Zehr Estate

Former Outbuilding - "Cottage" AKA "Alluring Artiste" of Zehr Estate

We have named this building, "Alluring Artiste"

Built circa 1877

208 1/2 Chemung Street Waverly, NY

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The far eastern portion of this building (behind the fountain), minus the former garages of c.1945 - 2010, later known as the "garage apartment", was the original outbuilding that went with the Samuel Slaughter mansion at 208 Chemung street. For more history on the owners of the property see our Main House - Mansion page.

This picture is from 2017, "Alluring Artiste" at 208 1/2 Chemung street Waverly, NY:

July 2017, 208 1/2 Chemung street:
July 2017, 208 1/2 Chemung street

2010, the year we purchased the estate. Before we took off asphalt shingles and put a slate roof on and before its exterior revitalization. The east side of roof, which can't be seen in this picture, maintains its original slate with some new slate shingles that we needed to add:
2010, the year we purchased the estate, close up of 208 1/2 Chemung street

2010, front and east side view of 208 1/2 Chemung street:
2010, front of 208 1/2 Chemung street

2010, east side view of 208 1/2 Chemung street. This side of roof has most of its original slate:
2010, east side view of 208 1/2 Chemung street

2013, east side view of 208 1/2 Chemung street, after revitalization / restoration:
2013, east side view of 208 1/2 Chemung street

2013, far view of east side of the cottage, "Alluring Artiste":
2013, far view of east side of the cottage,

2010, back of 208 1/2 Chemung street, before revitalization / restoration:
2010, back of 208 1/2 Chemung street

2013, back of 208 1/2 Chemung street, lower level, after revitalization / restoration:
2013, back of 208 1/2 Chemung street, lower level

This is showing 2010 before and 2013 after revitalization of the back of 208 1/2 Chemung street:
2010 before, 2013 after, back of former outbuilding, now the cottage,(Alluring Artiste)

Former "garage apartment" and garages, circa 1947 to 2010. The garages were added onto the west end of this original outbuilding around 1947 when Mrs. Mary Fralick was converting the estate into an apartment complex. Because of the garages that were added onto this building, many people confuse this building with the former carriage house and or think that the garage areas were the former stables. The former carriage house is at 9 Athens street, and the carriage house most likely doubled as a stables. We believe this could be true, for we found remnants of hay in the attic of 9 Athens street and found a few stall doors that were highly likely taken from 9 Athens street and re-used in the basement of main house, at 208 Chemung street. The former garages are now being used for storage.

Inside of this former outbuilding, under the floor of the upper former "garage apartment" are several boards with S. W. Slaughter's name and Waverly, NY written on them:
ceiling under cottage suite with S. W. Slaughter Waverly, NY written on

Ceiling under the former garage apartment:
Ceiling under the former garage apartment with S. W. Slaughter Waverly, NY written on

Samuel Wickham Slaughter:
Picture of Samuel Wickham Slaughter

This is an 1888 Sanborn map showing the original outbuilding. This outbuilding is also shown on the 1893, 1898, 1908, and 1914 maps. The other barn behind the carriage house and the other outbuilding behind the octagon house are no longer standing:
1888 Sanborn map

Aug. 24, 1894 - Samuel Wickham Slaughter died from Bright’s disease (Nov. 8, 1837 - Aug. 24, 1894) 56 years of age.

August 25, 1894 Elmira Daily Gazette And Free Press -  Waverly, N. Y.  Aug. 25 - S. W. Slaughter, one of Waverly's foremost citizens, died at his home on (208) Chemung street last evening of Bright’s disease after a long illness. He leaves of his immediate family a wife and baby girl to mourn his loss. He was for years engaged in the drug business in this town, and was always ready with his influence and money to forward any movement for the public good and his private generosity to the needy is known to every one. In his death Waverly suffers a severe loss. He was at the time of his death vice president and also director of the Citizen's bank. He was also a director in the Waverly Water Works Company and the Hall & Lyons furniture company. His funeral will probably be held Monday afternoon, and his remains will be taken to Goshen for burial. He was a member of the Tioga hose company and probably the entire fire department will attend the funeral in a body. Rev. J. L. Taylor, of Cleveland, Ohio, the former pastor of the Presbyterian church at this place, will officiate at the service which will be held at the house. (In 1898, his remains were brought back to Waverly and buried in Glenwood cemetery. His grave site is underneath the branches of an European Copper Beech tree, just as his former house was under the branches of an European Copper Beech tree at 208 Chemung street, until in the fall of 2023, when we had to have the tree taken down. See European Copper Beech page.)

