In their post-convention tour of Europe the party visited 11 different countries. In each city visited the Rotary Club was the guest of the touring party at a regular Rotary meeting. These occasions provided and opportunity for the members of the touring party to become acquainted with outstanding business men in the various countries. At each meeting three flags were presented by the American and Canadian party, the American, Canadian and flag of Rotary International.

August 3, 1931 Elmira Star Gazette: Waverly. The August meeting of the Waverly Cosmopolitan Club will be held this evening in the Albertson building, at 8 o'clock. The program will include the singing of the club song, book reviews by Mrs. Emma Hoyt; a talk by Mrs. George B. Knapp on her "Impressions of a European Trip"; a talk on Girl Scouts by Miss Mary Falsey; current events, a vocal and a piano solo, and the usual book and magazine exchange.

Oct. 21, 1931 The Evening Times - The first meeting of the Elmira College Club of the valley will be held at the home of Mrs. Edwin Knapp, 208 Chemung street, Waverly, Thursday afternoon at 4 p.m. instead of Friday as was previously announce. (Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Knapp were renting part of Mrs. Gertrude Slaughter Knapp's home.)

March 30, 1932 The Morning Herald, Gloversville and Johnstown, N. Y. Mrs. Wilbur A. Spraker and son, Bobby who have been visiting at Waverly, returned home Monday evening. (Gertrude and Charlotte Knapp were friends of the Spraker's)

1932 Alice Drake Evans died. Henry Evans' wife. (She was born in 1901) Tioga Point Cemetery in Athens, PA. {Henry died in 1968}

April 29, 1932 The Evening Times - Mrs. Henry G. Evans of Waverly died this morning at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Milo Drake, 216 Elmwood avenue, Elmira Heights, after an extended illness. Besides the parents, Mrs. Evans is survived by her husband, Henry and three sons, Henry Jr., and Robert at the home in Waverly and Richard at Elmira. Mrs. Evans has been ill for several months and has been dividing her home between her home here and the home of her parents. She went to Elmira Heights last Monday and had been unable to return. The funeral will be held at the home of the parents in Elmira Heights Monday afternoon at 2. Rev. Levi W. Lunn of Waverly will officiate. Burial will be in Tioga Point cemetery. (The Evans' had lived in the octagon home at 7 Athens street up to about 1931.)

April 30, 1932 The Evening Times - John W. Storms, for many years one of the most prominent farmers in Bradford county, died at 11:25 morning, at his home, 155 Bradford street, South Waverly, of pneumonia. Mr. Storms was 79 years of age. He came to Waverly from Elmira about 50 years ago when he took possession of what is known as the "Spanish Hill farm" and which includes some of the richest land in this section. Mr. Storms was burgess of South Waverly for many years and was always actively identified with civic and social affairs in his community. He was a member of Waverly Masonic lodge. Surviving are the widow, at home; a son, Harry Storms, Athens, Mrs. Edgar E. Sebring, now residing in the homestead; two grandsons, John R. Sebring, Buffalo, and Edgar D. Sebring, Jr., Waverly. (The Sebring's lived in part of the home at 208 Chemung st. Waverly, NY, with Mrs. Gertrude Slaughter Knapp, from about 1936 to 1945.)

May 28, 1932 The Herald Statesman, Yonkers, N. Y.: Westchester Yesterdays. 1824. Major General Thomas Thomas dies. May 29, at Harrison, aged 79. A Revolutionary soldier, he was captured at his house by the Queen's Rangers in 1777 but later exchanged. His father, John Thomas, was first Judge of the County of Westchester and was the first of the family to buy land in Harrison. His grandfather was the Rev. John Thomas, rector of St. George's Church, Hempstead, L. I. Judge Thomas, who sat in the general Assembly of the Province, died in jail because of his Whig sympathies.

August 29, 1932 The Evening Times: Miss Nellieanna Best of Rochester is spending a few days as the guest of Miss Charlotte Knapp of Chemung street.

September 2, 1932 The Evening Times:The Women's Missionary Society of the Waverly Presbyterian church will resume the fall and winter program with a meeting to be held at the home of Mrs. A. C. Palmer on (329) Chemung street on Sept. 9th at 2:30 o'clock. Mrs. George B. Knapp will give a talk on the Sheldon - Jackson mission school which she visited on her recent trip to Alaska. The program will be followed by a social hour.

September 26, 1932 The Evening Times: Mrs. Marion Hampton of Hammondsport, N. Y., is the guest of Mrs. George B. Knapp at her Chemung street home.

October 8, 1932 Cortland Standard: Mrs. Glyndon Crocker entertained at luncheon at the Country club yesterday in honor of Mrs. Gertrude Knapp and Mrs. Hart Seely of Waverly. The other guests were Mrs. Raymond Wiltsie, Mrs. John Sarvay and Miss Lois Osborn. Mrs. Knapp gave a talk on Alaska at the meeting of the Missionary society at the Presbyterian church yesterday afternoon.

January 1933 Elmira Star Gazette: For Sale Or Exchange - For Florida property, large apartment house and tourists' home, on Route 17. Best residential street, Waverly, N.Y. 409 Chemung St.

January 31, 1933 Elmira: Site Is Selected For New Waverly Postal Structure. Waverly - A government offer of $13,500 to purchase a site for the new Waverly postoffice has been accepted by A. G. Dubois, according to a statement by the Waverly man. The site is located on Waverly Street opposite Elizabeth Street. The 148 foot plot was the site of the first Methodist Church in Waverly. The structure burned two years after it was erected, and the second church of the denomination was erected on Chemung Street in 1868. Two double family houses occupy this site and are known as 430-432 and 434-436 Waverly Street while the large single house, originally the M. E. parsonage, at 438 Waverly Street, is occupied now by the Dubois family. The property was purchased from the Methodists many years ago by Joseph Dubois, father of the present owner. The offer to purchase the property was wired last Friday to Mr. Dubois by Ferry K. Heath, and assistant secretary of the United States Treasury Department, Washington, D. C. Late Monday Mr. Dubois wired acceptance. Maps of the plot will be furnished the United States attorney for this district by Mr. Dubois.

1933 Elmira Star Gazette: General Electric Plant - 1 to 100 lights, nearly new, cost $386, first $80 takes it. H. G. Evans, 537 Chemung St., Waverly, N.Y. (Henry G. Evans was prior to living here renting the octagon home at 7 Athens St., from Gertrude Knapp. Around 1930, the Evans family left the octagon home, after they had been there since early 1900's. We are trying to find out why they left and or what happened to the missing octagon home.)

March 16, 1933 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Girl Scout Leaders Entertain Troops, Guest. As part of the Girl Scouts' celebration of the 21st anniversary of their organization, about 75 members of the Scouts and Campfire Girls attended a reception given by the Susquehanna Valley Council at Presbyterian social hall on Monday afternoon. Members of Carantouan and American Girl troops and the Brownie pack were guests of honor. A hugh birthday cake greeted the girls. The affair was in charge of Mrs. Frederick Lyford, Jr., Mrs. Fred Deyo, Mrs. A. B. Cady, Mrs. Stanley Potter, Mrs. F. Hallet Spencer, Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. M. O. Wilson, Mrs. John Murray, Sr., Mrs. John Murray, Jr., Mrs. Ernest Wellar, and Mrs. George Giroux.

Home Mission Society Has Pleasing Musicale. The Home Mission Society of the Presbyterian church met with Mrs. L. J. Buley Monday night and enjoyed a musical program rendered by Miss Carrie Raynor, pianist, Miss Aubrey Smeaton, banjo and Miss Ethel Paddock, vocalist. Mrs. Gertrude Knapp presided at the business meeting which followed the musicale. Mrs. Buley the hostess, was assited by Ralph Kester, Mrs. Belle Roff, Mrs. Thomas Tighe, and Mrs. Walter Peck.

March 23, 1933 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Ida Tannery Dies From Old Age - (306 Chemung st.) Following an illness that came on last May, Miss Ida Tannery, one of Waverly's oldest and best known residents, died at the Tioga County hospital last night from general debility and old age. She was 83 years of age on January 14th last. Miss Tannery, a native of Waverly, will be remembered by the older residents as the occupant of the old family homestead at Lincoln and Chemung streets, where she cared for her mother until her death. The late Mrs. Fred Curtis was her sister. Years ago when the stage coaches rolled along the Chemung street pike they used to stop at the Tannery home for water for both horses and passengers. And old well there was a welcome sight to weary travelers in the hot days of summer. Of recent years Miss Tannery's health was so she could not care for herself. She was in the hands of Mrs. Vera McMillan, up to the time of going to the hospital, and had the care and attention of other good friends, including Mrs. Edward Blizzard, whose mother was one of the woman's closest friends for years, and Arthur C. Ellis, former supervisor of the county. Miss Tannery conducted the best rated millinery for a number of years over the store now occupied by John Van Atta, druggist. She was a member of the Presbyterian church, having gone to that group after a long membership in the Baptist church. Funeral arrangements are not complete.

March 29, 1933 Elmira Star-Gazette: Scout Activities Are Planned At Council Session. Waverly - Plans for Girl Scout activities were made at a meeting of the Susquehanna Valley Council in Troy, Pa., Tuesday. The session was attended by Mrs. Cass Williams and Mrs. George Knapp of Waverly.

April 11, 1933 Elmira Star-Gazette: Waverly. Mrs. Sarah Breck has been elected president of the Missionary Society of the First Presbyterian Church. Other officers elected: Mrs. H. W. Knapp, first vice-president; Mrs. Clarence Scott, second vice-president; Miss Alice Fish, secretary; Mrs. George Knapp, treasurer; Mrs. Jane Lyford, secretary of literature; Miss Ruth Fish, music. - The Carantouan Chapter, D. A. R., held a benefit card party Saturday evening at the home of Mrs. Leigh Huff, (462) Wavelry Street. The benefits are to go to the D. A. R. Mountain White Home. Word from Waterman Baldwin, formerly of Waverly, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Baldwin, indicates that he probably will not return to Waverly from Arizona. Having spent the winter on a citrus ranch near Phoenix, he may go to Chicago or Milwaukee in May to resume duties with a new position. 

April 13, 1933 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Shepard Tavern To Be Marked - A force of men under the direction of Lacy Katchum, of Owego, resident engineer of the state highway department will erect 18 metal markers, which will indicate some historic site in this county. The markers are furnished by the historical division of the New York state department of education. There were to have been erected last year as part of the Washington bi-centennial celebration, but unavoidable delay arose, so that the markers were not made available until the present. Waverly will get one of these markers. It will be put up at the site of Shepard's Tavern at Chemung and Elmira streets, now occupied by the Shepard residence. Prior to 1853 a tavern stood on this site. The marker will be as follows:

Site of Shepard Tavern Built about 1816 By John Shepard & Enlarged By Isaac Shepard in 1825 Destroyed by Fire 1853

April 15, 1933 Elmira Star Gazette: Waverly. Miss Ellen Kellogg of (468) Pennsylvania Avenue, is spending the Easter vacation with Mrs. Anna Best of Rochester. Mrs. Best is a former resident of Waverly. - Mrs. Gertrude Knapp and daughter, Charlotte, of (208) Chemung Street, are spending the Easter season with Mrs. Knapp's cousin in Washington, D.C. - Miss Helen Knapp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Knapp of (97) Center Street and a teacher in the schools of Rye, N.Y., and Miss Kathleen Bell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bell of (305) Chemung Street and a manager in Lord and Taylor's, New York City, are spending the Easter season in Bermuda.

April 19, 1933 Elmira Star-Gazette: Girl Scouts Take Hike. Waverly - The Senior Patrol of the Carantouan Troop of the Waverly Girl Scouts, will hold a supper hike this afternoon and evening. The girls will leave the Presbyterian Church at 4:30 o'clock, under the direction of Mrs. Cass Williams, Mrs. Knapp and Miss Helen Case. They will hike to the Girl Scout Cabin near Tozer's Bridge, where they will prepare their supper, returning home in the evening.

April 20, 1933 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Mrs. George Knapp and daughter have returned from Washington D. C., where they visited relatives and the former attended the Continental Congress of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

April 26, 1933 Elmira Star-Gazette: Valley Woman Named Scout Council Head. Mrs. George Knapp Succeeds Mrs. F. R. Ahbe, Staff and District Chiefs Chosen - Plans of Work Told by Miss Werner. Athens - Mrs. George Knapp, Waverly, was elected commissioner of the Susquehanna Valley Council, Girl Scouts, Tuesday at the home of Mrs. F. R. Ahbe of (615) South Main Street, Athens. Other officers are: ... Mrs. Knapp, the newly elected commissioner, is expected to appoint her standing committees in the near future.

April 29, 1933 The Evening Times - Success marked the benefit card party sponsored by the University Women of Waverly to aid the Waverly Free Library. Fifteen tables were at play at the home of Mrs. Edwin Knapp of 208 Chemung street, while those who could not be accommodated at the home of Mrs. Knapp played at the home of Miss Jean Merriam. Individual house card parties during the afternoon also helped the fund. Arrangements were made by a committee of which Miss Merriam was chairman. Others on the committee were Mrs. Evan Johnson, Mrs. Wallace Young, Miss Jane Pratt and Miss Marion Hurphy. (Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Knapp were renting part of Mrs. Gertrude Slaughter Knapp's home.)

May 4, 1933 Binghamton Press: Ruins Left by Disastrous Packer Hospital Fire. $500,000 Damage in Fire at Sayre Hospital. 224 Are Taken Out Safely, One Dies of Shock. Baby Is Born as Flames Rage Uncontrollled; One Fireman Hurt. Staff Stages Rescues. Patients Taken to Homes and Other Hospitals; Cause Is Mystery. By a Binghamton Press Staff Writer. Sayre, Pa., May 4, - Fire raging uncontrolled for nearly five hours swept the Robert Packer hospital here Wednesday night, causing damage estimated by hospital officials at $500,000 ... Many of the patients were taken to the Coleman Memorial Parish Hall, 100 yards from the burning buildings. Others were taken to the Presbyterian church; still others to the nurses' home, out of the danger zone. Many, were taken to the homes of residents. ... Origin of the fire which started under the private ward of the old hospital building - a frame structure - has not been determined. The fire spread rapidly to the men's medical and surgical wards. The operating room, which adjoins the old section of the hospital, was undamaged except for smoke, water and broken windows. It is fireproof. The administration building, a new fireproof building, and the old Packer mansion, now used by Internes and as a dining room, were undamaged. The children's ward, located also in a new fireproof structure, was undamaged except for smoke and water. ... The hospital was established in 1885 by Robert Packer, son of Asa Packer, who built the Lehigh Valley railroad, giving his residence to found the hospital. The insitution now is one of the best known in the eastern United States. H. E. Bishop is the superintendent and Dr. Donald Guthrie, internationally famous, is the chief surgeon.

June 16, 1933 Elmira Star-Gazette: Waverly - The Rev. Thomas Tighe, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, will preach at the 10:30 a. m. service on "The World's Greatest Need." The Church School will meet at 11:40. The young people's service in the evening and the regular evening service have been discontinued for the summer. The Home Mission Guild will meet Monday evening at the home of Mrs. George Knapp, Chemung Street. A picnic supper will be served, and each member is asked to bring dishes and silver. The mid-week service will be held in the church Thursday at 7:30 p. m. The Rev. Mr. Tighe will deliver the baccalaureate to the Senior Class of Waverly High School in the Presbyterian Church Sunday evening. June 25.

June 17, 1933 Elmira Star-Gazette: Four Waverly Girl Scouts Win Award for Five Years Service. Waverly - Four members of Troops 1 and 2 of Waverly Girl Scouts were awarded the silver badge for five years of service in the organization, at a court of awards meeting Friday afternoon, in the Presbyterian social hall. The girls who qualified for the silver award by re-registration six consecutive years were Jane Adams, Dorothy Deyo, Ellen Kellogg, and Charlotte Knapp. The awards made by Mrs. Edwin Knapp, member of the Court of Awards Committee of District 1, included: Jeanne Weller, dressmaker; Mary Jane Cady, laundress; Dorothy McCray, scholarship and housekeeping; Virginia Bruffy, housekeeping and needle work; Dora Wickwire, scholarship. Mrs. George B. Knapp, commissioner of the Susquehanna Valley Council, gave a short talk on camp registration, urging all the girls to register early. A first aid demonstration was staged by Margaret Gilbride, Helen Dimmick and Betty Brill, under the supervision of Miss Helen Case.

June 22, 1933 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Girl Scouts Have District Awards And Skit. Jane Adams, Dorothy Deyo, Ellen Kellogg and Charlotte Knapp were awarded the silver badge for five years of service in the Girl Scout organization, at a court of awards held Friday afternoon in the Presbyterian church hall. Other awards made by Mrs. Edwin Knapp, District No. 1, included: Jeanne Weller, dressmaker; Mary Jane Cady, laundress; Dorothy McCray, scholarship and housekeeping; Virginia Bruffy, housekeeping and needle work; Dora Wickwire, scholarship. Mrs. George B. Knapp, commisioner of the Susquehanna Valley Council, gave a short talk on camp registration. A first aid demonstration was staged under the supervision of Miss Helen Case. "Midnight in a Vegetable Garden," a short health play showing the benefits of vegetables in the diet, was presented under the direction of Mrs. Philip Sturge.

July 3, 1933 The Evening Times: Honor roll ... Class of 1934, ... Charlotte Knapp...

July 6, 1933 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Sebring entertained the members of the Dinner Club, Tuesday evening, at their home on the South Side.

Frank Boyle, Leslie Tighe, Thomas Williams, Marion Bailey, Dorothy Deyo, Charlotte Knapp, Elnora Knapp and Ruth Shoemaker will leave today to attend the Presbyterian Young People's Conference at Wells College, Aurora.

July 17, 1933 Elmira Star-Gazette: Waverly - Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Knapp and son, Teddy, left Friday for Maine where they will spend about two weeks. - Mrs. Gertrude Knapp and daughter, Charlotte, left today for a week's trip to Atlantic City - Mrs. Edson G. Blizzard and daughter, Mrs. Esther Cleveland of Fulton Street spent the weekend with relative in Rutherford, N. J. - Miss Marion Hamilton of Hammondsport visited friends in Waverly last week.

July 20, 1933 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Mrs. Gertrude Knapp and daughter will return the first of the week from a vacation spent at Atlantic City.

August 1, 1933 Elmira Star-Gazette: Start Pouring Concrete for New Building. Sayre - Pouring of concrete for the foundation of the new Robert Packer Hospital Building was started Monday afternoon. The excavation work has been going on for the past three weeks in preparing for the foundation. The bases for the two elevator shafts were poured during the afternoon while frames for the other concrete work were being completed. The building will have two elevators to provide speedy communication between the seven floors of the building. The construction work is being done by the V. F. Warren Co. of Philadelphia.

August 1933 Elmira Star-Gazette: Waverly - Mrs. F. H. Spencer, Mrs. George Knapp and Mrs. A. B. Cady will spend Sunday at Camp Brule with their daughters. - Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Sebring, of Elmira will entertain 16 friends from Groton Sunday at their summer home, the Spanish Hill Farm, South Waverly. Mr. and Mrs. Sebring are formerly of Waverly. - Mr. and Mrs. Harry Knapp and John Murray Jr., left today for Ocean City where they will visit Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Nell Lockerby, Mrs. Knapp's sister. Herbert Muir of Waverly will accompany them, visiting Dick Young who is in Ocean City. - Mrs. F. H. Spencer of Park Avenue entertained Friday evening at her home in honor of Mrs. William Schofield of Winter Haven, Fla. Mrs. Schofield is visiting Mrs. Joseph Knapp of Center Street. - Miss Helen Knapp of Center Street is spending the weekend at Camp Corlear, Lake Champlain. - Miss Jean Merriam of Chemung Street has returned to her home after a business trip to Boston, Providence and New York. - Mrs. Jospeh Knapp, Mrs. Edwin Knapp, Mrs. George Knapp and Miss Elnora Knapp, all of Waverly and Mrs. Edan Schofield of Winter Haven, Fla., were entertained at lunch at the home of Mrs. Edwin Knapp's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Crowell at Elmira, recently.