Aug. 25, 1894 Middletown Daily Press - Samuel Wickham Slaughter, a native of Orange County, died at his home in Waverly, N. Y., Friday night. He was the son of Dewitt Slaughter and Caroline Mills, who went from this county to Waverly several years ago. Deceased was a druggist and a prominent citizen of Waverly. He is survived by his wife, who was Charlotte Wells, daughter of Alfred Wells, of the town of Goshen, and by one child about four years of age. Dr. T. D. Mills of this city is a cousin of the deceased. The funeral will be held at the Scotchtown Presbyterian church, Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock.

Waverly, N.Y. Aug. 28. - The funeral of the late S. W. Slaughter was held from the elegant home on Chemung street yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock, and was very largely attended by the representative people of Waverly, who had gathered to pay their last respects to the deceased. The service was opened by the entire congregation repeating the Lord’s Prayer in concert. The Rev. P. R. Ross then read the 90th Psalm, after which the Rev. J. L. Taylor of Cleveland, O., who was for many years pastor of the Presbyterian church at this place, and who was very intimately acquainted with Mr. Slaughter, made a very feeling and appropriate address. He said that instead of standing and talking to the friends and mourners it seemed to him more appropriate that he should set with them and listen to some one else. His relationship to the deceased had been so near and so intimate that he could scarcely control himself to speak in regard to it. He told how Mr. Slaughter came to Waverly as a boy, and after his marriage he had united with the Presbyterian church when the Rev. Mr. Bates was pastor, at the time when one hundred and twenty made a public profession and joined the church, and from that day he had been an earnest Christian, quiet and unassuming, yet always one of God's noblemen and that his life, though he be dead, speaketh. Our sorrow and tears are not for him, for he is better off, for he has gone to God; our sorrow is for the wife and fatherless child. After his talk Mr. Taylor offered prayer. Rev. P. R. Ross, the present pastor, read from Paul's first Epistle to the Corinthians, the xv chapter, commencing with the 26th verse. He then introduced the Rev. Dr. Jenkins of Sioux City, Mich., a friend of Mr. Slaughter's boyhood, and his remarks were mostly confined to that period of his life, and in a very beautiful manner he portrayed it. The Rev. C. M. Surdam pronounced the benediction. The remains were taken to Goshen for interment on Erie train No. 12 last night. There will be a memorial service next Sunday morning at the Presbyterian church. (In June of 1898, his remains, after resting in a vault in Phillipsburg cemetery, were brought back to Waverly in Glenwood Cemetery for burial.)

Aug. 30, 1894 The Goshen Democrat - From the Waverly Democrat of Aug. 29th. Obituary. Samuel Wickham Slaughter - Earth’s transitory things decay; Its pomps, its pleasure pass away; But the sweet memory of the good, Survives in the vicissitude, So through the ocean-tide of years, The memory of the just appears; So through the tempest and the gloom, The good man’s virtues light the tomb. Samuel Wickham Slaughter died at his home, corner of Chemung and Athens streets, this village on Friday evening last at five minutes before seven, after a week’s severe illness, although he had been in failing health for nearly six months. In his death Waverly loses its wealthiest, as well as one of its most prominent and public spirited men. In a quiet way, his life work was devoted to doing good, and his open and liberal purse was ever ready to aid those in need. His charity however, took on no manifestations, and it was his little deeds, done in his private life that made him the friend of the poor and the servant of the needy. Mr. Slaughter was born in Hamptonburg, Orange county, N. Y., November 8, 1837. He was the son of Dewitt Slaughter, and the second child of a family of five. He received his education at the Chesterfield and Middletown academies. In 1857 Mr. Slaughter, with his father and sister, Nettie, came to Waverly to reside, the children attending the Waverly high school. After having completed his education, he engaged in the drug business on the spot where the Corner Drug Store now stands, the firm name being Slaughter & Bosworth. At the end of a year H. H. Hayes purchased the Bosworth interest, and the firm of Slaughter & Hayes existed until 1873, when Mr. Slaughter was married to Miss Charlotte Wells of Goshen. With Mrs. Slaughter to Waverly came a brother, Eugene Wells, who bought out Mr. Hayes, and this partnership existed till 1881, when Mr. Wells died. Mr. Slaughter then took in John C. VanAtta as a partner, and a few years later himself retired from active business life. When the Waverly Water Co., was organized Mr. Slaughter was one of its principal projectors, and at the time of his death he was one of the heaviest stockholders. He was also vice president of the Citizens Bank and a director of the Hall & Lyon Furniture company. In the Presbyterian church he was one of the most active members, and principally through his energy and liberality was the handsome new structure erected. Probably no man ever laid down life’s burdens surrounded by more friends and associates. Quiet and unassuming in his manner, he was never heard to speak disparagingly of anyone and was alert to eke out the good qualities of whoever might be discussed before him. In his liberality he used keen judgement and sound mind. If a case of deserving poor or need came to his notice he was quick to investigate its exact condition, and render aid as the necessity of the case seem to dictate. Waverly will miss him publicly, socially and financially. His death leaves a vacuum that will ever remain vacant to the cherished memory of his good and kindly deeds. In an elegant home he lived, having occupied himself years in its building and here he died, surrounded by fond friends, a loving wife, and a little daughter four years of age. Funeral services were conducted on Monday at four o’clock by the Rev. Peter R. Ross, pastor of the First Presbyterian church of this place assisted by John L. Taylor of Cincinnati. The remains were taken to Middletown, N. Y. on train No. 12 Monday night, from whence they were conveyed to the little village of Scotchtown, where they were interred Tuesday afternoon in the family plot.
(In June of 1898, his remains, after resting in a vault in Phillipsburg cemetery, were brought back to Waverly in Glenwood Cemetery for burial.)

September 1, 1894 The Waverly Free Press: Samuel W. Slaughter. The death of Mr. Samuel W. Slaughter, whose serious illness was briefly mentioned in the Free Press last week, occurred at his home on Friday night, at about 7 o'clock. Mr. Slaughter was born November 8, 1837, and had lived in Waverly about forty years. He engaged in the drug business about thirty-five years ago, and has been for years closely identified with the best interests of the village. He was succeeded in the drug business by John C. VanAtta, a few years ago, but he was director in the Waverly Water Co., and also in the Hall & Lyon Furniture Co., and was vice president of the Citizens Bank, at the time of his death. He was a man of large wealth which he used conscientiously for the bettering of his fellowmen, and his integrity of character was unquestioned. He was a consistent member of the Presbyterian church, and his loss will be keenly felt by that society. His widow and one daughter, Gertrude, about four years old, survive him. The funeral was held at the late home on (208) Chemung street, Monday afternoon at four o'clock, and was attended by a large company of friends. Rev. P. R. Ross conducted the sad service, assisted by Rev. J. L. Taylor, of Wyoming, Ohio, a former pastor, and Rev. H. D. Jenkins, of Sioux City, Iowa, a friend of the boyhood days of the deceased. The remains were taken to Scotchtown, about 5 miles from Middletown, for burial. Rev. P. R. Ross accompanied them, and officiated at the last sad rites at the grave. (In June of 1898, his remains, after resting in a vault in Phillipsburg cemetery, were brought back to Waverly in Glenwood Cemetery for burial.)

July 27, 1912 Charlotte Wells Slaughter died.

July 29, 1912 Elmira Star Gazette: Charlotte Slaughter Dies Of Apoplexy. Waverly, July 29. - Mrs. Charlotte Slaughter, widow of the late S. W. Slaughter, died at her late home on (208) Chemung street Saturday evening at 9:30 o'clock. For the last year she had been in ill health and a week ago suffered a stroke of apoplexy. She was a member of the Presbyterian church and was for many years a leader in church and social circles. One daughter Miss Gertrude Slaughter survives her, also two sisters, Mrs. Samuel Slaughter of Crystal Run, N. Y. and Mrs. A. F. Coleman of Goshen; two brothers, Moses Welles of Chicago and Charles Welles of Goshen. The funeral will be held at the home on Chemung street Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The Rev. Parke Richards will officiate and the interment will be in Glenwood cemetery.

August 3, 1912 Elmira Star Gazette: Slaughter Property Is Worth Large Sum. Waverly Woman's Will Disposes of $40,000 Estate. Owego , Aug. 3 - (Special) - The last will and testament of Charlotte Slaughter, late of the village of Waverly, deceased, was admitted to probate in surrogate's court yesterday and letters testamentary issued to Fred T. Sawyer of Waverly. Mrs. Slaughter left an estate valued at $40,000. (using inflation calculator for the year 2014, $954,346.38 )