August 14, 1933 Elmira Star Gazette: Waverly - Mrs. F. H. Spencer, Mrs. George Knapp and Mrs. A. B. Cady spent Sunday at Camp Brule visiting their daughters. ... A number of Waverly residents spent Sunday at Camp Brule visiting their daughters and friends. Among them were: Dr. and Mrs. F. H. Spencer, Frederick Spencer, Mrs. A. B. Cady, Mrs. George Knapp, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hanford, Attorney and Mrs. Frank A. Bell, and Charles F. Kellogg.

August 26, 1933 The Evening Times: Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Evans of Waverly Observe 55th Wedding Anniversary. The 55th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Evans of 7 Athens street was celebrated yesterday. They were guests of honor at a dinner given them by relatives at the home of a nephew, Rev. George T. Evans, pastor of the Wellsburg Baptist church. Their son, Henry Evans, and grandson, Henry Jr., and Robert Evans, also attended the dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Evans were married at the home of her parents, 637 Chemung street, Waverly, by Rev. George Evans, father of Gabriel Evans, of Sherman, Pa. Mrs. Evans before her marriage was Miss Mabel Hobart, daughter of Henry and Jane Cleveland Hobart. (Octagon home owned by Mrs. Gertrude Slaughter Knapp.) The 1931 directory has Gabriel Evans listed as renting at 537 Chemung st. from his son, Henry Evans who also was listed at 537 Chemung st.

Aug. 30, 1933 The Evening Times - Houses To Let - 6 Room House All Improvements. Garage. 3 Athens street, Waverly. Tel. 252-J.

September 7, 1933 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Mrs. Gertrude Knapp and daughter, Charlotte, have returned from Rochester, where they visited Mrs. Anna Best. Mrs. Best's daughter, Nellie Anna returned with Mrs. Knapp and is visiting here.

Septemeber 14, 1933 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Miss Nellie Anna Best of Rochester has been the guest of Miss Charlotte Knapp.

September 25, 1933 Elmira Star Gazette: Founders' Day Celebrated by Waverly DAR. Waverly - Founders' Day and the 12th anniversary of the Carantouan Chapter of the DAR, was celebrated by the chapter at a luncheon meeting Saturday at the Iron Kettle Inn. The meeting was addressed by Mrs. William Harvey Hoag of Prattsburg, former state recording secretary. More than 50 were present on the birthday of the chapter. Mrs. Cass Williams was elected chapter delegate, and Miss Jean Merriam, regent delegate to the state convention at Rye, N. Y., on Oct. 4-6. Alternates elected included Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. George Moore, Mrs. Fred Sawyer, Mrs. A. C. Palmer, Mrs. George Vastbinder, Mrs. Leigh Huff, Mrs. Fred Slawson, Mrs. Edward Eaton and Miss Ruth Fish. In addition to Mrs. Hoag's talk on "John Marshall, Expounder of the Constitution," several musical numbers were given on the program. ... The next meeting of the chapter will be held Oct. 25 at the home of Mrs. Ernest Walker (17 Orchard st.), and will be addressed by Elsworth Cowles, archeologist of Corning.

October 5, 1933 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Mrs. S. E. Ellis and Mrs. George Knapp entertained the executive board of the Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian church at Luncheon on Tuesday of this week.

October 26, 1933 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Mrs. Knapp Addresses Girl Scout Meeting. Mrs. George Knapp, of Waverly, addressed the meeting of the Susquehanna Valley Council of the Girl Scouts at Ulster, Pa., Tuesday evening, on the history and policies of Girl Scouting. Mrs. G. Mason Owlett of Wellsboro discussed the training program for the year. Local girl scouts are preparing to celebrate National Girl Scout week from October 29 to November 4.

October 26, 1933 Elmira: Strong Is Again Made R. C. Head. Waverly - The importance of Red Cross relief was stressed by Charles C. Strong, chairman of the Waverly Chapter as he assumed the office for the 11th time Wednesday evening. The 16th annual meeting was held at the high school. The entire state of officers was re-elected, with the exception of Frisbie Howard who was replaced by P. C. Meserve as second vicechairman. Miss Louise Quigley was re-named first vicechairman; Miss Marriet Lewis, secretary; Harold C. Watrous, treasurer. Three vacancies were filled on the executive committee, Mrs. Vernon Lovejoy, Miss Ethel Slater and Mrs. Harriet Dickerson, replaced the vacancies left by Mrs. Harvey Bruster. Mrs. Everett Moses and Mrs. Albert R. Tozer. The others re-elected to the executive committee include Mrs. Harvey Ingham, Mrs. Thomas Wheeler, Miss Ruth Fish, Mrs. Harold Watrous, Mrs. Albert P. Knight, Mrs. Thomas Feeney, Mrs. Elizabeth Baker, Mrs. Gertrude Knapp, Miss Mary Kinney and John F. Harper.

October 26, 1933 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Mrs. Knapp Addresses Girl Scout Meeting - Mrs. George Knapp, of Waverly, addressed the meeting of the Susquehanna Valley Council of the Girl Scouts at Ulster, Pa., Tuesday evening, on the history and policies of Girl Scouting. Mrs. G. Mason Owlett of Wellsboro discussed the training program for the year. Local girl scouts are preparing to celebrate National Girl Scout week from October 29 to November 4.

October 31, 1933 Elmira Star Gazette: Waverly Library In New Home Today. Waverly - Waverly's Free Library was established today in its new quarters in the Winter Building at Elizabeth and Fulton Streets. Waverly Boy Scouts and high school students worked Monday evening to make the change. Saturday and Monday afternoons found corps of boys scurrying across the street with books. At the library University Club women arranged the books on the shelves. Now they're all ready for distribution.

November 2, 1933 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. Cass Williams and Mrs. Charles Tobey attended a Field Institute of the Girl Scouts at Scranton, yesterday and today.

November 9, 1933 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Mrs. Anna Best, who has been the guest of Mrs. Gertrude Knapp, left Friday for her home at Rochester.

Mrs. Cass Williams and Mrs. George Knapp attended a Girl Scout meeting at Wyalusing Saturday.

November 15, 1933 Elmira Star Gazette: Program Tonight. Waverly - The University Women's Club will meet with Mrs. Evan Johnson of (518) Clark Street this evening. Miss Margaret Mercereau will speak on France. Miss Jean Merriam is in charge of the program, and Mrs. Ronald VanAtta is president of the club.

The barn which for a number of years has been used by the water works as a storage place for trucks and equipment, located on the water works property at the upper end of the lower dam, is being razed. It will be replaced by an up-to-date fireproof structure, capable of holding three cars, with a basement for storing tractors and equipment. Six or more men are employed on the project.

December 1, 1933 The Evening Leader, Corning, N. Y.: Girl Scout Reports Given in Wellsboro. Wellsboro, Pa., Dec. 1 - Mrs. George Knapp of Waverly, president at the Girl Scout committee meeting Tuesday. Talks were given by Mrs. Cass Williams, Mrs. W. R. Straughn and by Miss Betts, first commissioner of the Susquehanna Valley Council, who in an entertaining manner told of the experiences of the early camping expeditions. A new troop is being formed in Gaines and two new troops in Blossbury. Mrs. Emily Daley was elected to the board to fill the ...

December 5, 1933 Elmira Star-Gazette: Have Dance Thursday. Waverly - Gus Kellogg and his Cornflakes, and orchestra of Waverly High School students, will play for a dancing party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Knapp on Chemung Street, Thursday evening. The guests include members of the dancing classes directed by Mr. and Mrs. Knapp. Dancing will be held from 7 until 10 o'clock. (Susie Alamo O'Hara remembers taking dancing lessons from an Ed and Lucy Knapp up on our 3rd floor sometime in the 1940's. Third floor was an open ballroom before it was changed into 2 apartments around 1945-50. Edwin M. Knapp and his wife lived in part of our home with Gertrude at 208 Chemung street according to phone directories from 1933 to 1936.)

Have Benefit Card Fete on Wednesday. Waverly - A benefit bridge party for the Waverly Free Library will be held at the home of Mrs. Edwin M. Knapp on Chemung Street, during the afternoon and evening, Wednesday. The proceeds will be used by the library to carry out its expansion program in new quarters. The committee in charge of the affair is headed by Mrs. Knapp, who is assisted by Mrs. Wallace Young, Miss Kathryn Flynn, Mrs. Evan Johnson, and Miss Marian Murph. (Mrs. Edwin M. Knapp was living in part of the home with Gertrude Knapp at this time. 208 Chemung street)

December 6, 1933 The Binghamton Press: Waverly Girl Scouts Are Presented Awards. Waverly, Dec. 6 - Seventy Girl Scouts and their mothers were welcomed by Mrs. George Knapp to a Court of Honor held Tuesday afternoon at the Presbyterian social hall for the Carantouan and American Girl troops. Mrs. O. D. Cranmer awarded tenderfoot badges to the Misses Doris Cushing, Gladys Coleman, Jean Burdick, Marjorie Wickwire, Marjorie Fuller and Betty Rhinebold. Second class badges were awarded by Mrs. Cass Williams, Girl Scout Commissioner, to Jacqueline Furniss, Vivian Brock, Helen Dimick, Marjorie Gilbride, Mary Jo Spencer, Joyce Cady, Mary Eleanor Baxter, Nancy Lyford, Louise Webb, Constance Reagon, Esther Thompson, and Barbara Hale. Merit badges were awarded by Mrs. William Knapp, chairman of the committee of awards, to Mary Jo Spencer, Jacqueline Furniss, Jeanne Weller, Dorothy McCray, and Mary Jane Cady.

December 7, 1933 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Mrs. George Knapp of  (208) Chemung street and Mrs. Cass Williams of (60) Orange street were in Wellsboro to attend the Girl Scout convention.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Knapp will entertain their dancing class at their home this evening. Gus Kellogg and his Rythm Gangsters will furnish music. (They were living in part of the main house at 208 Chemung street at this time.)

December 20, 1933 The Binghamton Press: Mrs. Mills Gives Luncheon.
Mrs. Daniel B. Mills entertained at luncheon at her home, 8 Johnson avenue, Tuesday, Mrs. F. E. Munn, Mrs. Edward Sebrlng and Mrs. George Knapp of Waverly. (The Sebring's home in 1933 was Spanish Hill)

December 28, 1933 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Presbyterians Gave Xmas Pageant Sunday. "The Christmas Pageant of the Holy Grail" was presented by the young people of the First Presbyterian Church Sunday. The pageant was written and arranged by W. Russell Bowle. The cast was as follows: King Arthur, Walter Niles; Lancelot, John Sidey; Bedivere, Frank Boyle; Tristram, Charles Kellogg, Jr.; Gareth, Robert Williams; Percival, Leslie Tighe; Modred, Leo Gorman; Galahad, John Slater; Joseph, Thomas Williams; Mary, Frances Johnson; shepherds, Jimmie Fields and Clarence McCray. Magi, Russell Frame, Jerry Furness and Aubrey Smeaton; Angels, Gladys Bailey and Jean Ferguson; damsels, Ruth Shoemaker, Dorothy Deyo, Elnora Knapp and Marian Bailey. Processional of Angels, Margaret Hall, Jane Edsall, Charlotte Knapp, Janet Shoemaker, Mary Jane Cady, Media Squires, Dorothy Hotalen, Margaret Zoll, Ellen Kellogg, Erdine Lenox. Jane Swartwood, Judith Rhodes, Doris Dickwire, Ethel Paddock, Janie Terry and Gertrude Dickerson. The Rev. Thomas Tighe acted as reader.

January 3, 1934 Elmira Star Gazette: Waverly Social, Personals; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Knapp, 208 Chemung Street, entertained friends at a tea dance at their home Monday afternoon.

Struggles Marked School's Founding - Waverly Institute, Organized in 1857, Grew to Influential School Under Guidance of Prof. Andrew Jackson Lang. Waverly - In July, 1934, were still existant, the Waverly Institute Association would celebrate the 25th anniversary of its first annual reunion. Any such celebration must, necessarily, be theoretical since the association ceased activities after its third meeting in 1911. The association was made up of students, former students and teachers of the Waverly Institute who were eligible to membership. The Waverly Institute was founded in 1857 by Andrew Jackson Lang, father of the late Percy L. Lang. It was a select school from which many left to follow teaching careers. The story of the school parallels that of education throughout the nation. When the first Erie rails were laid, teachers were on the ground to guide the children in the habits of industry and study. The institute represented a united effort to provide for those who could not share in the privilege of being sent away to school. Such and establishment was only gained after a long struggle. Some controversy arose over the location of the school. The late Isaac Shepard offered a lot near the site of the present West End School, and the name of "Shepard Institute" was to have been given the school. Consensus was, however, that a more central location would be disirable. Owen Spalding offered a lot where the Waverly High School now stands. "This," he used to say, "was consecrated ground." It was here that Doctor Strong planted the first seeds of higher education and holy living in the minds and hearts of those who came under his tutelage. The Spalding lot was accepted and until this day it remains the center of learning in Waverly. From this point, the history of the institute has never been written. Facts connected with the early struggle for its foundation are rapidly being lost. Articles in the Waverly Advocat reveal that both the land and the building erected thereon were virtually the gift of that public-spirited donor, Mr. Spalding. In the files of the Waverly Advocate of '56 and '57 appear frequent calls from the treasurer of the Board of Trustees, R. D. VanDuzer, for the payment of subscriptions for the building. He stated that Mr. Spalding had insisted in going on with the work, taking money from his own pocket. When the building was completed it was named "Shepard Institute" which was changed afterward to "The Waverly Institute." Stock in the enterprise was issued to subscribers, from whom the board was selected. It consisted of: Arthur Yates, president; R. A. Elmer, William Scott, H. M. Moore, B. G. Rice, James Cassidy, William Ellis, R. G. Crans, J. L. Sawyer, C. Thurston, Hiram Thomas, William Thomas and Mr. VanDuzer.

Miss Naomi Jenkins. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jenkins at a dinner at their home, 202 Chemung Street, Waverly, recently announced the engagement of their youngest daughter, Miss Naomi and Albert Portner of Corning. Miss Jenkins is well known in Bath, the former home of her parents. She is a graduate of Bath High School, and popular with a wide circle of friends. Mr. Portner is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Portner of Corning and a valued member of the staff of the Corning Glass Works.

January 4, 1934 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Knapp of Chemung street held a Tea Dance at their home Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Gus Kellog's Rythm Gangsters furnished the music, and tea and cakes were served. (renting from Gertrude Knapp at 208 Chemunt st.)

January 25, 1934 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Three Markers To Be Placed At Historic Spots. Mrs. Sawyer Tells of Commemorating of Ellistown Founding, Burle Visit, and Grist Mill - Athens Chapter Furnish Program at Carantouan DAR Meeting. Members of Tioga Point Chapter, D. A. R., were the guests of Carantouan Chapter at the M. E. church yesterday afternoon. The regent, Mrs. W. L. Morley, welcomed the guests and Mrs. H. A. Griswold, regent of Tioga Point Chapter responded. Mrs. Walter Peck gave a report on National Defense. Mrs. F. A. Sawyer, recently appointed historian of Waverly and the Town of Barton, told of three sites to be marked soon. A marker will be placed at the corner of Chemung and Elmira streets, commemorating the visit of Stephen Brule, the first white man to visit this vicinity. One will be placed at the East Waverly viaduct telling of the Walker grist mill, the first built in the vicinity. A third at the bridge over Ellis Creek telling how Ellistown was named. The program entitled "America in Music and Poetry" was presented by Miss Ida Corbin and Miss Beatrice Crum of Athens and consisted of patriotic music played by Miss Corbin and Mrs. Haupt, and of old songs sang by Mrs. Brennan. Miss Crum gave a sketch of the life of George Holbrooke, a poet, who resided at Athens and the poems, "Western Athens," "Sheshequin," "Revolutionary Ancestors", "Round Top", "Evening Party", and "To H. B." were read. Refreshments were served by the committee, of which Mrs. John Johnson was chairman.

1934 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Dean Of Waverly Business Man Is Still Active After 58 Years In Same Store. "How do you do, sir?" A voice boomed across counters and show cases as the reporter entered the door of John Van Atta's pharmacy. For 58 years, Mr. Van Atta has been in the same business on the same spot - in the same village by name, but a very changing village. At fourteen years of age, Mr. Van Atta entered the employment of Slaughter and Wells who owned the drug store on that location. The young boy liked the work. He liked waiting on customers, mixing prescriptions. Customers liked him and when Mr. Wells died, the firm became Slaughter and Van Atta. The death of Mr. Slaughter 32 years ago, left Mr. Van Atta alone in the business which he still conducts with a great deal of the spryness of his youth. Waverly was quite different in the days when Mr. Van Atta started as (Continued on page 8)(Continued from Page 1) a clerk. There were only wooden cross walks on Broad street, and there was no pavement at all. There were only half as many business places as now, with most of them located on Broad street. The side business streets were not built up and Elizabeth street did not exist. Mr. Van Atta remembers that the fire department had an old hand steamer and the village hall was constructed of wood, in place of the present modern structure. There were no switch engines on the railroads, he says. Cars were moved by horses from one location to another. He remembers when the Methodist Episcopal church burned down on the location opposite the end of Elizabeth street now mentioned for the postoffice. The drugstore business has changed in 58 years. As in other businesses the advertised brands have supplanted drugs of local manufacture, the prepared packages, bulk sales. Much of the work of the druggist has been removed. "Why we used to make all those pills, now there are houses which make a business of it." Business is mostly cash nowadays, a situation which makes it better for the druggist. All stores in the village used to keep open until 9 or 10 o'clock in the evening. Although drug stores still keep open in the evening, Mr. Van Atta approves early closing by other stores. "It's much nicer now," he says. "Has it made any difference in the amount of business done?" the reporter wanted to know. Mr. Van Atta doesn't believe it. "People can get into town more easily with cars," he says. "They used to consider it an all day job to come to town, but now it's a matter of an hour or two." Mr. Van Atta is a native of Waverly. His father was superintendant of the water works. In those days there were reserve cisterns on Broad street. Water was pumped to the cisterns from a well near the railroad station. The water supply was used for fire purposes only. "Some changes!" exclaimed Mr. Van Atta. Mr. Van Atta has not belonged to very many organizations, he says. The hours in the drug store business did not seem to permit. He is however an honorary member of the Tioga Hose Company after years of active service. The reporter prepared to depart, "You're welcome, sir. Come again any time. Always glad to help out!" the friendly voice boomed out in parting. The reporter left believing that he had found the reason why John Van Atta has been able to remain in the same business in the same place for 58 years. (John C. VanAtta born 1859, died 1937. Samuel Slaughter died in 1894) Gertrude Slaughter Knapp still owned the building. 