February 5, 1915 Waverly Free Press And Tioga County Record - KNAPP-SLAUGHTER WEDDING IS BRILLIANT AFFAIR
The prettiest and most elaborate wedding of the season occurred on Tuesday evening, when Miss Gertrude Slaughter was united in marriage to George Brinker Knapp at the Chemung street house (208 Chemung street Waverly, NY) of the bride. The prominence of the families and the popularity of both the young people made the occasion a notable one. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Parke Richards, pastor of the Presbyterian church.
The bride was given in marriage by F. A. Sawyer. She was exquisitely gowned in white satin made with court train, trimmed with hand-run Chantilly lace seeded with pearls. Her tulle veil was fastened with a band of pearls and orange blossoms, and she carried a shower bouquet of roses, lilies of the valley and smilax. Her ornaments were a diamond LaValliere, the gift of the groom, and a sunburst of diamonds, a family heirloom. She was attended by her maid of honor, Miss Florence Mapes of Goshen, who wore pink messaline and carried white roses. Her bridesmaids, Miss Dorothy Atwater, Miss Frances Knapp, Miss Hazel Johnson, and Miss Katherine Smith of Middletown, N. Y., were charmingly gowned in pale blue silk, with short tulle veils. They carried pink roses. Joseph W. Knapp, 3rd, acted as ring bearer, and the ribbon bearers were Miss Gertrude Slaughter Smith of Middletown and Miss Helen Knapp. Joseph W. Knapp, Jr., officiated as best man. The ushers were Harry W. Knapp, Harold Watrous, Philip Finch.
The house was beautifully decorated with cut flowers and greenery, roses predominating. The ceremony was performed in the library, before a bank of white roses and smilax. The drawing room was decorated with Jacqueminot roses, while the dining room was a symphony in pink, white, and green. The bride's table was decorated in pink and white roses and pink favors, while Japanese lilies and carnations were used about the room with charming effect. Coleman's orchestra of Ithaca played throughout the evening, and Alberger of Ithaca served the four course wedding breakfast.
The bride's gift to her maid of honor was a pearl and sapphire brooch, and to her bridesmaids strings of pearls. To the little ribbon bearers she gave forget-me-not pins and to the ring bearer a signet ring. Her gift to the groom was a watch. The groom's gifts to his best man and ushers were gold cuff links.
The ceremony was performed in the presence of about two hundred guests. Among those from outside Waverly were Mrs. David Munson of Rochester; Mrs. Eugene Smith, Harry and Eugene Smith, Miss Katherine Smith, and Miss Gertrude Smith of Middletown; Miss Edna Slaughter of Middletown, Mrs. James Haggerty and Miss Florence Mapes of Goshen, Miss Edna Day of Canandaigua, Mr. and Mrs. George Dayton of Towanda, Miss Marion Freestone of Tacoma, Washington; Miss Mary Millard of Elmira, Dr. and Mrs. Knapp and the Misses Knapp of Newark Valley.
The gifts were many and beautiful.
The bride's going-away gown was of sand colored gabardine trimmed with fur, with duvetyne hat to match, trimmed with fur and flowers.
Mr. and Mrs. Knapp left for Palm Beach and other southern points. Upon their return they will be at home to their friends at 208 Chemung street.

October 10, 1927 Waverly: George B. Knapp Killed By Charge from Shotgun. Prominent Waverly Man Dies Instantly When Gun Is Accidentally Discharged At Home Here. George Brinker Knapp, accidentally shot himself at 5:30 Saturday afternoon in his bedroom at his home, 208 Chemung street. Mr. Knapp has been ill for several weeks and had only recently returned from Glen Springs Sanitarium, Watkins Glen where he had been receiving treatments. He was much improved in health, however, and was making plans to start on a brief squirrel hunting trip with friends this week. Mr. Knapp had just taken a bath and returned to his room to dress. Mrs. Knapp, his wife, was on the first floor of the home and was making preparations to take Mr. Knapp for a short automobile ride before dinner. Hearing a noise as if someone had fallen, Mrs. Knapp hastened to her husband's room and found him lying upon his back on the floor with a large wardrobe trunk, which stood in the room, over turned and lying partially on Mr. Knapp. A shotgun, which had been lying across the top of the trunk and which Mr. Knapp had been cleaning in readiness for the hunting trip, had been fired, probably as the trunk had fallen and the charge had entered the body of her husband, passing through his chest. Dr. F. H. Spencer, the family physician, was summoned and found that life was extinct. He called Coroner J. T. Tucker who made an examination and decided that death was accidental. The decedent was born in Waverly in November, 1885, and had resided in this village all his life. He was engaged for a short time in the dry goods business with his father but had retired from active business life some years ago. Mr. Knapp, while not taking an active part in the civic life of the village on account of ill-health, was one of the best known citizens of this community. He was a member of the First Presbyterian church of Waverly; a member of Tioga Hose company and a charter member of the Shepard Hills Country club. In the latter organization, Mr. Knapp always had taken a very active part. Being an ardent golf enthusiast, he had played in most of the tournaments of the past few years and for a time was chairman of the tournament committee and also of the greens committee. He was a director of the Citizen's National Bank. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Gertrude Slaughter Knapp; one daughter, Charlotte at home; his mother, Mrs. Joseph W. Knapp Sr., who resided with her son, and three brothers, Harry and Joseph of Waverly and Ralph, at present in Warsaw, Poland. Funeral services will be held at the late home Tuesday at 2:30 and will be private. Rev. Albert O. Caldwell, pastor of the Presbyterian church, will officiate and interment will be in Glenwood cemetery.

November 27, 1945 The Binghamton Press - In the slowest week in several months only 17 pieces of Tioga County property changed hands in the week ended Nov. 24. Included in the deeds filed in the county clerk's office are: ... Gertrude Slaughter Knapp of Waverly to Mary I. Fralick, property located in Waverly.

Nov. 28, 1945 The Evening Times - Only one Waverly property transfer was listed among seventeen Tioga County deeds recorded in the office of Tioga County Clerk, Mrs. Florence J. Tilbury, for the week ending Nov. 24. It was Gertrude Slaughter Knapp to Mary I. Fralick.

This 1947 Sanborn map shows the added on cinderblock garages to the west end of the original outbuilding at 208 1/2 Chemung street. It shows the empty lot at 7 Athens street, octagon home is gone. It shows the carriage house at 9 Athens street as being used as an automobile garage, marked with the A. This map was finished just prior to the conversion of the former carriage house / automobile garage into two apartments. It shows that the other barn and other outbuilding are gone, they were still shown on the 1927 map. It also shows the first floor open covered back porch still on the home at 208 Chemung street.
1947 Sanborn map

1948 Waverly directory - 208 1/2 Chemung Street - Donald Gustina (Elizabeth) beautician [Gustina Beauty Shop, owned by Frank S. and Mrs. Hazel R. Gustina, at 213 Broad st. Waverly.]

Donald Gustina information: (Jan. 11, 1944 The Evening Times - Serving on the three major battle fronts of the world are the three sons of Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Gustina of 220 Broad street, Waverly. Captain Francis Gustina, 27, who has been serving in England … Donald Gustina, 21, technician fifth grade in the medical detachment of the U. S. army engineers is now serving in active duty somewhere in the South Pacific area. He has been in foreign service for over a year and he enlisted while he was a senior in the Corning Free academy. He was awarded his diploma at graduation time although he was already in uniform. He received his training at Fort Bragg, N. C., Denver, Colo., and at Fort Jackson, S. C. Edward Gustina, 20, medical laboratory technician fifth grade enlisted a year ago, October, and is stationed somewhere in North Africa with a hospital of the U. S. army. … April 24, 1946 The Evening Times - Miss Elizabeth J. Berry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Berry of 184 State street, Corning, became the bride of Donald H. Gustina, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Gustina of 213 Broad street, Waverly, at a ceremony in St. Mary’s Catholic church, Corning, this morning … Mrs. Gustina is a graduate of Corning Free academy and Gregg Business school. She is employed as a stenographer in the Corning Glass Works. The bridegroom graduated from Corning Free academy and recently received his discharge after serving five years in the Army. At present he is a student in an Elmira beautician school. After a short wedding trip, the couple will make their home temporarily in Corning. … Jan. 18, 1947 The Evening Times - Our 5th Anniversary At this time we wish to thank the people of the Valley for their kind patronage for the past five years. We greatly appreciate it. With Mr. Donald Gustina with us, we will be able to give you still better service. Gustina Beauty Shop. Capitol Building Waverly. By 1949, Donald Gustina was living at 213 Broad st. Waverly.)