1934 Elmira Star-Gazette: Bank Greets Its Friends In New Home. Institution Founded in 1874 Marks another Milestone of Career - Begins Business in New Quarters. Waverly - Sixty years of steady growth and conscientious service behind it, the Citizens National Bank Monday will move into new and enlarged quarters and mark another milestone in its history. This afternoon the banking house at Broad and Fulton Streets was to be opened to the public with the bank's officers and employes as guides. The institution was founded by J. T. Sawyer June 18, 1874. The subscribers to the articles of incorporation of the bank, in 1874, were Mr. Sawyer, Henry C. Spaulding of Elmira, Daniel Bensley of Barton, Henry W. Owen of Chemung, Dewitt Slaughter, J. B. Floyd, O. B. Corwin, George L. Rogers, Rev. H. S. Lloyd of Waverly, and David Gardner of Orcutt Creek, Pa. The bank was organized with $50,000 capitalization. Directors were Mr. Owen, Mr. Spaulding, Mr. Sawyer, Mrs. Slaughter, and Mr. Bensley. Mr. Sawyer was made president, Mr. Owen, vicepresident and Moses Lyman Jr., cashier. Mr. Sawyer was president of the bank until his death Dec. 10, 1911. The bank remained a state institution until 1926 when it received its national charter. F. A. Sawyer succeeded to the presidency on Jan. 10, 1912, and served until January, 1925, when Cecil R. Berry was named president. Until 1902 the bank was located where the office of E. A. Tilton is now (316 Broad st.), on the south side of Broad Street. The bank moved across the street to Broad and Waverly Streets (331 Broad st.), and was remodeled in 1926. The new building was purchased from the First National Bank and has been completely remodeled for the increased business of the bank. Those who have served as directors of the bank, following the original directors, are Samuel W. Slaughter, William E. Johnson, James R. Stone, Levi Curtis, J. B. Floyd, F. A. Sawyer, E. E. Walker, J. C. VanAtta, J. H. Owen, F. E. Hawks. Theodore Hills, E. S. Hanford, E. W. Horton, Ellen L. Sawyer, H. H. Kinney, George B. Knapp, A. C. Palmer, Robert Page, W. D. Goodnow, Jesse Owen, Wilton S. Hall, Charles Canoll, E. A. Tilton and Cecil R. Berry. Mr. Berry, Mr. Canoll, Mr. Hall, Mr. Kinney, Mr. Owen, Mr. Palmer and Mr. Sawyer are the present directors of the bank. Those who have served as vice-presidents since the founding are H. V. Owen, S. W. Slaughter, W. E. Johnson, James H. Owen, H. C. Watrous, A. C. Palmer and the present vicepresident, F. A. Sawyer.

February 1, 1934 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Pipe Organ At Geer Funeral Home Unique. Is First to Be Built in Town of Size By Company - Constructed Especially for Local Building by Maryland Concern - Took Two Men Two Weeks for Installation. - A visitor to the Lester Geer Funeral home on Fulton street may be pleasantly surprised by beautiful strains of peaceful and soothing pipe organ music. Investigating the source, he will be led to a beautiful mahogany grill in the reception room. The conventional golden pipes alone reassure him for he will be unable to discover the organist, and yet will be unable to convince himself that the music is played from records. The two manual organ, built especially for the Geer home by the Moller Pipe Organ Company of Haggerstown, Md., was for three months in the process of construction. On Friday morning, after two weeks work, two mechanics from the company picked up their tools, and announced the organ was ready for use. The instrument which is the first one of its kind ever to be installed in a town the size of Waverly, has 450 pipes, varying in size from 16 feet to 3 inches. Two special rooms have been built in the Geer cellar for the mechanical parts, and for the only keyboard of the machine, a test keyboard. There is at present no console, although one can be added with little trouble. So perfect is the reproduction of the instrument that a visitor would not readily suspect that the music is governed by records inserted in a machine in the office of Mr. Geer. Fifty records of sacred, classical and mortuary music compose the organ library. Mr. and Mrs. Geer have announced that they will be pleased to play the organ for anyone who is interested to come to their home to hear it.

February 5, 1934 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Sebring Injuries Prevent Playing. Back injuries of Edgar Sebring, captain of the East High School basketball team in Elmira, will probably prevent his playing for the rest of the season. Mr. Sebring is the son of Attorney Edgar D. Sebring of Waverly. The younger Mr. Sebring was a regular guard on the Elmira high school quintet in the 1931-32 season, and last season was among the league high scorers. He had during the current season totalled 13 points. His loss will be keenly felt by the Blue and White team. Mr. Sebring sprained his back and his physician ordered him to give up playing for the rest of the season.

February 5, 1934 Elmira Star-Gazette: Announces List Of Senior High Honor Students. Waverly - Luther B. Adams, principal of the Waverly Senior High School, has announced the high school honor roll with 48 names on the list. First honor 90 per cent or above in all subjects: ... Second honor (an average mark of 85 per cent, with no mark below 80 per cent): Post graduates: Juanita Shoemaker; class of 1934; Rachel Birney, Charlotte Knapp, Maryrose Kowaleski, Martha Reazor, Dorothy Rockwell, Helen Saunders, Mary Severance, Ruth Shoemaker, Grace Wright, George Cade, Edward Gorman, Robert Lambert, Robert B. Williams, William Wilson.

February 16, 1934 Elmira Star Gazette: Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Knapp held a Valentine's dance at their home on Chemung Street Thursday evening for members of their dancing classes. (Were living in part of the home at 208 Chemung street with Gertrude Slaughter Knapp and Charlotte Slaughter Knapp.)

April 5, 1934 Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Miss Elnora Knapp entertained at her home (97 Center st.) Tuesday evening. Those present were: Miss Charlotte Knapp, Miss Dorothy Deyo, Misses Ruth and Janet Shoemaker, Miss Ellen Kellogg, Frank Boyle, Dennis Weaver, Robert Williams, Thomas Williams, Leslie Tighe and Howard Sickler. Dancing and a social evening was enjoyed. - Mrs. George Knapp and daughter Charlotte, were in Elmira on Sunday.   (Joseph W. Knapp II married Ella Mixer and they had their children; Helen, Joseph W. III, and Elnora Knapp. Elnora Knapp and Charlotte Knapp are first cousins.)

April 6, 1934 Elmira Star Gazette - Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brown of Athens Street have returned to their home after spending a few days in Corning.

April 12, 1934 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Oldest Hotel In The County - The Terminal Hotel, 244-246 Broad street, Waverly, is said to be the oldest hotel in Tioga county. The hotel is operated by J. H. Connelly, who has been in charge of this hostelry for more than a year past. The Terminal features rooms and board by the week. Most rooms have running water, and many of them have been redecorated. The dining room features short orders as well as regular meals. Mr. Connelly has already established a reputation for popular priced rooms, and during the year that he has been in charge of the hotel has developed an increasing business.

April 19, 1934 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: (picture) Miss Werner To Meet Scouters. Miss Adelaide Werner, member of the National Girl Scout Field Staff assigned to Region 3, will visit the Susquehanna Valley Council April 19-23. Her headquarters are in Washington , D. C. On Monday afternoon, Miss Werner will meet District leaders at the home of Mrs. Charles Toby on (87) Clinton avenue. On Saturday evening, she will be a guest at a covered dish supper at the home of Mrs. Cass Williams, 60 Orange street. Mrs. George Knapp, commissioner, and Mrs. Cass Williams, director, will attend a district three luncheon at Penn Wells, on Thursday, and will meet district two leaders at Towanda, Friday. Saturday, Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Clay Gillette of Ulster, field captain of district one, will attend a meeting for the formation of a new girl scout troop in Columbia Cross Roads.

April 20, 1934 The Corning Leader: Wellsboro, Pa., Apr. 20 - Miss Adelaide Werner, Regional Director of Region 3, Girl Scouts of America, met with the district committee and members of Tioga County District at the Penn-Wells Thursday noon. Those present were Mrs. Cass Williams, Waverly; Mrs. G. Masot, Owlett, Mrs. J. H. Williams, Wellsoro; Mrs. Dorothy Straughn, Mrs. James Morgan, Mrs. Edwin C. Coles, Mansfield; Mrs. Frank Hughes, Mrs. Grier Morgan, Blossburg; Scout Commissioner Mrs. Gertrude Knapp, Waverly, Mrs. Walter Stoddard. Mrs. Straughn outlined future activities, stressing the Field Day at Smythe Park, June 2. Mrs. James Morgan, Field Captain of District 3, outlined the program which will feature games, a picnic lunch, a pageant, "Scouting Around the Year" and awards. Leaders are urged to see that transportation is arranged for. ...

April 25, 1934 The Evening Times - Two students of Elmira college will present a one act play as the entertainment feature of the meeting of the Valley Elmira College club to be held at the home of Mrs. Edwin Knapp of 208 Chemung street, Waverly, next Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock. (Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Knapp were renting part of Mrs. Gertrude Slaughter Knapp's home.)

May 24, 1934 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Chemung Spring Water Comes From A Number Of Local Springs. It may not be generally known, but the water used in Chemung Spring Water or "Zest" beverages, comes from a number of springs located near their bottling plant, between Waverly and the village of Chemung. The springs are confined in a four-acre lot, coming to a head at a certain spot marked with a marble pool. The pool is glass covered, over which is a wire screen pagoda. Dirt and birds are thus barred from coming in contact with the water used in all "Zest" carbonated beverages. The Chemung Spring Water Company is owned by Floyd J. Beers and Stanley E. Roberts, who formed a joint partnership. Their business was established in 1922. While this firm serves and extensive wholesale trade, they also deliver their carbonated "Zest" beverages in case lots to homes in this area. They produce in all kinds of flavors, including "Moxie." Next time you want a case of beverages for your home, remember the telephone number of this home industry, Waverly 12-F-12. A telephone order will bring a case of the desired beverage right to your door.

May 24, 1934 Elmira Star Gazette: Waverly DAR Again Honors 1933 Regent. Waverly - Mrs. Wellinton S. Morley was re-elected regent of the Caraontouan Chapter, DAR, Wednesday evening, at the home of Mrs. Herman Olney (496 Fulton st.). Other officers elected were: Vice-regents, Mrs. Lila Shoemaker to succeed Miss Alice Fish, and Miss Jean Merriam, re-elected; recording secretary, Mrs. Harvey Ingham to succeed Mrs. L. C. Tyrrell; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Leigh Huff to succeed Mrs. Harvey Ingham; treasurer, Mrs. Gertrude Knapp to succeed Mrs. Frank Bell; chaplain, Mrs. Ralph Reazor to succeed Mrs. Herman Olney; genealogist, Mrs. Fred Sawyer, re-elected; registrar, Mrs. Herman Olney to succeed Mrs. Frank Williams. Annual reports were heard. The program topic was "What Music Has Contributed to the Development of America." Mrs. A. H. Abell was in charge of the program which was announced by Mrs. Fred Slawson. Several groups of selections were sung by a quartet consisting of Mrs. Everett Moses, Mrs. T. E. Wilson, C. W. Embody an Harold Kurtz, accompanied by Mrs. R. C. Farrow. Harold Masteller was violin soloist and Mrs. Edson Tilton and Mrs. Farrow gave a piano duet. A trio, consisting of Mrs. C. S. Parshall, Mrs. Moses and Mrs. Wilson, also sang. Assisting hostesses were Miss Mary Finch, Mrs. James Sullivan, Mrs. C. M. Weller and Mrs. G. F. Williams. The next meeting will be held Wednesday afternoon, June 20, at the home of Mrs. A. C. Palmer. The flag committee headed by Mrs. Cass Williams, will be in charge.

May 31, 1934 Wellsboro Gazette: Girl Scouts To Rally Saturday. The girl scouts of Tioga county will hold a Spring Rally at Smythe Park, Mansfield on Saturday, June 7. ...Girl Scouts from all over the county plan to attend. Mrs. George Knapp, Girl Scout Commissioner of the Sullivan Valley Council, Mrs. Cass Williams, local director and Mrs. Edwin Coles, chairman of Court of Awards for District 3 will be present.

May 31, 1934 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Mrs. Knapp Dies At Son's Home. Mrs. Frances E. Knapp, 89, beloved wife of the late Joseph W. Knapp (first) and devoted mother of Harry, Joseph, Robert, Ralph and the late George Knapp, died at the home of her eldest son, Harry W. Knapp, on May 29th at 2:45 p.m., death being due to old age. Mrs. Knapp was born in Waverly, November 2, 1844, Miss Frances Durkee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Durkee, a pioneer family of the town. She married when young and lived her entire life here. She was an active member of the First Presbyterian Church being a president of its Missionary Society and a teacher in its Sunday School for many years. She was one of the oldest members of the W. C. T. U. and was active in all things for the improvement of the morals and welfare of Waverly. She was a scholarly woman with a thoughtful mind and loveable character, a leader of her generation. Besides the sons who survive her, she leaves nine grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at the home of her son, Harry W. Knapp (455 Waverly St.), today at 2:30 p.m. (Also Gertrude Slaughter Knapp, daughter-in-law, survived her)

May 31, 1934 Elmira Star-Gazette: Rites for Waverly Woman Held Today. Waverly, May 31 - Mrs. Frances E. Knapp, widow of Joseph W. Knapp and devoted mother of Harry, Joseph, Robert, Ralph and the late George Knapp, died at the home of her eldest son, Harry W. Knapp, May 29. Mrs. Knapp was born in Waverly Nov. 2, 1844. She married when young and lived her entire life here. She was an active member of the First Presbyterian Church, president of its missionary society and a teacher in its Sunday school for many years. She was one of the oldest members of the WCTU and was active in all things that would improve the welfare of Waverly. She was a scholarly woman with a thoughtful mind and lovable character, a leader of her generation. Besides her sons who survive her she leaves nine grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held at the home of Harry W. Knapp today at 2:30 p. m. The Rev. Thomas Tighe of the Waverly Presbyterian Church officiating. Burial was in the Glenwood Cemetery. (Gertrude Slaughter Knapp's mother-in-law and Charlotte Knapp's paternal grandmother)

June 7, 1934 Elmira Star Gazette: Waverly Seniors Receive Diplomas June 25 - Rev. George Connell Chosen to Give Baccalaureate Talk - Waverly - A list of 63 students was approved for graduation from the Waverly High School by the School Board Wednesday evening. The class will be graduated at the Methodist Church June 25. The Baccalaureate service will also be held at the Methodist Church June 24, with the address by the Rev. George Connell. The annual alumni banquet will be held at the Presbyterian Church June 26. The approved graduate list, which may have additions following final examinations, is as follows: Celestia Andrus, Blanche Backer, Manley Bangs, Helen Baily, Rachael Birney, Dorothy Brown, Naomi Brown, George Buckpitt, Beatrice Bush, George Cade, Rodney Cameron, Frances Cardi, Marie Chamberlain, Idah Compton, John Doolittle, Catherine Emerson, Myron Flynn, James Gilbride, Edward Gorman, Marjorie Grant, Jean Grover, Margaret Hall, Patricia Hogan, Lois Holland, Catherine Johnson, Charles Kellogg, Margaret Kennedy, Mary Kester, Charlotte Knapp, Maryrose Kowaleski and Robert Lambert, Nellie Laughlin, Helen Lincoln, Doris Marston, Doris McNamara, Howard Merrill, Alice Millard, Geraldine Miller, Edward Morrow, Ethel Paddock, Genevieve Peckally, Gertrude Peterson, Margaret Rae, Donald Randolph, Martha Reazor, Arthur Robonson, Dorothy Rockwell, Helen Rumsey, Helen Saunders, Paul Seidel, Mary Severance, Pearl Shadduck, Ruth Shoemaker, Franklin Smith, Gladys Smith, Betty Strope, Molly Strope, Mary Ruth Sutherland, Blanche Van Housen, Robert B. Williams, William Wilson and Grace Wright.

June 8, 1934 Elmira Star Gazette: Plan Church Work. Waverly - The executive board of the Presbyterian Benevolence Society met Thursday afternoon with Mrs. John Harper, with Mrs. E. A. Tilton as assisting hostess. Plans were made for the coming church year. Chairmen of the various church circles were announced as follows: summer circle, Mrs. Gertrude Knapp; fall circle, Mrs. Robert Frazier; winter circle, Mrs. Wallace Young and Mrs. Charles Tobey.

June 10, 1934 Elmira Star Gazette: Picnic Is Tonight. Waverly, June 10 - The annual picnic of the Home Mission Guild of the First Presbyterian Church will be held at the home of Mrs. Gertrude Knapp, Chemung Street, this evening at 6:30. Members have been asked to bring table service, sandwiches and one other article of food. Dessert and coffee will be served by the committee.

June 14, 1934 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Flag Day Program Given At D. A. R. - Carantouan chapter, D. A. R. enjoyed a Flag Day program yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. C. Palmer (329 Chemung st.). The committee for the correct use of the flag, Mrs. Cass Williams, Mrs. Percy Canoll, Mrs. Slade Palmer, Mrs. Fred Masterson, Miss Charlotte King and Mrs. Manley Brink, presented the following program: Poem, "What Do You See When the Flag Goes By," by B. Y. Williams- Margaret Olney; Significance of the Flag - Mrs. Slade Palmer; Growth of the Flag - Miss Jean Merriam; The Pulaski Banner - Miss Charlotte King; Poem, "Hymn of the Moravian Nuns of Bethlehem at the Consecrations of Pulaski's Banner," by Longfellow - Mrs. Cass Williams; Musice - Barbara Clark; The Flag of Truce - Mrs. P. E. Canoll; Flag Day Legalized - Mrs. P. E. Slawson; Poem, "The Flag," by Edith Scott Magna - Eleanor Walker; Violin selection - Margaret Olney. Assisting hostesses were Mrs. Marion Bouton, Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. Slade Palmer, Miss Charlotte Smith and Mrs. Cass Williams.

June 25, 1934 Charlotte Knapp graduated from Waverly High School.

June 26, 1934 Elmira Daily Gazette: Engineer to Visit Waverly Pool Project. Site of Proposed Village Project to Be Inspected as TERA Job - Expect Cost to Waverly to Be $425. Waverly, June 26- Roy B. Stevenson, state project engineer for the TERA in Albany, will have an engineer in Waverly today to go over the proposed swimming pool dam in Shepard Creek, to approve it as a TERA project. Mr. Stevenson stated over the phone from Albany Monday that if the engineer approved the dam recommendation would be sent immediately to New York that the project be approved. The county TERA officials stated that with the co-operation of the state organization that it would probably mean that men will be put to work on the dam next Monday. Sidney K. Johnson, city engineer of Norwich and designer of the Norwich Legion pool which will be copied for the local project, made a survey of the site Sunday and will have plans ready for the construction in a few days. He also estimated the necessary costs for the construction as a basis for the TERA application. The costs for material were estimated at $1,200 while the labor item was placed at $1,700. With TERA approval 75 per cent of the cost of the labor will be refunded to the committee making the actual cost of the labor but $425. This includes not only the cost of constructing the dam but also building up the banks of the pool and providing the necessary equipment for the pool.

June 28, 1934 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. A. W. Bouton entertained the luncheon club at her home on (103) Center street, Friday. The following ladies were present: Mrs. J. W. Knapp, Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. Wilton Hall, Mrs. F. H. Spencer, Mrs. T. P. Snook, Mrs. A. C. Palmer, Mrs. H. I Seely, and Mrs. E. D. Sebring. - Mrs. Anna Best and her son and daughter, John and Nelliana, of Rochester spent the week-end with Mrs. George Knapp on Chemung street. - Mrs. George Knapp and daughter, Charlotte left Wednesday to spend ten days with Mrs. Knapp's cousin at Lake Ontario.

June 29, 1934 The Evening Times: Mrs. George Knapp and daughter Charlotte of Chemung street are spending several days with Mrs. Knapp's cousin at Lake Ontario.

July 3, 1934 Elmira Star Gazette: Fresh Air Aides Are Selected at Waverly. Waverly - Representatives from various local religious, fraternal and social organizations have been selected to serve on the local Fresh Air Committee headed by Dr. Martin Tinker Jr. Those who will be asked to serve are William O'Brien Jr., John Murphy, Thomas Feeney, Sanford Boice, Mrs. E. W. Eaton, Mrs. W. S. Morley, the Rev. Edward J. Dwyer, L. H. Cohen, Hiram Cronk and Mrs. Foster Vannoy. Members of the original committee are Mrs. Carl Coots, Mrs. Francis Gibbs, Mrs. Fred Driscoll, Mrs. Frank Hogan, Mrs. Gertrude Knapp, Mrs. F. E. Lyford Jr., Mrs. Evan Johnson, Mrs. C. B. Tobey, the Rev. Raymond P. Wilson and L. Robert Oakes.

July 12, 1934 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. Cass Williams, and Mrs. Charles Tobey attended a Girl Scout County meeting at Lake Wesauking (Towanda, PA) Tuesday. - Mrs. George Knapp, daughter, Charlotte, and Miss Ellen Kellogg left Wednesday for two weeks at the World's Fair. Mrs. Anna Best and daughter, Nelliana, will join the party at Rochester. - Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. Cass Williams, and Mrs. Charles Tobey attended a Girl Scout County meeting at Lake Wesauking Tuesday. - Mrs. George Knapp and daughter, Charlotte, returned Friday from a ten-day visit at Chaumont, N.Y.

July 19, 1934 The Evening Times: Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Evans and son, Henry and grandsons, Henry Jr., Robert and Richard of Chemung called on friends in Deposit, N.Y., and Sherman, Pa., on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. George Moffat of Fair Haven, N.Y., and son, George Jr., and daughter, Esther visited the home of Mrs. Moffat's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Evans of Waverly, Monday.

August 30, 1934 The Daily Argus, Mount Vernon, N. Y.: Purchase Has Colorful History Of Centuries. ... On the estate of Hugh J. Chisholm on Lincoln Avenue is the grave of Purchase's hero of the Revolutionary War, Gen. Thomas Thomas. Thomas's captures and escapes in this territory and on Long Island are well known facts of history. Suffice it to say that he died in 1824 with the rank of major general, and was buried in Purchase, one of the most beautiful spots in the county for which he fought so well.

September 7, 1934 Elmira Star Gazette: Mrs. Lloyd M. Hedges. Waverly, Sept. 7 - Funeral services for Mrs. Lloyd M. Hedges, wife of Waverly's police chief, was held Friday afternoon (Sept. 7, 1934) at the home, 5 Athens Street. Mrs. Hedges died Tuesday after a long illness. The Rev. L. W. Lunn of the Grace Episcopal Church, of which she was a member, officiated. Burial was in the Forest Home Cemetery.

September 8, 1934 The Evening Times - Mr. and Mrs. George H. Ballenstedt, of Ithaca, are visiting the former's father, Capt. W. H. Ballenstedt, and his brother, W. G. Ballenstedt of Athens street.

September 26, 1934 Elmira Star-Gazette: Hospital Auxiliary Has Party Tonight. Waverly, Sept. 26 - The Waverly auxiliary of the Robert Packer Hospital will hold a benefit card party at the home of Mrs. Max Gaudsmith (209 Chemung st.) Wednesday evening. The committee in charge of the affair includes Mrs. Gaudsmith, Mrs. F. H. Spencer, Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. John Murray Jr., Mrs. Earl Rolls, Mrs. T. P. Knapp, Mrs. Fred Deyo, Mrs. Gustav Miller and Mrs. P. G. Gillan. (The Gaudsmith's are listed in 1931 directory at 109 Providence st. and in 1936 directory at 209 Chemung St.)

September 27, 1934 Elmira Star-Gazette: 90 Attend Party to Aid Hospital. Waverly - Approximately 90 were present Wednesday evening at a benefit card party sponsored by the Waverly Auxiliary to the Robert Packer Hospital at the home of Mrs. Max Gaudsmith on (209) Chemung Street. The arrangements committee included Mrs. Gaudsmith, Mrs. F. H. Spencer, Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. John Murray Jr., Mrs. Earl Rolls, Mrs. T. P. Knapp, Mrs. Frederick Deyo, Mrs. Gustave Muller and Mrs. P. G. Gillan.

October 5, 1934 Elmira Star-Gazette: English Setter - Year old. All day hunter. Ed. Knapp, Waverly. (He was renting and living in part of house at 208 Chemung St. at this time)

October 25, 1934 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Miss Jenkins To Be Wed Today. The wedding of Miss Naomi Jenkins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jenkins, of the Jenkins Inn, (202) Chemung street, and Albert Portner, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Portner, of Corning, will be solemnized at four o'clock this afternoon at Grace Episcopal church with Rev. Levi W. Lunn officiating. The church will be decorated with candles. The bride who will be given away by her father, will wear and old Princess sytle taffeta dress, which is more than 80 years old, and a Madonna cap veil. She will carry a prayer book, in place of a bouquet. Mr. and Mrs. James Sliney, of Bath will act as best man and matron of honor. The later will wear a red velvet dress and turban to match, and will carry autumn flowers. Beverly White of Bath will act as flower girl. The ushers will be Anthony Mattie, of Bath, and Thomas Grady, Carl Youngstrom, and Marvin Coumbes of Corning. The couple will leave following the ceremony for a wedding trip to New York city. After Oct. 29, they will be at home at Sixth Street, Corning, in which city the groom is employed in the ceramics division of the Corning Glass Works. The bride has assisted her parents in the management of the Jenkins Inn. Following the ceremony a reception will be held at the Inn for sixty guests. Prenuptial events included a shower by Miss Jane Lynch, a kitchen shower by the Inn employees, a variety shower by Miss Helen Litteer of Bath, a tea by Miss Edna Brennan, and a buffet supper for the wedding party last evening at the Inn.

November 8, 1934 Elmira Star Gazette: Pick Workers For Red Cross Member Drive. Waverly, Nov. 8 - Canvassers for the annual Red Cross Roll Call by the Waverly Chapter, have been announced by Chairman C. C. Strong. The list, including the districts which will be canvassed, is as follows: Miss Virginia Kinney, Waverly High and Junior High teachers; Miss Alice Fish, Chemung Street from Pennsylvania Avenue to Elliott; Mrs. M. D. Baxter, south end of Park Avenue; Mrs. John C. VanAtta, north end Park Avenue; Mrs. Fred M. Drisco, Orchard Street; Mrs. Seneca White, Clinton Avenue; Miss Nina Barden, Barton. Mrs. Harry W. Knapp, Waverly from Chemung to Broad; Mrs. T. B. Wheeler, Orange Street; Mrs. Harry B. Dickerson, Lincoln Street north from Chemung; Mrs. John A. Johnson, Waverly from Chemung to Clinton; Mrs. Sophia Delgado, Waverly north form Chemung to Clinton Avenue; Mrs. George B. Knapp, Chemung from Pennsylvania to Clark; Mrs. Elizabeth Baker, William Street; Mrs. Cass Williams, Pine Street; Mrs. Thomas Feeney, Fulton from Chemung to Broad; Mrs. Emory Field, Elm Street; Mrs. F. W. Bullman, Pennsylvania from Chemung to Broad; Miss Leona Freedman, Elm Street teachers and Park Place; Mrs. V. H. Post, Fulton from Chemung to Clinton, and Lincoln Street School; Miss Mary E. Macpherson, Tioga General Hospital nurses. Mrs. Robert Dixon, Cadwell Avenue; Mrs. S. E. Ellis, Chemung west from Clark; Mrs. Anna E. Hogan, Loder and Johnson Streets; Mrs. Bert Johnson, Broad Street from Waverly to Pennsylvania; Miss Virginia Simonds, Tioga and Athens Streets; Mrs. C. C. Strong, Broad Street from Waverly to Fulton, north side; Harold VanNest, Broad from Fulton to Loder; Mrs. C. P. Shumway, Howard and Providence Streets; Mrs. Vernon Lovejoy, Center Street; Mrs. Frisbie Howard, Tioga and Athens Streets; Mrs. John W. Wood, Cayuta Avenue.

November 23, 1934 Elmira Star Gazette: Women Named to Support Lectures. Patronnesses for the series of lectures on current events, books and plays, being given here by Miss Katherine E. Darrin of Addison, are as follows: ... Mrs. C. M. Coon, Athens Pa; Miss Helen Thurston, Athens Pa.; Mrs. Leslie M. Sa?s, Athens, Pa.; Mrs. A. C. Palmer, Waverly; Mrs. George Knapp, Waverly; Miss Mary Hunsiker, Athens Pa.; Mrs. Matthew D. Richardson; Miss Jean Merriam, Waverly; Miss Georgianna Palmer, and Miss Ellen Farrar. The next lecture in the series will be given Nov. 26 when Miss Darrin will speak on the following topics:
"Special Problems of the States." "The Turmoil of France and the Calm of Italy," "The Importance of the British Royal Family" and "November Plays."

December 10, 1934 Elmira Star Gazette: Mrs. Edgar G. Crowell. Dr. Pearle Oakley Crowell, late of 511 West First Street, died Saturday, Dec. 8, 1934 at 3 p.m., after an illness of about six weeks. Mrs. Crowell, daughter of Ida M. and Wallace W. Oakley, was born in Bradford County, Pa., Apr. 22, 1876. When she was a child her family came to Elimira. She received her elementary training in the Elmira schools and was later graduated from Mansfield State Teacher's College. At one time she was a teacher in School 3. For the past 18 years she had been associated with her husband as a chiropractor. Mrs. Crowell was a member of The Park Church and the Thursday Morning Musicales. She is survived by her husband, Edgar G. Crowell; a daughter, Mrs. Edwin M. Knapp; a grandson, Edwin Knapp Jr., of Waverly; a sister, Mrs. John C. Dyott of St. Louis, Mo.; a brother, Leon Oakley of Elmira; a niece, Dorothy Dyott, Calif. The funeral was held at 2 p.m. today and was private. The Rev. A. G. Cornwell officiated. Burial was in Woodlawn Cemetery. (The Edwin M. Knapp family were living in part of the house with Gertrude Knapp at 208 Chemung street Waverly, NY at this time.)

December 13, 1934 Binghamton: Waverly. Dr. Albert P. Knight of (472) Pennsylvania avenue, a member of the staff of the Robert Packer hospital in Sayre, has been named to membership in the American Academy of Pediatrics.

December 27, 1934 Elmira Star Gazette: Among local college students who are spending their vacations in Waverly are: Leslie Tighe, MacMaster's University; Howard Merrill and Ferrell VanHousen, Alfred University; Natalie Senall, Seton Hall College; Robert Lambert, Notre Dame; Kate Buckpitt and Beatrice Bush, Buffalo State Teacher's College; Norman Dounce, Cifford Dounce and William Wilson, Cornell; Hart Seely Jr., Bucknell; Charlotte Knapp, Wellesley; Robert Williams and Myron Flynn, Syracuse University; Mary Ruth Sutherland, Gertrude DeWald and Sally Pickley, Elmira College; Catherine Emerson, Oneonta State Normal School; Paul Betowski, Georgetown; Joseph Jordan, Catholic University; Frederick Kellogg and Walter Peck Jr., Brown University; Dorothy and Edmund Burke, Cornell.

1935 Henry Evans, living at 544 East Chemung street, Waverly, NY

Jan. 12, 1935 The Evening Times - The Home Mission guild of the Waverly First Presbyterian church will meet at the home of Mrs. George Knapp, 208 Chemung street at 7:30 o'clock Monday evening.

Jan. 30, 1935 The Evening Times - Waverly - The annual card party for the benefit of the scholarship fund will be held by the Valley Elmira College club at the home of Mrs. Edwin Knapp, 208 Chemung street on Feb. 7. (Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Knapp rented part of Mrs. Gertrude Slaughter Knapp's home.)

January 31, 1935 The Binghamton Press: Waverly D. A. R. Hears Dr. Orlie M. Clem. Carantouan Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, of Waverly, Wednesday night, heard a talk by Dr. Orlie M. Clem, superintendent of Owego schools. The meeting was held at the home of Mrs. A. H. Bell in Chemung street. Comprising the committee on arrangements were Mrs. Abell, Mrs. Harvey Ingham, Mrs. L. J. Simonds and Miss Lila Shoemaker.

February 7, 1935 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. George Knapp and Mrs. F. H. Spencer were in Towanda, Saturday, on Scout business.

February 14, 1935 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. George Knapp left Tuesday to visit Dr. and Mrs. J. Sizoo at Washington, D. C.

February 28, 1935 The Bighamton Press: Waverly D. A. R. Hick's Delegate to Congress. Waverly, Feb. 28 - Miss Grace Hicks has been elected delegate of the Carantouan Chapter of the D. A. R. to the Continental Congress in Washington the week of April 14. The election was held Wednesday evening at a meeting at the home of Mrs. F. A. Bell in (305) Chemung street. Alternate delegates elected are Miss Jean Merriam, Miss Lila Shoemaker, Mrs. F. L. Howard, Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. A. C. Palmer, Mrs. L. D. Atwater, Mrs. Ralph Reazor, Miss Mary Finch, Mrs. F. A. Sawyer, Mrs. Arthur Harris. The regent's alternate named is Mrs. James Sullivan. Mrs. W. S. Morley, regent of the chapter, is delegate ex-officio.

March 14, 1935 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. George Knapp returned Thursday from a visit at Washington, D. C.

March 21, 1935 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. H. W. Knapp of 455 Waverly street is now at the Columbus Hotel in Miami, Fla. - Mrs. George Knapp left for New York City today, where she will join her daughter, Charlotte, of Wellesley.

April 4, 1935 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Payne's To Show New Decorations. Payne's Cut-Rate Store will celebrate its seventh anniversary Friday evening by a formal opening at which the public will be invited to view its enlarged and redecorated store. New trimmings in ivory, old rose and black create an attractive interior, while the store front and the display window bases have been finished in Pyrrenese marble effect. At the rear of the store has been placed a modernistic display with indirect overhead lighting and columnar shelves. A mirror at the rear of the display and a clock on the overhead panel board complete the effect. The store is 10 feet longer than formerly. The show cases are black inside and ivory outside. The work was done by David Lougher, decorator, and Bernard Compton, contractor, both of Waverly. (Gertrude Slaughter Knapp owned the building at this time.)

August 15, 1935 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mr. and Mrs. Joe Knapp and daughters Helen and Elnora and Frank Boyle spent Sunday with Rev. and Mrs. Thomas Tighe at Sodus Point. - Mrs. George Knapp, commissioner on the Susquehanna Valley Girl Scout Council, accompanied by Mrs. F. H. Spencer and Mrs. John Slater, attended the opening of Camp Brule, Sunday.

August 22, 1935 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: A Museum For Waverly? Suppose that you had valuable historical material about Waverly which you would like to have on file in a safe, central place where lovers of Waverly history could consult it? Suppose you should have an article of furniture or some curio closely connected with Waverly's history, an article which future generations will treasure, but which from its nature should be public property? Where would you place such material or article? This brings up the question of a museum for Waverly. The Valley has an excellent museum at Athens in the Tioga Point institution. The efforts of the Murray familiy, mother and daughters, have made it of more than local interest. Its collections are remarkable and are continually growing, so much so that not all materials can be displayed at one time. Its worth and value rises above local considerations. The suggested Waverly museum is in no sense to be a competitor of the Tioga Point museum. Purely a local, historical treasury of information and articles, it would be a source for historians. The establishment of such a museum would attract gifts of many articles. It would stimulate a local pride in Waverly's history, and pride in a village's history should inevitably lead to a pride in its future. Such a project needs two things; first, a few interested persons to give much time to its development and maintainance; secondly, public support to provide it with permanent quarter. The quarters might be included in plans for a community hall.

August 23, 1935 The Morning Herald, Gloversville and Johnstown, N. Y. Mrs. Wilbur A. Spraker Is spending the week at Waverly with her mother, Mrs. J. E. Johnson. (Mrs. John E. Johnson or Julia E. Johnson) (Mrs. Wilbur Spraker was the former Hazel Johnson, daughter of Julia and John. Johnson's lived at 123 Chemung st. in 1910 and 1915. 1925 census has living at 123 Chemung st.; Edward J. Johnson 73 yrs. old carpenter,  with wife, Julia 71 yrs, son Leon 45 yrs., and Laura Ball 75 yrs. 1930 census has at 123 Chemung st.; Julia Johnson owning house and head of house with son Leon 50 yrs. old a sub. mail carrier. Also renting from them is listed Bessie Hopkins and her mother, Mary C. Champman.)

September 5, 1935 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Miss Nelliana Best came Saturday to spend several weeks with Miss Charlotte Knapp, prior to her return to Wellesley College. - Mrs. W. N. Best and daughter Nelliana, who have been visiting Mrs. George Knapp on Chemung street, left today for Rochester. Miss Charlotte Knapp accompanied them. - Miss Charlotte Knapp and Miss Ellen Kellogg returned from Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Wednesday.

September 5, 1935 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. Knapp To Speak At Missionary Meeting. Mrs. George Knapp will relate some of the outstanding events of her recent trip to Mexico at the meeting of the Presbyterian Women's Missionary Society at the home of Mrs. Arthur Palmer (329 Chemung st.), tomorrow afternoon at 2:30. Mrs. Walter Peck will be in charge of. Mrs. W. W. Breck, president, has announced the following committees: social, Mrs. A. C. Palmer, Mrs. G. F. Coward; hospital, sewing and overseas work: Miss McKee, Mrs. Clarence Scott; missionary box; Mrs. W. J. Carey, Mrs. L. D. Atwater, Mrs. George McLean; membership, Mrs. Harry Knapp, Mrs. Edgar Sebring; missionary current events, Mrs. Thomas Tighe; spiritual life groups, Mrs. Luther Hardy; program, Mrs. John Suffern, Miss Alice Fish, Miss Mary Finch, Mrs. Walter Peck, Mrs. Luther Hardy, Mrs. Elizabeth Breck, Mrs. Louis Atwater; collectors, Mrs. J. Clark, Mrs. J. C. Van Atta, Mrs. L. C. Hardy, Mrs. C. Roberts, Mrs. F. M. Drisko, Mrs. W. Peck.

September 11, 1935 The Binghamton Press: Waverly Man Honored. Waverly, Sept. 11 - Edwin M. Knapp, a past president of the Waverly Lions Club, has been named deputy district governor of zone three, Lions International, succeeding Dr. T. J. Littleton of Corning. During his one-year term of office, Mr. Knapp will visit various clubs in his territory. (Edwin Knapp lived in part of the house at 208 Chemung st. Waverly, NY at this time.)

September 19, 1935 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. Gertrude Knapp and Mrs. N. W. Best motored to New York for two days and to Wellesley College to enter their daughters, Miss Charlotte Knapp and Miss Nelliana Best for the coming year. They will return the latter part of the week. - Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Knapp and Mrs. Charles Kellogg left Monday to take their daughters, Miss Elnora Knapp and Miss Ellen Kellogg to Wilson College at Chambersburg, Pa. - Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Knapp will attend the meeting of the directors and deputy district governors of the sixth district, Lions International, at the Hotel Astor, New York city, on Sept. 28.

September 26, 1935 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Waverly Village Of Front Porches Veteran Woman Columnist Describes. The beauty of the Valley and the friendliness of its people are sketched in a charming description which appeared in The Oracle column in The Holyoke (Mass.) Transcript. The Oracle written by Mrs. William G. Dwight, pioneer woman publisher, is one of the oldest personal newspaper columns in the country. Her comment on her visit to Waverly this summer is of interest locally and in it many persons of prominence here are described. It is quoted herewith in part: ... Now there is one thing about Waverly that our trained eyes took in at the start. Every house, and there are almost all house built in the manner of either seventy years ago, or thirty years ago - there are no new houses, modernistic houses and old colonial mansion in Waverly. The unusual feature is that every house has piazzas and on every piazza are rocking chairs, and on these summer days, morning and afternoon alike, there are people rocking easily in those chairs. Maybe they were summer visitors come home to the folks, but anyway, the rocking chairs rock and the people look very comfortable. The low-roofed home on the village street, that is the Conant's other residence, has for long been a center of culture. One looks from the doorway and the first thing one sees a concert grand piano, and when one stops to look one finds one's fingers turning with the joy of the book lover to collections of writings about music and the drama, and philosophy, and poetry. ...Waverly wears its hospitality right side out. And we met some of their very particular friends. Among them was a choice personality, in a man, who, too, is a continuing part of the generations that came years ago and placed their farm so that it was in the two great States, but whose residence itself is in Pennsylvania. His name is John Murray, and it happens that this important member of the Presbyterian church, has been all of his life a Democrat and one of the staunchest admirers of Al Smith. He proudly boasts his 1,300,000 votes for Smith in New York in 1924. Now he has the dream of his life. His great State of Pennsylvania has been pulled into the Democratic line, but he does admit that when you have got all that you wanted, it isn't all that you want when you get it. Which shows that John Murray is a Philosopher as well as a keen industrialist with a generous bit of the mystic in his soul. Mrs. Murray's roots are deep in the soil in that part of the country as are her husband's and Mrs. Conant's. Some of her people came as Royalist exiles from France, and settled in Pennsylvania more than a century ago. And there is a daughter, who was graduated from Wellesley quite as was the daughter of The Oracle's family, and a son who married a Vassaar graduate in the same also with the other Oracle daughter, and who herself is the daughter of the head of the department store in Waverly. And there are three beautiful little Murray girls getting ready for Vassar and Wellesley, who are having their childhood in their great-grandfather's home and on his farm. You see, people stay in Waverly and that's why they come back when they go away and why they are at home and part of the community life as soon as they step across their old thresholds. The Conants know so many way of being hospitable always. ....

October 3, 1935 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. John T. Slater, Mrs. Gertrude Knapp and guests, Miss Hamilton, and Mrs. Almet Case attended the Church School Convention held in Berkshire on Saturday. Mrs. Dan Stark, formerly of Waverly, was in charge of the meeting.

October 24, 1935 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. George Knapp and Mrs. John Shear entertained the Presbyterian Benevolent Society at luncheon Saturday.

November 21, 1935 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Historic Home Now Being Torn Down. (411 Chemung st.) By Mary E. Finch. Old timers are regretting the demoloshing of the Lowman home on Chemung street, just east of the Socony Gas Station. The residence was built before 1850, by Hon. Nathan Bristol, one of Waverly's best known early residents, and was widely known for its hospitality. The house consisted of three stories and a cupola. An old map of Waverly and Factoryville, printed at Philadelphia in 1853, contains a picture of it. There was a fence in front and many small shrubs and trees. The front side walk was level with Chemung street, but the street was later lowered about eight feet, by Charles H. Sawyer (father of Fred A. Sawyer), Edward Angell and a Mr. Smith. These gentlemen did the work, with no expense to the village, for the earth with which they filled their lots. Good sand was found in it, and was used in laying the bricks of the Sawyer home. Four generations have resided in the house built by Mr. Bristol. In 1853 the only building between the Owen Spaulding house, later the Charles L. Albertson property, was a house owned by E. Denn. The Bristol plot extended from this land on Chemung street to William street, which was put through it, almost to Garfield street. From the Bristol residence there were no houses until the corner of Chemung street and Cayuta avenue was reached. Here stood the old Walker Tavern. Mr. Bristol, who built the house, was born in Delaware county, New York, March 7, 1805. He cast his first vote for Andrew Jackson, and always remained a Democrat. He served as State Senator from this district in 1852 and 1853. He was an able writer, often writing for the press. Mrs. Bristol died several years before the Senator, and they had two daughters, Harriett, who married Hovey Lowman, a member of the well known Lowman family, of Lowman. The only descendant of their immediate family now residing here is Miss Rita Lowman, of Clark street. Another daughter, Maria, married first, Henry Sawyer, of Waverly, a son of John L. Sawyer, and brother of the late Hon. J. T. Sawyer. After his death she married Dr. Solomon Van Etten, of Port Jervis, at whose home Mrs. Bristol died March 1, 1874. (In 1931 directory Rita Lowman is at 140 Center St. She is not in the 1936 directory.)

November 28, 1935 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. Hall To Celebrate 90th Birthday. There are two things everyone has in common: they have birthdays and they have to eat, says Mrs. S. C. Hall, who will become 90 years of age on Sunday. For this reason, she did not consider her birthday important when the reporter called to see her. Still vigorous and possessed of a lively mind, Mrs. Hall quickly disposed of the question as to whether she keeps up with current events in the newspapers. "Why not?" she asked. She had just been cleaning house, when the reporter called, but courteously stopped to relate a few facts of Waverly as she remembers it. Mr. Hall was the first principal of the Waverly school. Origianally, called Waverly Institute, it became later Waverly Union School. Since she moved here in 1871, the opera house building burned in 1873 on the library site, the town clock was installed, the town hall built, the reservoir constructed in 1878, the DL&W railroad came through, buses called herdicks used to run to Sayre, Horace Greely spoke at the old opera house where concerts and lectures were given. Lucius Manning, John Perkins, Phillie Mooney and Mary Vanderlip were the first graduates in Waverly. There were no graduates the first year. Miss Vanderlip became the mother of Judge George Leal Genung of New York. Since that early day, new Catholic and M. E. Churches have been constructed; the Baptist and Episcopal churches have been enlarged. Mrs. Hall recalls the ... (M. Josephine Hall, widow of Stephen C. Hall, 427 Park Avenue)

December 19, 1935 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Miss Charlotte Knapp, a student at Wellesley College, will spend the holidays with her mother, Mrs. Gertrude Knapp, of Chemung street.

December 27, 1935 The Evening Times: Losses in memberships and contributions during the annual membership roll call was reported today by Chairman C. C. Strong of the Waverly Red Cross chapter. ... Canvassers for Roll Call were: Miss Kinney, Miss Alice Fish, Mrs. George B. Knapp, Mrs. E. S. Coleman, Mrs. Fred M. Drisko, Mrs. H. W. Knapp, Miss Ann VanDuzuer, Mrs. Thomas F. Feeney, ...

1936 or 1937 The Greece Press N.Y.: Mr. and Mrs. Ronald VanAtta of Waverly and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Turner and daughter, Barbara, were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Justice of Long Pond Road. (According to 1930 census: Ronald and Ethel VanAtta were living with Gertrude and Charlotte Knapp)

1936 - 1956, at 337 Broad Street, Edgar D. Sebring, lawyer was in the building. In 1904, Sebring went into practice with Frank Howard and during 1919-1931, he was practicing out of Waverly. Sebring died on November 29, 1958. (from Don Merrill's collection)

1936 Directory: 3 Athens st. William G. Ballenstedt, 5 Athens st. Lloyd M. Hedges. 4 Athens st. Mrs. Lottie Buley. 6 Athens st. Julia Haas. 8 Athens st. vacant.

From 1936 Directory of Athens, Sayre, & Waverly: no 7 or 9 Athens Street address listed; at 208 Chemung Street - Mrs. Gertrude S. Knapp, Edgar D. Sebring, Charlotte S Knapp student

January 3, 1936 Elmira Star-Gazette: Miss Kellogg Gives Party Tuesday Night. Waverly - Miss Ellen Kellogg entertained at a New Year's party at her (468) Pennsylvania Avenue home Tuesday evening. Guests included the Misses Elnora Knapp, Charlotte Knapp, Ruth Shoemaker, Dorothy Deyo and Jane Adams and Thomas Williams, Leslie Tighe, Frank Boyle, John Sidey, Dennis Weaver and William McEwen.

January 21, 1936 Elmira Star-Gazette: To Address DAR On "Ellis Island" Waverly - Mrs. A. O. Caldwell of Titusville, Pa., wife of a former pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Waverly, will speak on "Ellis Island," at a meeting of Carantouan Chapter, DAR, Wednesday at 8 p. m. at the home of Mrs. F. W. Merriam on (304) Chemung Street. Contributions for the Ellis Island box are to be brought to this meeting. Miss Jean Merriam, first viceregent, will preside in the absence of Mrs. Wellington S. Morley who is ill. Delegates to a continental congress will be elected. Assisting hostesses will be Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. Charles Kellogg, Miss Jean Merriam, Mrs. Harvey Ingham, Mrs. Manley Brink and Mrs. F. C. Simmons.

February 27, 1936 Elmira Star-Gazette: Elmirans Give DAR Program; Delegate Named. Waverly - Miss Roberta Ticknor, an Elmira College senior, and Miss Emma Hawkes, an Elmira High School senior, entertained at a meeting of the Carantouan Chapter, DAR, at the home of Mrs. George Vastbinder Wednesday evening. Several readings were given by Miss Ticknor and Miss Hawkes presented piano numbers. Miss Grace Hicks of Washington, a member of Carantouan Chapter, was elected as delegate to a DAR Continental Congress in Washington in April. Alternates are Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. James Sullivan, Mrs. Frank L. Howard, Mrs. Edson Blizzard, Mrs. George Vastbinder, Miss Lila J. Shoemaker, Mrs. Fred C. Simmons, Mrs. Walter S. Peck, Miss Alice Fish and Miss Jean Merriam. Assisting hostesses at the session were Mrs. Percy C. Canoll, Mrs. J. R. Holbert, Miss Maratha Hicks and Mrs. Emma Hoyt. Miss Merriam, vicegerent was in charge.

March 6, 1936 The Evening Times - Waverly - Two meetings of workers in district one of the Susquehanna Valley Girl Scout council today are being attended by Miss Adelaide Werner, director of Girl Scouting in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon all district council members were scheduled to meet with Mrs. George Knapp, 208 Chemung street, and at 6:30 o'clock in the evening a supper meeting of council members and leaders of the district will be held at the Ulster library. Miss Werner's headquarters are in Washington, D. C. Before assuming her present duties she was in the Girl Scout work at Miwaukee, Wis. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and Columbia university.

April 28, 1936 The Evening Times: Mrs. Charles Annerman of Elmira will be the principal speaker at a meeting of Carantouan chapter, Daughters' of the American Revolution, at the home of Mrs. George Knapp, 208 Chemung street, at 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Annerman, a world traveler, will speak on the subject, "Sketches of the Orient." A report by Miss Grace Hicks of Washington, D. C., delegate to the 45th D. A. R. continental congress in Washington last week will read at the session. Miss Jean Merriam, first vice-regent, will preside. Assisting hostessess will be: Miss Ruth Fish, Miss Alice Fish, Miss Mame Finch, Mrs. Ralph Reazor and Mrs. Sally Sell.

April 30, 1936 Elmira Star-Gazette: DAR Hears Talk On Trip to Orient. Waverly - Mrs. Charles Annerman of Elmira spoke on "Sketches of the Orient," at a meeting of Carantouan Chapter, DAR, Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. George B. Knapp, (208) Chemung Street. Experiences in the Philippine Islands, China, India and Egypt were related by Mrs. Annerman. She exhibited pieces of silk, lace and linen and several shawls collected in her visits to the Far-East. Miss Ruth Fish read a written report submitted by Miss Grace Hicks of Washington, D. C., who was Carantouan Chapter's delegate to the 45th Continental Congress in Washington last week. Miss Jean Merriam, first viceregent, presided. Assisting hostesses; Miss Ruth Fish, Miss Alice Fish, Miss Mame Finch, Mrs. Ralph Reazor and Mrs. Sally Sell.

May 7, 1936 Elmira Star Gazette: Sen. Fearon Will Address Women's Rally. State GOP Leader to Be Heard at Meeting in June. Waverly - Women's Republican Club of the Town of Barton will entertain the Tioga County Federation of Women's Republican Clubs at a dinner meeting and rally in the Iron Kettle Inn here in June. More than 200 are expected to attend the affair for which plans were made at a meeting of the local club at the office of Attorney E. W. Eaton Wednesday night. State Senator George Fearon of Syracuse will be the principal speaker. Mrs. Helen Pittsley, president of the Town of Barton club, has named the following committees: Hospitality - Mrs. Luther C. Hardy, Mrs. Edwin Knapp, Mrs. F. A. Bell, Attorney Herbert H. Smith and Frank B. Lousberry. Tickets - Mrs. William Saphar, county chairman; Mrs. C. J. LeFleur, town chairman; Mrs. Charles Tobey, Mrs. E. J. Eichenberg, Mrs. J. A. Salsberry, Mrs. Perry Stanton, Mrs. Lulu Eaton; Mrs. Howard DeWitt, Mrs. Ronald Van Atta, Mrs. Gust Walch, Mrs. Ellen Shumway, Mrs. Max Gaudsmith, Miss Mary O'Farrell, Miss Nelie Shedden, Mrs. Marie Hyers, Mrs. John Suffern and Mrs. Fred Masterson. Tables and decorations - Miss Catherine Tucker, chairman; Mrs. W. E. Eaton, Mrs. Jessie Russell, Mrs. John C. Rhodes, Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. Everett Moses, Mrs. Hart I. Seely, Mrs. Robert Oaks and Miss Alice Fish. Publicity - Mrs. L. H. Simmons and entertainment, Mrs. Pittsley.

May 28, 1936 The Evening Times: Waverly DAR Elects Officers. ... Miss Jean W. Merriam was elevated from the first vice-regency to the regency to succeed Mrs. Wellington S. Morley at a biennial election held by Carontouan chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution at the home of Mrs. John A. Johnson (502 Waverly st.) Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Morley has served three terms of two years each, as regent of the chapter. Other officers elected are: past regent, Mrs. Morley; first vice-regent, Mrs. George B. Knapp; second vice-regent, Mrs. Manley Brink to succeed Miss Alice P. Fish; recording secretary, Mrs. Harvey B. Ingham, re-elected; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Carl A. Coots to succeed Mrs. Charles F. Kellogg; treasurer, Mrs. Kellogg to succeed Mrs. Knapp; historian, Mrs. George Vastbinder, re-elected; and registrar, Mrs. Herman Olney, re-elected. ...

June 24, 1936 Elmira Star-Gazette: Fearon, Cole, Speakers for GOP Dinner. Waverly - With a full quota of 200 tickets sold for the dinner meeting sponsored by the Tioga County Federation of Republican Women's Club at which State Senator George R. Fearon of Syracuse will speak Thursday evening at the Iron Kettle Inn, the committee is endeavoring to make arrangements to accommodate a few more persons who want to attend. ... Congressman W. Sterling Cole of Bath notified the committee Tuesday that he would be here and speak briefly as will State Senator C. Tracy Stagg of Ithaca, and Assemblyman Frank G. Miller of Apalachin. ... Arrangement committees are: Tables and decorations, Miss Catherine Tucker, Mrs. Edward W. Eaton, Mrs. Jessie Russell, Mrs. John C. Rhodes, Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. R. Everett Moses, ...

August 27, 1936 Buffalo Courier-Express: Mrs. George Knapp and Miss Jean Merriam of Waverly are the guests of Mrs. Mildred T. Crandall of Bryant Street.

August 27, 1936 Buffalo Courier-Express: Mrs. Nathaniel Gorham entertained friends at tea yesterday afternoon at her home in Bryant Street, in honor of Mrs. George Knapp and Miss Jean Merriam of Waverly, who are visiting Mrs. Mildred T. Crandall.

September 19, 1936 Elmira Star Gazette: 400 Attend Church's Anniversary. Waverly - Nearly 400 people attended the 50th anniversary celebration of the dedication of the First Presbyterian Church of Waverly in the church social hall Friday night. Twenty-four of these who attended were present at the dedication ceremonies 50 years ago. Attorney Frank A. Bell of Waverly, program chairman, introduced speakers. The opening prayer was given by the Rev. Benjamin Knapp of Waverly, retired, second minister sent out by the local church. The address of welcome was given and greetings from the Binghamton Presbytery were read by the Rev. Lidsay S. B. Hadley of Cortland, moderator. "The Old Church," by Miss Mary E. Finch and "Fifty Years of History," by Mrs. F. A. Sawyer, revealed that the first settlers of Factoryville now Waverly who were of Presbyterian faith, attended services at the Athens Presbyterian Church which was founded in 1812. It was on Mar. 2, 1847, that several members from Athens met at the Milltown School to plan for a church at Factoryville. A second meeting was held a short time later when the following resolution offered by Dr. A. H. Woodworth, was adopted: "Resolved, that we invite the Chemung Presbytery to come to Factoryville and organize a Presbyterian Church. Further that they be requested to come as soon as possible." On June 8, 1847, 22 people organized the Factoryville Presbyterian Church with the Rev. Curtis Thurston of Athens as pastor. Week-day meetings were held at the homes of members and Sunday services were held at the Factoryville school house. Later the Baptists offered the use of their church on Ithaca Street which is now the Percy Bailey residence. When the membership increased it was felt that a church building was needed. Owen Spaulding donated a lot on Pennsylvania Avenue where the manse now stands and a wooden church was built at a cost of $1,600. As the membership grew larger quarters were needed. The Jarvis residence at Pennsylvania and Park Avenues was purchased and in 1886 the present structure was erected at a cost of $30,000. The old wooden church adjoining it stood until several years later before being torn down. The social hall was erected as an addition to the present building in 1924 during the Rev. Albert O. Caldwell's pastorate here. The Rev. Mr. Caldwell spoke briefly on his pastorate. He will preach Sunday morning. Two selections, "I Love Life," and "The Bells of St. Mary," were sung by the quartet composed of Mrs. Wilton Hall, Mrs. Thomas Tighe, Evan S. Johnson and Walter Christman. Those who were in charge of arrangements for the anniversary are the Rev. Mr. Tighe, Mr. Bell, Arthur C. Palmer, Miss Alice Fish, Mrs. Gertrude Knapp, Edson A. Tilton and John H. MurrayJr.

September 21, 1936 The Evening Times: Presbyterians at Evening Worship Celebrating Dedication of Present Building. Waverly, Sept. 21. Activities celebrating the 50th anniversary of the dedication of the present Presbyterian church of Waverly were concluded with sermons Sunday by Rev. Albert O. Caldwell, D.D., a former pastor, and Rev. Thomas Tighe, the present minister. The church was dedicated 50 years ago yesterday with Rev. F. B. Hodge D.D., of the Wilkes Barre First Presbyterian church preaching the sermon. Miss Carrie M. Dietrick was the soloist at morning and evening services and Rev. John LeRoy Taylor was the minister. The officers of the parish at that time were: George F. Waldo, Charles Sawyer, J. W. Knapp, C. E. Merriam, A. Hemstreet and Moses Lyman, session; R. D. VanDuzer, Howard Elmer, S. W. Slaughter, M. Lyman, Jamed Kenyon, James Clark and S. C. Hall, trustees; T. G. Tracy, secretary-treasurer, and Mr. Hall, superintendant of the Sunday school. Dr. Caldwell, now of Titusville, Pa., spoke at the morning service on the topic, "Things that Endure." He said that the celebration was not of the fact that brick and plaster have stayed together 50 years, but to observe the building of a palace of worship by men and women of prayer, and to recognize that the thing for which the church was built is the purpose for which it stands. ...

Sept. 29, 1936 The Evening Times - The 69th academic year of Cornell University began Monday. Judging by the large number of applications, enrollment will be increased this year. A freshman class of over 1,500 is indicated.  Among students entering Cornell this fall are: ...  Charlotte Slaughter Knapp, 208 Chemung Street, Waverly: Elnora Mixer, 97 Center Street, Waverly; ...

October 2, 1936 Elmira Star-Gazette: Waverly -  Mrs. Anna Moon has moved from (120) Park Place to Athens Street.(1938 directory Anna Moon was at 15 Ithaca st.) - Mrs. Harold Sawyer, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Sawyer of (416) Chemung Street, has returned to Jackson Heights. - Mr. and Mrs. L. V. LaRue have moved from (104) Wilbur Street to Athens Street. 

Oct. 10, 1936 The Evening Times - Waverly - Meetings of the Susquehanna Valley Girl Scout council in Waverly and Athens are scheduled for Monday. At 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon, the council will hold its regular October meeting at the home of Mrs. George B. Knapp, 208 Chemung street, Waverly. Miss Marguerite Twohy, a representative of the national Girl Scout council, will speak. The Leaders association of the council will hold a supper meeting at 6:30 o'clock in the evening at the Girl Scout Little House at Athens. Miss Twohy will speak.

October 13, 1936 Cornell Daily Sun, Volume 57, Issue 14: 11 Sororities List Pledges. ... Delta Gamma - the Misses Virginia Harring and Elizabeth Stocking, both of the Class of '37, Miss Rhea Casterline '38, and the Misses Belle Ayers, Nedra Blake, Clarice Blake, Clara Herrick, Roberta Houghton, Charlotte Knapp, Myrta Munn, Carol Reardon, M. A. Smith, Elizabeth Townsend, and Mildred Wells, all of the Class of '40.

October 22, 1936 Elmira Star-Gazette: Strong Heads Red Cross For 15th Year. Waverly - C. C. Strong was elected chairman of the Waverly Red Cross Chapter for the 15th consecutive term at the high school Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. Other officers, all re-elected are: vicechairman, Miss Mary W. Muldoon and P. C. Meserve; secretary, Miss Harriet E. Lewis; treasurer, Harold C. Watrous; executive committee, Mrs. Vernon Lovejoy, Mrs. Harry Dickerson, Mrs. T. B. Wheeler, Miss Ruth Fish, Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. Harold C. Watrous, John F. Harper, Mrs. Elizabeth Baker, Mrs. Albert P. Knight, Miss Mary Kinney, Mrs. C. J. LaFleur and Miss Virginia Kinney. 

November 12, 1936 Evening Times: ... Waverly's annual American Red Cross drive was begun yesterday by a crew of 34 canvassers working under th supervision of C. C. Strong , chairman of the local chapter. ... The canvassers who will call at all homes and business places in the village and community of Barton are: Miss Virginia Kinney, Miss Ruth Fish, Miss Alice Fish, Mrs. George B. Knapp, ...

November 13, 1936 Elmira Star Gazette: Hospital Reports On Food Drive. Waverly - Two hundred eighty-two jars of fruit, vegetable and other canned goods was collected by the Waverly Auxiliary to the Robert Packer Hospital in their annual drive the last week in October, says Mrs. George Knapp, chairman of the collection committee. Mrs. Knapp was assisted in the drive by Mrs. Fred Pittsley, Mrs. C. J. LaFleur, Mrs. Max Gaudsmith, Mrs. Lewis Mercereau, Miss Alice Devlin, Mrs. Frederick Deyo, Mrs. D. D. Tillman and the Boy and Girl Scouts.

November 19, 1936 Elmira Star Gazette: Badges Given Girl Scouts At Waverly. Waverly - Attendance, rank and merit badges were awarded members of Carantouan Girl Scout Troop at a rally at the Presbyterian Social Hall Wednesday evening. ... The presentations of badges ... Attendance awards for 1935 were presented to: ... Badges of rank were awarded to: ... were invested by Mrs. George B. Knapp.

December 3, 1936 Elmira Star-Gazette: DAR Hears Waverly Street History. Waverly - The histories of Waverly streets were summarized by Miss Mary E. Finch at a meeting of the Carantouan Chapter, DAR, at the home of Mrs. George Knapp of Chemung Street, Wednesday afternoon. Her talk was illustrated by a map 83 years old. When the map was drawn in 1853, only Waverly and Fulton Streets extended north beyond Chemung Street. Most of the Village of Waverly was located between Broad and Chemung Streets. Cayuta Avenue and Chemung Streets, extending through Factoryville (now East Waverly) were the first laid out here. Miss Jean Merriam, regent, Miss Lila Shoemaker and Mrs. Knapp gave reports on a recent regional convention at Corning. John Koop accompanied by his mother at the piano, played a violin solo. Miss Alice Fish read a poem, "Waverly," written by Mrs. F. W. Merriam. The assisting hostesses were Mrs. Herman Olney, Miss Finch, Mrs. Emma Hoyt, Mrs. F. W. Merriam, and Mrs. Caid Peck.

December 11, 1936 Elmira Star Gazette: Mrs. F. E. Finch Has Luncheon Guests. Mrs. Philip F. Finch of 734 West Church Street entertained a few friends at luncheon Thursday. Out of town guests were Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. Wilton S. Hall and Mrs. Charles Kellogg of Waverly.

January 21, 1937 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. Gertrude Knapp left Monday to visit Mrs. Chester Brinkerhoff at Williamsport, Pa.

January 28, 1937 Elmira Star-Gazette: Two Delegates To Congress of DAR Chosen. Waverly - Delegates to the Continental Congress at Washington, D. C., in April were named at a meeting of the Waverly chapter, Daughters of American Revolution at the home of Mrs. Ernest Walker, (17) Orchard Street, Wednesday afternoon. Delegates named were Miss Jean Merriam, regent, and Mrs. Fred Simmons, Alternates were Mrs. George Vastbinder, Miss Grace Hicks, Mrs. Ralph Reazor and Mrs. George Knapp

January 28, 1937 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: D. A. R. Hears Scout Talks Wednesday. The January meeting of Carantoun Chapter, D. A. R., was held Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Edward Walker (601 Cayuta avenue). The regent, Miss Jean Merriam, presided, and the following delegates were elected to attend the Continental Congress at Washington: Miss Merriam, by virtue of her office as regent, and Mrs. Fred Simons. Alternates chosen were Mrs. George Vastbiner, Miss Grace Hicks, Mrs. Ross Reazor and Mrs. George Knapp. ...

January 28, 1937 The Waverly Sun and Nichols Recorder: Mrs. Gertrude Knapp came home the latter part of last week from a visit with Mrs. Chester Brinkerhoff at Williamsport, Pa.

February 18, 1937 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Waverly Dog Wins Laurels At New York. Pennine Patricia, orange and white 17-month old English setter from Stoneway kennels, Waverly, added to her laurels by taking first prize in a special field trial class at the Westminster Kennel club dog show in New York City last week. She ended her appearance in this foremost of bench shows by being judged in a ring with five champions competing for the best of breed title won by Champion Pilot of Crombie of Happy Valley, owned by the Happy Valley kennels. The local do was exhibited by Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Knapp and handled by Mrs. Knapp, the only woman in the ring for the best of breed judging of English settlers. Philip Schwartz, an outstanding judge of English settlers, in awarding the class prize to Mrs. Knapp's entry said that Pennine Patricia is one of the best field trial animals he has seen in a bench show. She previously has won her class at shows in Schenectady and Angelica. Last fall she won the junior all age event at the Rochester field trials and placed second to a champion in field trials for women handlers at Middletown. The prize at the Westminster show was a ribbon and $10.

February 25, 1937 Elmira Star Gazette: DAR Members 'Dress Up' for Colonial Party. A Group Of Members of Carantouan DAR Chapter of Waverly, attired for the Colonial tea at the home of Mrs. E. A. Tilton Wednesday. In the picture from the left: Miss Jane Love, Mrs. Herman Olney, Mrs. Walter Peck, Mrs. Tilton, Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. Harvey Ingham, Miss Jean Merriam, regent and Mrs. George Vastbinder. (111 Howard st.)

March 20, 1937 Elmira Star Gazette: J. F. Jenkins, Waverly Inn Owner, Dies. Waverly - J. Frank Jenkins, 66, for seven years proprietor of the Jenkins Inn and a former Bath restaurant proprietor, died in a Waverly hospital early Saturday after several months ill health. Mr. Jenkins was born in North Chemung, moving to Campbell in early life and later to Bath where for 20 years he was engaged in business. Thirty-five years ago Mr. Jenkins married Miss Adabelle Platt. They celebrated their anniversary Mar. 5. The Jenkins recently returned from Florida. Mr. Jenkins was a member of the Shepard Hills Country Club of Waverly and the IOOF at Bath. He leaves his wife; four daughters, Miss Martha Jenkins of Waverly; Mrs. Lloyd White and Mrs. James Sliney of Bath; and Mrs. Albert Portner of Corning; a granddaughter, Beverly White of Bath; and two sisters, Mrs. K. M. Matthews and Mrs. Eben Elston of Elmira. Friends may call at the home, 202 Chemung Street, after 7 p. m. Saturday. A prayer service will be held at the home Monday morning and the body will be taken to Bath for funeral services and burial Tuesday.

March 20, 1937 The Evening Times - Holy Week - ... Tuesday, 2:30 p.m., Spring Circle business and social meeting with Mrs. Edgar D. Sebring, 208 Chemung street. Plans will be made for a spring party with Mrs. Sebring and Mrs. Ralph Marsh as co-chairman. (The Sebring's were renting part of Mrs. Gertrude Slaughter Knapp's home.)

March 25, 1937 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: J. F. Jenkins Owner of Local Inn Succumbs. J. Frank Jenkins, 66, for seven years proprietor of the Jenkins Inn and a former Bath restaurant proprietor, died in a Waverly hospital early Saturday after several months ill health. Mr. Jenkins was born in North Chemung, moving to Campbell in early life and later to Bath where for 20 years he was engaged in business. Thirty-five years ago Mr. Jenkins married Miss Adabelle Platt. They celebrated their anniversary Mar. 5. The Jenkins recently returned from Florida. Mr. Jenkins was a member of the Shepard Hills Country Club of Waverly and the IOOF at Bath. He leaves his wife; four daughters, Miss Martha Jenkins of Waverly; Mrs. Lloyd White and Mrs. James Sliney of Bath; and Mrs. Albert Portner of Corning; a granddaughter, Beverly White of Bath; and two sisters, Mrs. K. M. Matthews and Mrs. Eben Elston of Elmira. A prayer service was held at the home Monday morning, and the body was then taken to Bath for funeral services and burial Tuesday.

March 30, 1937 Elmira Star Gazette: Garden Club Hears Pridham On Gladioli. Waverly - Prof. Albert M. S. Pridham of Cornell University, gave an illustrated lecture on gladioli and shrubs and President C. B. Tobey appointed standing committees at a meeting of the Waverly Garden Club at the Village Hall Monday night. A bulb exhibition was held in connection with the meeting. The appointments were: program, Robert N. Dixon, Mrs. Fred Kurtz, Mrs. John Seidell, P. E. Canoll, Mrs. John T. Slater and Mrs. Wesley Smeaton; civic, Mrs. C. H. LaFleur, Mrs. C. B. Dounce, Mrs. A. C. Palmer, Mrs. T. B. Wheeler, Mrs. Ezra Coleman and Mrs. John H. Murray; membership, Mr. Canoll, Mrs. George B. Knapp, Mrs. Slater, Lawrence Jayne, John W. Watkins and M. M. Latham; flower show, Miss Alice B. Devlin, A. B. Cady, Mrs. Floyd W. Letts, A. W. Newman, Mrs. Kurtz and Mrs. Chester Bennett; publicity, Mrs. Wheeler, Miss Devlin and Mr. Dixon; and hospitality, Mrs. Dounce, Mrs. Albert P. Knight, Mrs. Edward W. Eaton, John C. Rhodes and Mrs. Kurtz. 

1937 Frank P. Boyle was living in Waverly, NY

April 5, 1937 Elmira Star Gazette: Hold Bridge Party Tonight. Sayre - Bridge players of the valley will gather at the Nurses' Home tonight for a benefit card party given by the Waverly auxiliary of the Robert Packer Hospital. Featuring the party will be a contract bridge tournament between teams from Towanda and the Sayre Acacia Club. Tournament play for special prizes will start at 7:30 p. m. while the public games will begin at 8 o'clock. Men and women are invited to attend. Refreshments will be served. Arrangements are in charge of Mrs. Percy Gillan, chairman; Mrs. George B. Knapp, Mrs. Elmer Bruffy, Mrs. L. H. Cohen, Miss Alice M. Devlin, Miss Agnes McCarthy and Mrs. H. Slade Palmer.

April 6, 1937 Elmira Star Gazette: Veto Gas Station. A score of residents appeared to protest against the proposed construction of a gasoline service station on the M. W. Kennedy property on the west corner of Fulton and Chemung Streets. An oil company sought permission to build there. A village ordinance bans such enterprises within 250 feet of a church or school. The company said the proposed station would be 252 feet from the entrance to St. James Catholic Church and 263 feet from the entrance of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Residents of the section, through Attorneys Edgar E. Sebring and Frank A. Bell, argued that Chemung Street should remain residential and that distances from the church property lines to the Kennedy property were less than 250 feet. Council upheld the residents and refused the oil company's application.

April 8, 1937 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Miss Charlotte and Elnora Knapp are home from Cornell for the spring vacation.

April 15, 1937 The Waverly Sund And Nichols Recorder: Misses Charlotte and Elnora Knapp have resumed their studies at Cornell University.

May 20, 1937 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. Gertrude Knapp expects to leave Saturday for New York City and will sail Tuesday, the 25th, on the M. S. "Layfayette" with the Rotarians on a trip abroad. - One of the loveliest rock gardens of Waverly is located in the rear of the Wheeler home, at 53 Orange street. Not only are the plants, flowers and shrubs a beautiful sight, but the rocks themselves are of novel shapes and sizes, and it would be well worth while for any interested in rock gardens to visit.

May 21, 1937 Elmira Star Gazette: Rotary Delegates To Sail Tuesday. Waverly - Mr. and Mrs. Hart I. Seely and Mrs. Gertrude Knapp of Waverly will represent the valley at the annual convention of Rotary International at Nice, France. The trio will leave for New York City Sunday and sail for France on ...(paper cut off)

May 27, 1937 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Miss Charlotte Knapp, of Cornell University, was home for the week-end. - Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Sebring and Mr. and Mrs. Wilton Hall were in New York on Tuesday to see the sailing of the French Line, for Rotary convention in Nice. Those sailing on this boat from Waverly were Mr. and Mrs. Hart I. Seely and Mrs. Gertrude Knapp. - Mrs. Gaudsmith told our star reporter that she almost took the Hindenburg when she made her trip home from England after attending the coronation. The other day a crack about "if all the people who 'just missed the Hindenburg were...'" But Mrs. Gaudsmith's story has a ring of truth in it. She said she planned to come home on the ill-fated dirigible with a friend. She didn't want to make the trip alone. At the last minute the friend's plans were changed and the friend stayed in England. So she came home on the next best (in this case, the very best) trans-Atlantic vehicle - the "Normandie." - Fate keeps Mrs. Gaudsmith on pins and needles. She just missed taking a certain train in England. And that was a lucky thing. If she had gotten to the station on time she would have taken a train that somehow caught afire, and she might have been one of the badly burned passengers.

May 29, 1937 Cornell Daily Sun, Volume 57, Issue 177: Week-End Fraternity Guests. Pi Kappa Alpha. Chaperones: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Sleights, Bellvue, Del.; Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Sprole, Ithaca. Guests: The Misses Pauline Bender, Rocky River, O., Betty Birds, Bradford, Pa.; Rena Bissell, New Rochelle; Janyce Day, Ridegwood, N. J.; Alice Guttman, Boonton, N. J.; Katherine Hutchens, Pulaski; Lily James, Bradford, Pa.; Charlotte Knapp, Waverly; Louise Meyers, Madison, N. J.; Beatrice Moore, Pittsburg; Gertrude Paul, Buffalo; Elfreda Plaisted, New York City; Wilhemina Scott, Omaha; Elma Shaver, Ilion; Betty Smith, Herkimer; Eileene Smith, Dayton, O.; Jane Uren, Omaha; Gladys Vodges, Germantown, Pa.; Joan Wilson, Richland; Melva Wright, West Falls.

June 20, 1937 The Citizen-Advertiser, Auburn, N. Y. : To Re-decorate Church. Moravia - D. W. Lougher, interior decorator, of Waverly, on February 1 will start the work of re-decorating the interior of St. Patrick's Church. Mr. Lougher will be assisted by his three sons.

July 23, 1937 The Evening Times: Women's Names On Town Jury Lists Filed This Week.Waverly, July 23 Town of Barton and Waverly jury lists have been filed at the court house in Owego, and for the first time in New York state history, women have been included. Under a law passed by the last legislature, women will be able to serve on juries after Sept.1. The law provides, however, that any woman drawn for jury duty may decline to serve without excuse. The complete list of women eligible for jury duty folllows. Unless specified, they reside in the Village of Waverly. This list has been furnished by Town Clerk Frank B. Lounsberry. Catherine Allbee, Elsie Andrews, Anna Arnold, Margaret Arnold, Mary Boice, Leona Clune, Bessie Decatur, Edna DeWitt, Lucy C. Dodge of Waverly R. D. 2, Lulu Eaton, Delia Eichenberg, Charlotte Eichenberg, Catherine Feeney, Luella Fisher, Ellen Falsey, Alice Fish, Mabel King Fields, Anna Ferguson, Fanny Flynn, Catherine Gibbons, Mabel Giltner,Barton, Anna Harding, Louise Harding, Gladys Harper, Ethel Hall, Anna Hogan, Mary Hyer of Lockwood, Triiba Jenkins, Florence Kellog, Gertrude S. Knapp, Millie Gay Lewis, Maude LaFleur, Mary Muldoon, Harriett Morgan, Lillian Masterson of Barton, Grace Munn of Barton, Mary Norton, Mary P. Reazor, Mildred C. Rhodes, Jennie F. Robinson, Mrs. Anna Sheahan, Florence B. Slater, Lila Shoemaker, Helen M. Schwartz, Ella R. Saphar ....

August 3, 1937 Elmira Star Gazette: Dr. Frederick K. Shaw was appointed medical examiner over Dr. Leon S. Betowski, Dr. John H. Schamel, Dr. Frederick S. Carpenter. Last month members could not break a thrice deadlocked ballot between Dr. S. Betowski and Dr. Carpenter.

August 14, 1937 Elmira Daily Gazette: Sport Contest Arranged For Sunday. Waverly - Water sports will be staged at the Waverly swimming pool in Shepard Creek, Sunday afternoon, sponsored by the pool's lifeguards, Miss Maxine Teetsel and Robert Collins. Sunday's events will be in form of an elimination contest to select entries for the Labor Day water carnival, the last day the pool will be officially open. Ten events for girls and 19 events for the boys are scheduled. Eligibility in the Labor Day contest requires at least a fifth place in the eliminations. A medley relay race will be a feature of the afternoon. Each member of the relay team will swim a different stroke on his lap of the race. There will be free style events and driving contests.

September 10, 1937 Elmira Star-Gazette: Wife of Pastor to Address Women. Waverly - Mrs. Robert P. Kellerman, wife of the pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Waverly, will address the Women's Missionary Society of the First Presbyterian Church at 3 p. m. today at the church on "Kagawa." Mrs. Luther Hardy is chairman of a committee in charge of a social hour to follow. Devotions will be conducted by Mrs. George Knapp and there will be a musical program.

September 14, 1937 Elmira Star Gazette: Setter Wins Prize. Waverly - Edwin M. Knapp, local dog fancier, came home with another prize when Stoneway Sue from his Stoneway Kennels took first place in puppy class at the Broome Co. Sportsman's Assoc. field trials. There were 90 entries in the Binghamton trials and Mr. Knapp's entry was the only settler to win a prize.

Oct. 4, 1937 The Evening Times - Funeral of John C. VanAtta, who died at his home, 449 Park avenue, at 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon, will be held from the home Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. Thomas Tighe, pastor of the First Presbyterian church will officiate. Burial will be in Glenwood cemetery. Mr. VanAtta was born in Waverly 77 years ago, and was the oldest business man on Broad street. He started in the drug business at the corner of Broad and Park avenue (newspaper mistake, should be Waverly street, his home was on Park ave.) when he was scarcely 14 years old, and has conducted the same business at the same place for 64 years. He was active up until a short time before his death. Mr. VanAtta did not belong to any fraternal or business organizations, although he was a director of the Citizen's National Bank and a member of the Presbyterian church. His vocation in life was his drug store, and he made it his hobby too. Although he led a quiet life, he was well known by virtually everyone in the community, and his perennial good nature made him many friends. He has been a daily part of the Broad street scene for longer than anyone can remember. Surviving are his widow, a son, Ronald, of Rochester; and a niece, Mrs. Virginia Tarleton of Brooklyn, N. Y.

October 6, 1937 Elmira Star Gazette: Final Tribute Paid Waverly Druggist. Waverly - A host of friends of the late John C. VanAtta of Waverly (449 Park ave.), among them many business men of the village, paid final tribute to their former fellow citizen at services conducted Tuesday afternoon at the home on Park Ave., by the Rev. Thomas Tighe of the First Presbyterian Church. Burial was in Glenwood Cemetery. Active pall bearers were Charles B. Toby, Frederic S. Deyo, Wallace S. Young, John Murray Jr., John C. Rhodes and Evan S. Johnson. Honorary bearers were Edson A. Tilton, James H. Owen, Fred A. Sawyer, John Murray Sr., Harold C. Watrous, Frederick Hawkes, Louis D. Atwater and Harry Knapp, all directors of the Citizens National Bank of which Mr. VanAtta was one.

October 20, 1937 Elmira Star-Gazette: ARC to Name New Officers. Waverly- Officers of the Waverly chapter of the American Red Cross will be elected at the 20th annual meeting in the High School auditorium at 7:30 p.m. today. All who joined during the last roll call are invited to attend. Officers are: Vicechairman, Miss Mary W. Muldoon and Percy C. Meserv; secretary, Miss Harriet E. Lewis; treasurer, Harold C. Watrous; executive committee, Mrs. Vernon Lovejoy, Mrs. Harry Dickerson, Mrs. T. B. Wheeler, Miss Ruth Fish, Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. H. C. Watrous, John F. Harper, Mrs. Elizabeth Baker, Mrs. Albert P. Knight, Mrs. C. J. LaFleur and Miss Virginia Kinney.

October 27, 1937 Elmira Star Gazette: Mrs. Knapp Heads Scouts. Waverly - The Susquehanna Valley Girl Scouts Council has elected: Commissioner, Mrs. George Knapp; deputy commissioner, Mrs. Harry Crandall; secretary, Mrs. Eugene E. Crediford, and treasurer, Mrs. Daniel Taylor. Committee chairman: training personnel, Mrs. John Lynch; badges and awards, Mrs. John Higgins; camp, Mrs. LaRue W. Croll; public relations, Mrs. Robert Fraser.

November 4, 1937 The Evening Times: Vanatta Store Is Sold To E. J. Payne. Waverly, Nov. 4 - John C. VanAtta drug store has been sold to Earl Payne, it was announced this morning. It is the first time this store has changed hands in over 50 years. Mr. Payne plans to close out the stock, remodel the store and continue the business with the same lines of merchandise carried by the late Mr. VanAtta. He stated that he will also continue to run his other drug store on Broad street. The VanAtta store was established in its present location at the corner of Waverly street about 80 years ago by Slaughter and Wells. When Mr. Wells died, Mr. VanAtta accepted a position as clerk, later purchasing the store from its original owner. (Samuel Slaughter was the original owner of the Corner Drug Store and Building. His daughter, Mrs. Gertrude Slaughter Knapp, still owned the building at this time. She sold the building to Earl Payne in 1946. VanAtta and Payne bought the business only.)

November 5, 1937 Elmira Star Gazette: Fish to Give Victory Dinner Talk. Waverly - Dr. Harry S. Fish, member of the Tioga County General Hospital surgical staff, will be the principal speaker at the Town of Barton Republican Victory Dinner Saturday night, it was announced Thursday afternoon by District Attorney Francis J. Clohessy, general chairman. The following committees have been appointed: General, County Judge Edward W. Eaton; Mayor J. C. Drake, Police Chief Lloyd M. Hedges, and Superintendant of Schools Don W. McClelland. Reception, Mrs. Fred Pittsley, chairman; Mrs. Perry Stanton, Mrs. Gertrude Knapp, Mrs. Edward Eaton, Mrs. Stephen Jenkins, Mrs. Francis Clohessy, Mrs. John Harper, Mrs. Dallas Martin, Mrs. C. J. LaFleur, Mrs. D. J. Simon, Mrs. Fred C. Simmons, Mrs. John Drake, Mrs. Lulu Eaton, Miss Nellie Shedden, Mrs. E. J. Eichenberg, Mrs. John Rhodes, Miss Jean Merriam, Mrs. Charles Toby, Mrs. C. P. Shumway. Mrs. Stanley Carroll, Mrs. Ralph Reazor, Mrs. Mack O'Shaughnessy, Mrs. Howard DeWitt, Mrs. Edin O'Brien, Mrs. Frank Bell, Mrs. Harry W. Knapp, Mrs. Edgar Sebring, Mrs. Evan S. Johnson, Miss Hazel McEwen, Mrs. LaRue Croll, Mrs. Carl Coots, Mrs. LeRoy Broock, Mrs. Elmer Bruffy, Mrs. W. E. Willatt, Mrs. T. P. Knapp, Mrs. Orson Swartwood, Mrs. Grace Munn, of Barton; Mrs. Samuel Bingham and Mrs. Jay Andrus of Lockwood. Hall decoration, Ira Brink, chairman; Harvey Tracy and Mrs. Pearl Salsberry; street decoration, John C. Rhodes, chairman; Jesse E. Decker, R. Everett Moses and LeRoy Broock; tickets, Atty. Herbert Smith, chairman; Earl J. Payne, John F. Haroer and Edwin O'Brien; parade, Village Trustee W. E. Robinson, chairman; Stephen J. Jenkins, George Brougham and Cecil Haight; finance, Walter S. Peck, chairman; C. J. LaFluer, Earl C. Cooper and J. William Merrill.

November 5, 1937 Elmira Star Gazette: For the first time in 50 years the drug store of the late John C. VanAtta has changed hands. It was purchased Thursday by Earl J. Payne of Waverly. (He purchased the business, not the building. Building still owned by Gertrude Slaughter Knapp. She sold the building to Earl Payne in 1946.)

November 24, 1937 Elmira Star-Gazette: Girl Scout Council Meets At Waverly. Waverly - The Susquehanna Valley Girl Scout Council meeting held Monday at the home of Mrs. George Knapp, Chemung St. heard an address by Miss Jean Christie of New York City, member of the national camp advisory staff. Miss Christie was guest of honor at a supper held in the "little house" in Athens in the evening and spoke to the leaders association.

November 24, 1937 The Evening Times - Waverly Personals - Miss Charlotte Knapp of Cornell University is spending Thanksgiving recess with her mother, Mrs. George B. Knapp of 208 Chemung street. - Miss Elnora Knapp of Cornell University is spending Thanksgiving vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Knapp of 97 Center street. - Edgar D. Sebring, Jr., and his classmate, Richard Rand of North Adams, Mass., both students at Ithaca college will spend Thanksgiving with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar D. Sebring, 208 Chemung street. During the fall term, Mr. Sebring played on the soccer team and Mr. Rand on the football team. Both are members of the basketball squad. (The Sebring's were renting part of Mrs. Gertrude Slaughter Knapp's home.)

December 9, 1937 - 1987, at 337 Broad Street, Payne's Drug Store, Earl J. Payne, proprietor, but building owned by Gertrude Slaughter Knapp until she sold it to Payne in 1946. Was opened as Rexall Store on December 9, 1937 after renovations. In 1948, Payne's druggist quit, so no longer a drug store, but a cut rate variety store and soda fountain. In 1957, Louise Brewer buys the store, but not the building, she has soda, sandwiches, gifts and cosmetics. (from Don Merrill's collection)

1938 Directory: 3 Athens st. Thaddeus Kinney. 5 Athens st. William G. Ballenstedt (homeowner). 4 Athens st. Milan J. Spencer. 6 Athens st. Julia Haas. 8 Athens st. Justus H. Walch.

From 1938 Directory of Athens, Sayre, & Waverly: no address for 7 or 9 Athens Street listed; at 208 Chemung Street - Knapp Charlotte S student r 208 Chemung, Knapp Gertrude S wid George B h 208 Chemung Edgar D. Sebring

January 10, 1938 Elmira Star Gazette: Waverly Churches. ... First Presbyterian Church, Monday, 3:30, Brownies; Monday, 7:30 Home Mission Guild will meet at the home of Mrs. George Knapp, Chemung St.; Tuesday, 4, Carantouan Troop committee and Waverly members of the Scout Council will be entertained at dinner at 5; Tuesday, 7:30 Bible school; Wednesday, 4, junior choir rehearsal; Thursday, 7:30, mid-week prayer service; Friday, 3, Women's Missionary Society meeting with Mrs. W. W. Breck speaking on Hawaii. ...

January 18, 1938 Elmira Star-Gazette: Scout Council Meets. Waverly - The Susquehanna Valley Girl Scout Council met at the home of the Commissioner, Mrs. George Knapp Monday afternoon. After a brief business meeting, tea was served.

January 28, 1938 Elmira Star-Gazette: Association to Name Trustees. Waverly - Trustees will be elected at the annual meeting of the Waverly Free Library Association Monday, at 7:30 p. m. in the library. Trustees will be elected to succeed Mrs. Frank Merriam, Frederick Deyo, and Mrs. George Knapp.

1938 The Wellesley Legenda: lists Charlotte S Knapp under the Ex-1938 graduating class. (Wellesley College of Wellesley, Massachusetts)

March 26, 1938, daughter of Henry H. and Mary Cleveland Hobart, Mabel H. Evans died. Mabel was born July 10, 1861. Tioga Point Cemetery in Athens, PA.

March 28, 1938 The Evening Times: CAMP P.O. of A will meet in their rooms in the Albertson building at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon and march in a body to the Kolb funeral home where they will attened the rites for the late sister, Mabel Evans.

Mrs. Mabel H. Evans, age 76, died suddenly at her home, 537 Chemung street Saturday afternoon. A resident of Waverly more than 50 years, Mrs. Evans was a member of the First Baptist church and Camp 3, P. O. of A. She is survived by her husband, Gabriel W. Evans; a son Henry at home; a daughter Mrs. George J. Moffat of Auburn, and five grandchildren. The body is in the Kolb funeral home, 447 Waverly street.

April 19, 1938 The Binghamton Press: Mrs. James W. Wiltise of West Presbyterian will serve another term as president of the Women's Presbyterial society. She was relected today as the society and the Presbytery of Binghamton conducted annual meetings in North Presbyterian church. A feature of the meetings was the launching of plans for cooperation with the Rev. Murray S. Howland, pastor of First Presbyterian church, and the Rev. Lloyd S. Ruland, pastor of West church, heads of arrangements for entertainment of the New York State Synod meeting here the third week in October. The Presbytery will lead in entertainment of the synod and the women will cooperate with entertainment of the Women's Synodical society, whose vice president is Mrs. Frederick H. Williams of First parish here. Other officers are; Honorary president, Mrs. Samuel Dunham, Binghamton; vice president, Mrs. O. G. Olsen, Binghamton; recording secretary, Mrs. Robert C. Galbreath, Endicott; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Allen R. Henderson, Hancock; treasurer, Mrs. John J. Reutilinger, Binghamton. Secretary of age groups, Mrs. Arthur J. Ford, Endicottt; secretary of national missions and overseas sewing, Mrs. Lloyd S. Ingalls, Cortland; secretary of boxed and barrels, Mrs. Susie K. Rounds, Vestal; secretary of missionary education, Mrs. Frederick Pekins, Binghamton; secretary of literature, Mrs. Edward S. Sweet, Binghamton; secretary of stewardship, Mrs. George B. Knapp, Waverly; secretary of spiritual life, Mrs. LindseyS. B. Hadley, Cortland; secretary of membership, Miss Charlotte Beuckmann, Binghamton. ...

April 20, 1938 Cortland Standard, Cortland NY: Binghamton Presbytery, Presbyterial Society Hold Spring Meetings. Binghamton - The Rev. John W. Slack, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, Johnson City, was chosen moderator of Binghamton Presbytery at the group's annual stated spring meeting in North Presbyterian Church here yesterday afternoon. ... Women's Meeting. Meeting in 65th annual session here yesterday at North Presbyterian Church, members of the Women's Missionary Society of the Binghamton Presbyterian voted a budget of $7,671 to continue their program at home and abroad during 1938-39. ... Other officers chosen are: ... Mrs. George B. Knapp of Waverly, stewardship; ...

April 26, 1938 Elmira Star-Gazette: Hospital Auxiliary, CDA to Meet. Waverly - A joint meeting of the Waverly Auxiliary to the Robert Packer Hospital and the Catholic Daughters of America will be held in the latter's rooms all day Wednesday starting at 10:30 a. m. There will be a luncheon at 12:30 p. m., for which members are asked to bring a covered dish and rolls. Plans will be made for a benefit with Mrs. George Knapp as chairman assisted by Mrs. F. H. Spencer and Mrs. Percy Gillan.

1938 Cornell Graduates of 1938: The following list is a provisional one and is subject to change by the various deans up to the time of Commencement. Under Bachelors of Arts was - Charlotte Slaughter Knapp. (Granddaughter of Samuel and Charlotte Slaughter. Daughter of Gertrude Slaughter Knapp and George Brinker Knapp.)

May 11, 1938 Elmira Star-Gazette: 1938 Club Elects, Hears Program. Waverly - Mrs. Don W. McClelland was re-elected president of the Waverly Polyhymnia Club at the annual meeting held Tuesday evening in the First Baptist Church. Other officers elected were: Vice president, Mrs. Leon S. Betowski; secretary, Miss Harriet Lewis; treasurer, Mrs. Jesse Decker; Federation secretary, Miss Ruth Fish; corresponding secretary, Miss Mary Olney; critic, Mrs. John T. Slater; librarian, Miss Florence Westbrook. Mrs. George Knapp was taken into the club as a new member on the associate list. The following program which ...

June 9, 1938 Elmira Star Gazette: Scout Patrol Honors Conferred. Waverly - Members of Carantouan Troop, Girl Scouts, were advanced to higher ratings and awarded badges at a rally Wednesday evening in the First Presbyterian Church social hall. Mrs. George B. Knapp, district commissioner, made the presentations as part of a play, "Magic Gold Pieces," given by the Scouts. Those taking part were Patricia Hoefer, Barbara Baxter, Eleanor Walker, Alice Backer, June Masteller, Betty Harper and Muriel Rose. Joyce Cady was in charge of scenery and Vivian Broock was the promoter. After awards were made a social hour was enjoyed and refreshments served under the direction of Mrs. John T. Slater, captain, and Mrs. Harold McEwen, lieutenant. The awards were made to the following: Big Apple Patrol - Connie Reazor, Vivian Broock, Alice Backer, Betty Harper, Jean Masteller, Marilyn Marsh, June Wickwire, Bertha Cronk, Ruth Cushing, Mary Sutton, Muriel Rose. Helpers Patrol - Patricia Hoefer, Luella Race, Charlotte Knight, Shirley Reed, Barbara Baxter, Mary Elizabeth Slater. Rinky Dinks Patrol - Joyce Fraser, Jane Storms, Anna Frances Payne, Roberta Croll, Elaine Harper, Sally Hoefer, Romaine Murray.

June 16, 1938 The Evening Times, Sayre, PA: Waverly, June 16 Three Waverly young people and one boy from Lockwood will be graduated from Cornell University at commencement exercises Monday. Miss Charlotte S. Knapp, daughter of Mrs. George B. Knapp of 208 Chemung street will be graduated with a bachelor of arts degree. William L. Wilson, son of Mrs. Bernice Wilson of (19) Orchard street will also recieve a bachelor of arts degree in the pre-legal department. Charles F. Kellogg Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Kellogg of (468) Pennyslvania avenue will be graduated with a bachelor of science degree in hotel administration. Jerome K. Pasto, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Pasto of Lockwood, R. D. 2, will receive a Bachelor of science degree.

June 17, 1938 Cornell Daily Sun, Volume LVIII, Issue 181, 17 June 1938, Page 8 Charlotte Slaughter Knapp graduated

June 22, 1938 Elmira Star-Gazette: Hammondsport -  Miss Marian Hamilton visited Mrs. Gertrude Knapp of Waverly Thursday and Friday. 

July 2, 1938 Elmira Star-Gazette: Visit In Waverly. Waverly - Mrs. W. M. Best and daughter Nelliana of Brooklyn, former Waverly residents, are visiting Mrs. George Knapp, Chemung St.

September 20, 1938 Elmira Star-Gazette: Mrs. Knapp Re-Elected Council Head. Waverly - Mrs. George Knapp of Waverly was re-elected commissioner of the Susquehanna Valley Girl Scout Council Monday evening when the Council board met at her home. Mrs. Harry Crandall of Wilawana was named deputy commissioner, Mrs. Eugene Crediford of Athens, secretary, and Mrs. Daniel Taylor of Sayre was elected treasurer. It was announced that Mrs. Robert Sibley of national headquarters will conduct training courses in October throughout the Council area.

Sept. 22, 1938 The Evening Times - Edgar D. Sebring Jr., of 208 Chemung street, Waverly, has resumed his studies at Ithaca College, where he is a junior in the School of Physical Education.

October 1, 1938 Elmira Star-Gazette: Trophy Winners Handled by Knapp. Waverly - Three puppies handled by Edwin Knapp of Waverly again won honors at the IBM Field Trial at Binghamton Friday. First place was won by Stoneway's Easter Folly and Kasco Little Shot took third in the puppy stakes. The first place winner is owned by Philip Works of Rochester. Prizes for these events were handsome trophies. Ginger Citation, another Knapp dog, placed third in the derby stakes for cash and trophy awards. In this event Ginger Citation was pitted against seven previous winners.

October 31, 1938 Elmira Star-Gazette: Elmiran Is Member Of Unbeaten Team. Ithaca - Carlton L. Wood of Elmira and Edgar Sebring Jr., of Waverly, are members of the unbeaten Ithaca College varsity soccer team which has now won three games and tied one against strong opposition. The Ithaca booters tied Colgate 1-1 and defeated East Stroudsburg, Pa., State Teachers 1-0, Oswego State Teachers 10-1, and the Rochester kickers 4-2. Three games remain on the schedule. Mr. Wood, who plays left fullback is a senior in the Department of Physical Education at Ithaca College. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Wood, 771 W. Hudson St., Elmira. A junior in the same department of Ithaca College, Mr. Sebring is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sebring Sr., 208 Chemung St., Waverly. He plays right halfback.

November 21, 1938 The Evening Leader, Corning, N. Y.: Miss Martha Jenkins To Wed G. F. Traub. Bath - Miss Martha Jenkins of Waverly, formerly of Bath, and George F. Traub, son of Mrs. J. George Traub of Niagara Falls, and the late Mr. Traub, will be married Saturday, November 26 at high noon at the Church of St. James the Less, Scarsdale, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Edwards of 5 Whistler Rd., Scarsdale, will serve as the couple's attendants, and an informal reception will follow the ceremony at their home. Miss Jenkins is the daughter of Mrs. Frank J. Jenkins of Waverly, and the late Mr. Jenkins. She is a graduate of Haverling High School and of Miss Howell's School in Bath. She completed her education at the National Park Seminary in Washington, D. C., and for several years has been operating the Jenkins Inn in Waverly. Mr. Traub was graduated from Cornell University in the class of 1931, and at present is affiliated with the Elmira City Club. Upon their return from a southern trip, the couple will reside at 931 W. Water street, Elmira.

December 18, 1938 Elmira Star Gazette: Waverly. For the first time in history Waverly will have three fire trucks at its disposal. A new 500-gallon American LaFrance triple combination truck was delivered here Thursday afternoon. It will enable Waverly to maintain its Class A rating with the fire underwriters which otherwise would have been reduced to Class B January 1, 1939, according to George L. Atwood, chairman of the trustees' fire committee. The truck is equipped with a 500-gallon per minute centrifugal pump, a 100-gallon water tank, 1200 foot hose body and has a three-man all-steel cab. Running boards on the sides have been eliminated and cat walks on the inside provide greater safety to firemen. Streamlined to the greatest degree possible, the new truck embodies many modern mechanical features. It has an eight cylinder 131 h.p. "L" head motor. At present the truck is being housed in the extra stall at the central station but will be put into the regular storage place as soon as repairs are made at the Cayuta Hose house and the present central truck can be removed there.

January 19, 1939 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Gaudsmith Bros. Famous Dog Act Is Seen in the Movies. Any summer morning the sight of two big black poodles on a leash held tightly in the hands of Louis Mercereau is a familiar one to the residents of Orchard st. and vicinity. The poodles, belonging to Max Gaudsmith, of the famous vaudeville team of Gaudsmith Brothers, enjoy their vacations period at the Gaudsmith-Mercereau home in the big white stucco house with blue trim on the corner of Orchard and Chemung sts., and "Grandpa" takes delight in leading them around for their daily exercise. Many Waverlyites have often expressed the desire to see the dogs in action, but because they are usually on vaudeville tours in New York, London, Paris or some other far distant point, few have ever had the opportunity. The first of this week, however, one of the "shorts" featured in the Capitol theatre showed and entire skit with the Gaudsmith brothers and the acrobatic poodles. Falling, climbing, barking, rolling, jumping and going through all sorts of antics in this hilarious bit of fun, the dogs showed the thorough training they had received. The last view we saw was one of the brothers standing on the shoulders of the other, with a poodle standing confidently on his head and unmindful of the dizzy heights to which he had climbed. At present the Gaudsmith Brothers, with their famous act, are in Liverpool, England. (209 Chemung st.)

Waverly Woman Makes and Bakes 4057 Loaves of Bread and 256 Dozen Rolls Without Use of Machinery During 1938 - A visit with Mrs. Mary Gorman of 422 Clark st., Waverly, is a delightful treat for anyone, but one trouble your reporter found interviewing Mrs. Gorman was her modesty about the little business she had built during many years. "It was when my two girls were very young and my husband died," said Mrs. Gorman, "that I started to bake bread to keep a roof over our heads and supply us with the food we needed." "It's many years ago," she continued, "too long for me to remember, but the last few years I have kept track of the number we have baked, and last year, 1938, was our biggest year, when we baked 4,057 loaves of bread and 256 dozen of rolls." "Of course," said Mrs. Gorman, "there were the turkeys and hams and other meats that people bring to me to roast for them, which all brings our income up a little more." When asked her age, Mrs. Gorman, with a very pleasant Irish smile, replied in a chuckle, "I tell everyone I am 101, hail and hearty." We tried to press Mrs. Gorman for her exact age, but always she insisted that she didn't know. With our suggestion that this was typical of all women she simply smiled in her knowing way. One of the amazing things of this baking record is that Mrs. Gorman, despite her age, uses no machinery of any kind, and the baking is done in a regular kitchen range. Mrs. Gorman doesn't remember the exact year she came to this country, having been the oldest daughter of a large family, born in County Clare, Ireland. She gets some assistance in her baking work from her two daughters who live with her. She has lived in Waverly ever since she arrived in this country, a girl in her teens. She was married 52 years ago and has lived at her present address ever since. ... ( From 1930 census records at 422 Clark st. was Mary Gorman 64 yrs. old with 2 daughters; Anna 34 yrs. old and Nellie 30 yrs. old. According to census records another Mary Gorman was born about 1870 and in the 1930 census she was 60 years old and widowed. In 1930 her son Francis and daughter--in-law Ella, grandson John, son Michael, and 2 lodgers were living with her at 426 Clark st.)

Jan. 25, 1939 The Evening Times - Waverly Personals. ... Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sebring and children of Hamburg spent the weekend at the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Sebring of 208 Chemung street. Sunday was the fifth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sebring and Mrs. Sebring's birthday. (Mrs. Gertrude Knapp's home. The Sebring's were renting part of the home.)

January 31, 1939 Elmira Star Gazette: Waverly Library Re-Elects Officers. Waverly - C. B. Tobey was re-elected president and all other officers and directors of the Waverly Library were re-elected at the annual meeting Monday evening at the Library. Other officers of the association are: vice-president, Mrs. F. W. Merriam; secretary, Mrs. George Knapp and treasurer, Harold C. Watrous. Directors renamed were: Mrs. Evan S. Johnson and Hart I. Seely.

February 2, 1939 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: C. B. Tobey was elected for the fourth year as president of the Waverly Free Library association. Beside Mr. Tobey, other officers elected were: Vice-president Mrs. F. W. Merriiam, secretary Mrs. George B. Knapp, treasurer Harold C. Watrous. Mrs. Evan Johnson and Hart I. Seely were elected trustees to succeed themselves. Other directors are Mrs. M. M. Nunan, Mrs. Merriam, Mrs. Knapp and Rev. Robert P. Kellerman, none of whose terms expired this year. ... Mrs. L.W. Lunn, librarian, ...

February 16, 1939 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. George Knapp, vice-regent; Mrs. F. C. Simmons, Mrs. John Reilly, Miss Alice Fish, Mrs. F. A. Sawyer, Mrs. Paul Curtiss and Mrs. Percy Gillan attended the winter picnic of Beulah Patterson Brown Chapter, N. S., D. A. R. in Owego on Saturday, Feb. 11. Mrs. Harry D. McKeige of Brooklyn, recording secretary, spoke on "Traditions." - Mrs. Gertrude Knapp, Mrs. Fred Simmons, Miss Alice Fish, Mrs. E. W. Eaton, Mrs. John Riley, Mrs. Percy Gillan, Mrs. Paul Curits attended the winter picnic of Beulah Patterson Brown chapter, N. S. D. A. R., at Owego Saturday.

February 23, 1939 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. George Knapp, Mrs. John T. Slater and Mrs. Ed. Sebring attended the weekly concert in Elmira Thursday evening.

March 9, 1939 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Miss Charlotte Knapp of Washington, D. C., spent the weekend with her mother and at Ithaca. - An unusually interesting meeting of the Women's Missionary society of the Presbyterian church was held Friday afternoon. Mrs. Sarah Breack led the devotions, and Mrs. Frisbie Howard presented a program on "Budget in Action," in which information was given about the schools to which the society contributes. The following took part: Mrs. Gertrude Knapp, Mrs. Tighe, Mrs. Patterson, Miss McKee, Mrs. Breck, Mrs. Hoeffer, Mrs. Cranmer, Mrs. Payne, Mrs. Tilton, Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Hardy. Mrs. Clarence Scott read a letter from her sister, Miss Mary Johnson, a missionary in Iran. Mrs. Frisbie Howard was elected vice-president; Mrs. Gertrude Knapp, treasurer, and Miss Alice Fish, corrsponding secretary. The office of president, held by Miss Ruth Fish for three years, will be filled later. - Miss Charlotte Knapp, a student at Washington Secretarial school, spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. George Knapp, on Chemung st.

Funeral Services for Simon Zausmer, One of Waverly's Oldest Business Men, Held This Afternoon at 1:30 at Home. Funeral services were held this afternoon for the late Simon Zausmer at his home on (426) Pennsylvania ave. in Waverly. Rabbi Frederic A. Dappelt of Elmira officiated. Burial was in Woodlawn cemetery, Elmira. Mr. Zausmer, who was 73, died at his home on Tuesday afternoon following an extended illness. He had been a Waverly business man for the past 47 years and was one of the oldest merchants on Broad st. Mr. Zausmer came to the United States in 1886 from England to establish a factory for the making of amber jewelry, a traditional business with his family in Germany. Because of low tariffs on imports, he was unable to make a success of the project and turned to importing, himself. For six years he remained in New York and while there met Miss Flora Samuels whom he married at Elmira. In September of 1892 he came to Waverly and purchased a jewelry business at 322 Broad st. He had been in Waverly but two years when he leaped into prominence by cashing P. & R. railroad checks. At that time, the railroad had been in the habit of depositing funds in the Waverly bank to cover its payrolls. In 1894 there was a shortage of cash in New York and Philadelphia banks and railroad was unable to send money to Waverly. The local banks would not cash checks, but Mr. Zausmer said he would cash them at five per cent discount. His popularity was instantaneous. Although he never held or sought political offices, Mr. Zausmer was closely associated with community affairs. He was responsible largely for the paving of Broad st., erection of the balcony at the village hall, which was recently removed, the originating of the biggest "Old Home" celebration in Waverly's history - that of 1910 - and for selling the most Liberty Loan bonds in Waverly during the World War. He was a member of the Waverly Lodge of Moose, being chairman of the Building committee when the present home was erected, and one of the incorporators of the Waverly Cooperative Saving and Loan association. The survivors are his wife; a daughter, Miss Ruth, and three sons, Sidney at home, Abe of Syracuse, and Garcon of Albany, New York. (1938 directory has his son Sidney as watch maker and jeweler at 319 Broad st. It lists Simon and Flora as jeweler, sporting goods and musical instruments at 319 Broad st.) Azariah J. VanAtta, the designer and builder our our home, also built and designed 319 Broad street. Simon Zausmer moved his business to 319 Broad st. in 1908. The building at 319 Broad st. was built around 1872, the first known tenant was N. J. Stahl, who ran a cigar and tobacco shop. This building is similar to the one at 337 Broad st. which Samuel Slaughter owned and operated his drug store from.

March 30, 1939 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Edgar D. Sebring Expected Home on College Holiday. Expected home from Ithaca college for the spring vacation beginning April 1 is Edgar D. Sebring, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar D. Sebring, Sr., of 208 Chemung st., Waverly, N. Y. He is a junior in the Department of Physical Education. (Rented part of the home from Gerturde Knapp. Newspaper had typo, it had 298, there is no 298 and phone diretory and census verify they were at 208 Chemung st.)

April 6, 1939 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. George B. Knapp and Miss Charlotte Knapp left Wednesday from New York City for the Easter vacation. - Mrs. J. W. Knapp has returned after spending two weeks with he daughter, Mrs. Henry Coward, in Chicago.

April 6, 1939 The Evening Times: Mrs. Gertrude Knapp of 208 Chemung street and her daughter, Charlotte, are visiting in New York City. Miss Knapp, who is a student of the Washington Secretarial School will return to Washington, D.C., Sunday.

April 13, 1939 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Miss Charlotte Knapp has returned to Washington, D. C., after spending Easter week in Waverly and New York City. - Mrs. George B. Knapp is visiting Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Sizoo in New York City.

April 27, 1939 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. George Knapp of Chemung street is spending a few days visiting Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sawyer of Jackson Heights, New York.

May 4, 1939 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. Gertrude Knapp came home last week from a several weeks' visit in New York City.

May 12, 1939 Elmira Star Gazette: Waverly Personals. ... Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M. Knapp and family have moved from 208 Chemung to 89 Spring St., Waverly.

May 15, 1939 Elmira: Knapp Tourist Home, 144 Chemung St., Waverly, Route 17. Well established business at a sacrifice on account of ill health.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Knapp Jr., of 97 Center street, have announced the engagement of their daughter, Elnora, to Frank P. Boyle of Ithaca, formerly of Waverly. Miss Knapp is a graduate of Waverly high school. She attended Wilson college for one year and is now a senior at Cornell University. Mr. Boyle is also a Waverly high school graduate and a senior at Cornell University. He is a member of Alpha Zeta fraternity. No date has been set for the wedding.

Miss Charlotte Knapp daughter of Mrs. George Knapp of 208 Chemung street and a student in Washington, D. C., spent the weekend in Waverly and Ithaca. Miss Catherine Abbott, a student of the University of Maryland was the week end guest of Miss Knapp.

Mrs. Edgar D. Sebring and Mrs. George B. Knapp spent Friday in Harrisburg, Pa.

May 18, 1939 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Miss Charlotte Knapp of Washington, D. C., spent that weekend with her mother. She was accompained by Miss Catherine Abbot, a student at the University of Maryland.

June 15, 1939 Elmira Star-Gazette: DAR Presents Flag Day Program. Waverly - A Flag Day program was presented at a meeting of Carantouan Chapter, DAR, Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. C. Palmer of 329 Chemung St. Mrs. George Knapp, first vice-regent, presided in the absence of Miss Jean Merriam, who is attending DAR ceremonies at the World's Fair. An article on "The Stars and Stripes," prepared by Mrs. F. W. Merriam, was read and was illustrated with seven flags showing the changes that have been made since the first one in 1777. Miss Lila Shoemaker spoke on "Facts About the Flag," and conducted a quick quiz. A duet was sung by Mrs. E. A. Tilton and Mrs. L. S. Betowski, and a solo by Mrs. David Love, regent of Watkins Glen chapter, and mother of Miss Jane Love of Waverly. Assisting hostesses were Mrs. Frank L. Howard, Mrs. Carl A. Coots, Mrs. G. Edson Blizzard, Miss Fanchon Shear, Mrs. Corbet Johnson and Mrs. Russell Coates.

June 15, 1939 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Charlotte Knapp Will Graduate at Washington School. Miss Charlotte Knapp, daughter of Mrs. George B. Knapp, 208 Chemung street, is a member of this year's graduating class of the Washington School for Secretaries in Washington, D. C. Miss Knapp graduated from Cornell University in 1938. She is at present taking a teacher-training course in preparation for teaching secretarial subjects.

August 4, 1939 Elmira Star-Gazette: Trade Board To Support Pet Show. Waverly - The Waverly Board of Trade Thursday night at a meeting in the Spaulding Hose Room voted to support the annual pet show to be sponsored Sept. 16 - the Rev. Levi W. Lunn, Grace Church rector. President Lou Dunlay was named the Board's representative to confer with the Rev. Mr. Lunn on arrangements. Members of the Board voted to publish a small descriptive booklet on the village and named Glen Wilmarth, Earl J. Payne and Cecil R. Berry a committee on publication. Harry VanZandt was chosen to investigate the cost of erecting signs to direct tourists to the Waverly business section from ?east block on Chemung St. Don Albertson reported $23 realized from the annual outing held recently.

August 18, 1939 Elmira Star Gazette: Waverly Personals. ... Mrs. George Traub of 202 Chemung St. and Mrs. Lloyd White of Bath are attending the Saratoga races. ...

August 24, 1939 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Post Office Here Gets Fine Mural Showing Early Life. Waverly - Painted by Miss Musa McKim of New York City and hung on the south wall of the Waverly post office last Saturday under the direction of David Lougher, a mural depicting Spanish Hill and early days in this vicinity has won the admiration of all who have seen it. The subject was very cleverly portrayed by Miss McKim. In the foreground is shown and Indian with a slain deer on his back, a pair of the passenger pigeons that were so plentiful at that time, a fox, a heron, a growing corn stalk, implements used by the Indians and tools of the pioneers, a pioneer building his home, a pioneer woman, a horse and a cow. In the middle distance is Spanish Hill. Last summer the artist spent about a week here gathering material for the mural. The mural, which was painted in oil with dammar varnish and wax on canvas, was done under the section of fine arts, Federal Works Agency, of Washington, D. C. Miss Mckim expressed her gratitude to Mrs. Seward Baldwin, postmaster, for her interest and co-operation and to Miss Elsie Murray, curator of the Tioga Point museum, for her kindness in furnishing much of the material.

August 31, 1939 Elmira Star-Gazette: Trade Board Distributes Booklets. Waverly - Ten thousand booklets advertising Waverly as a vacation and industrial center are ready for distribution, it was announced by Glenn Wilmarth at a meeting of the Waverly Board of Trade Wednesday evening at the Village Hall. Mr. Wilmarth said merchants and residents of Waverly would be contacted within the next two or three days to dispose of additional booklets. Earl J. Payne will take over the work of completing the large book on Waverly which contains more detailed material than the small booklet. Cecil R. Berry has been chairman of the committee on arranging this book and due to his connections with the Citizens National Bank, of which he is president, he asked to be relieved of his duties. The Rev. L. W. Lunn discussed the details of his Annual Pet Show which will be staged Saturday afternoon, Sept. 16. President Lou Dunlay announced that a large representation from the Trade Board would assist him in judging and other duties during the show. Edwin O'Brien was asked to confer with Col Jim Eskew as to whether he would be present during the show. It was the decision of the Board that if he is present, he will be made an honorary judge and lead the parade with several members of this troupe.

October 2, 1939 Cornell Daily Sun, Volume LX, Issue 7: Parents of Alumni Announce Cornell Women Married. ... Boyle '39 - Knapp. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Knapp of Waverly announced the marriage of their daughter, Elnora M. Knapp '39, to Frank P. Boyle Jr. '39, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Boyle, also of Waverly. Miss Knapp graduated from the College of Agriculture. Boyle also graduated from the College of Agriculture. He belonged to Alph Zeta, honorary agriculture fraternity; Phi Kappa Phi, honorary scholasitc society; Ho-Nun-De-Kah, honorary agriculture society; and was president of the Officers Club in his senior year. He was also on the freshman tennis and track squad and on the freshman advisory committee. He was a member of the CURW Joint Board, an ROTC Cadet Major, and had an undergraduate scholarship.

October 12, 1939 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Mrs. Gertrude Knapp has returned from a visit with friends in New York. She also visited the World's Fair.

October 17, 1939 Gabriel W. Evans died. Son of George and Esther Filey Evans. Tioga Point Cemetery in Athens, PA

October 18, 1939 Elmira Star-Gazette: Scout Council Chairmen Appointed. Athens - Committee chairmen for 1939-40 were appointed at a meeting of the Susquehanna Council of Girl Scouts Monday evening at the Girl Scout Little House, Athens. Mrs. D. C. Gillett of Ulster is the new commissioner and Mrs. Harry Crandall of Athens is deputy commissioner. Mrs. Gillett's appointments include the following: Training chairman, Mrs. John Lynch, Athens; vicechairman, Mrs. L. E. DeLaney, Sayre, and Miss Mary Falsey, Waverly; camp, Mrs. LaRue Croll, Waverly; vicechairman, Mrs. Daniel Taylor, Sayre; badges and awards, Miss Anna Moore, Athens; organization, Miss Fredericka Williams, Sayre. Vicechairman, Mrs. O. D. Cranmer, Waverly; Juliet Lowe, chairman, Mrs. George B. Knapp, Waverly; finance, Mrs. Ross Spear, Athens; vicechairman, Mrs. Joseph Rockman, Sayre and Mrs. Paul Brown, Ulster; public relations, Mrs. Robert P. Fraser, Waverly viceschairman, Mrs. Louis Schrier, Athens. Mrs. Fraser was selected as delegate to the national convention to be held in Convention Hall, Philadelphia, Oct. 23-26.

October 19, 1939 Elmira Star-Gazette: Gabriel W. Evans, 86, died Tuesday, Oct. 17, 1939, at the home of his son, Henry Evans, 537 Chemung St., Waverly. Besides the son with whom he resided, he leaves a daughter, Mrs. George Moffatt of Auburn, and three grandchildren. The body is in the Kolb funeral home, Waverly, where the funeral will be held Friday at 10 a. m. Rev. Floyd N. Darling, pastor of the Waverly First Baptist Church, will officiate and burial will be in Tioga Point Cemetery.

October 26, 1939 Elmira Daily Gazette: Mrs. Decker Speaks at DAR Meet. Waverly - Mrs. Frank Decker, Pennsylvania state chairman of the National Historical Magazine, was the principal speaker at a meeting of the Carantouan Chapter, DAR, at the home of Mrs. L. D. Atwater, (112) Park Place, Wednesday afternoon. It was announced that a marker over the grave of James Brooks at the Tioga Center Cemetery would be dedicated by members of the local chapter on Nov. 3. Mrs. F. A. Merriam gave a report of the children of the American Revolution conference which had been written in verse by a 15 year-old girl. Reports were also given by Miss Alice Fish of the Approved Schools committee; Miss Lila Shoemaker of the flag committee and Mrs. George Knapp who recently attended the state conference at New York City. She stated that there were 15,103 members of the DAR in the State of New York. Mrs. Arthur Bingham sang, accompanied by Mrs. A. H. Abell. Mrs. T. A. Rich, wife of the pastor of the First Methodist Church, and a member of the Sidney Chapter, was introduced.

November 2, 1939 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Presbterian Women to Pack Mission Barrels. Women of the Presbyterian church will meet tomorrow morning at 10:30 o'clock to pack the missionary barrel. Mrs. L. D. Atwater and Mrs. Luther Hardy will be in charge. At 12:30 a picnic luncheon will be served, the committee consisting of Mrs. Gertrude Knapp and Mrs. Laidlaw. At 2 o'clock the regular monthly meeting will be held with Miss Carrie McKee leading the devotions. Mrs. John Slater and Mrs. Robert Fraser will review the mission study book, "Homeland Harvest." The Thank offering envelopes should be handed in at this meeting.

December 21, 1939 The Waverly Sun And Nichols Recorder: Miss Charlotte Knapp of Washington, came home Monday for a week's visit with her mother, Mrs. Gertrude Knapp.

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