1951 Waverly directory - 208 1/2 Chemung Street - Robert G. Eisenhart (Clara M.) emp. at Horn & Horn & Co.

Eisenhart Family: Jan. 31, 1949 The Evening Times - Honorably Discharged. Pfc. Robert G. Eisenhart Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Eisenhart of 50 Clinton Avenue, Waverly, has been honorably discharged from the U. S. Army and returned to his home. Eisenhart, who served two years in Alaska, has been recently stationed in California. April 17, 1950 The Evening Times - Frank Herrick of 504 Harris street, Sayre, today announced the engagement of his daughter, Mae, to Robert Gordon Eisenhart, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eisenhart, Sr., of 50 Clinton avenue, Waverly. Miss Herrick attended Sayre schools. Mr. Eisenhart is a World War II veteran and a former Waverly high school student. The wedding will take place Sunday, Apr. 23, at 2 p.m. in the sanctuary of the Waverly Methodist church. Rev. Wilton J. Dubrick, church pastor, will perform the ceremony. From the 1950 census - 50 Clinton ave. Waverly, NY - Robert Eisenhart 44 yo., pipe fitter at knitting mill; wife Cecelia 44 yo.; son Robert Jr. 23 yo.; daughter Shirley 21 yo., stenographer at knitting mill; daughter Sharon 14 yo.; son Harry 13 yo.; son George 10 yo. From 1950 census - Frank Herrick 48 yo., machinist helper; wife Marianne is crossed out and voided; daughter Janice 19 yo.; daughter Clara 18 yo. May 26, 1952 The Evening Times - Sayreite Instantly Killed When Struck by Car as He Changes Tire in Rainstorm. Frank W. Herrick, 50, of 504 Harris street, Sayre, father of six children, was instantly killed about 1:40 Sunday morning when struck by a car in the rain on the River road, about two miles west of Waverly, while he was repairing a blown tire on his own car. A car owned by Frederick and Richard Cropp of RD 3, Towanda, and driven by Richard struck Herrick. According to reports, he was thrown in the air and bounced off the windshield of the Cropp car to the windshield of his own car, cracking both and then crumpled to the pavement. He died from a fractured skull and compound fracture of the left leg. He suffered a crushed chest and his entire body was reported crushed. … ruled that death was accidental and that there would be no inquest. … Riding with the accident victim were: Cecil Teeter, 43, of 204 Mill street, Sayre; John T. Bennett, 42, of RD 2, Waverly; and Donald Zobrist, 32, of 20 College street, Buffalo. … Herrick was a native of Litchfield and formerly employed as boilermaker at the Lehigh Valley Shops, Sayre. He was presently employed as a machinist with American LaFrance, Elmira. He was a member of Wheelock Hose company, Sayre, Odd Fellows lodge of Litchfield and International Association of Machinists, 438, of Elmira. Survivors include his wife, Marianne; one son Richard of Towanda; five daughters, Ruth of Athens, Norma of Troy and Helen of Canton and Mrs. Janice Miller of Ithaca and Mrs. Clara Eisenhart of Waverly; one brother, Orlando of Norwood, Col.; one granddaughter; one stepson, Edward Johnston, Sayre; step granddaughter; two step sisters, Mrs. Helen Bennett of Auburn and Mrs. Louise Dunbar of Athens; and several nieces and nephews. … burial will be in Glenwood cemetery, Waverly. … May 13, 1963 The Evening Times - Robert G. Eisenhart, Sr., 57, of Oak Hill Road, Barton, N. Y., died early this morning at the Robert Packer Hospital following a brief illness. He was a maintenance supervisor at the Blue Swan Mills, Sayre. Born in Waverly on Nov. 14, 1905, he was the son of George and Harriet VanGordon Eisenhart and resided in Waverly until eight years ago when he moved to Barton. … Survivors include three sons, Robert G. Jr. of Waverly; Harry J. of Baldwinsville, N. Y. and Pfc. George with the U. S. Army in Germany; three daughters, Mrs. Shirley Tye of Waverly, Mrs. Sharon Roberts of Elmira and Susan at home; one sister, Mrs. Leon Shedden of Sayre; eight grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. … Burial will be held in Glenwood Cemetery, Waverly, at the convenience of the family. May 26, 1963 Binghamton Press and Sun-Bulletin - Property transfers - Town of Barton - Robert G. Eisenhart, by distributees, to Robert G. Eisenhart, Jr. May 16, 1967 - Clara May Herrick Eisenhart 34 yo. and divorced, was married to Ronald Eugene Burnett 24 yo. and divorced, in Leesburg, Virginia. Clara’s parents listed on the marriage record as Frank Wesley Herrick and Lucille A. Foster. Aug. 29, 1975 The Evening Times - Miss Joanne E. Reynolds of 446 Cayuta Ave., Waverly, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Reynolds of 404 S. Lehigh Ave., Sayre, and Robert G. Eisenhart of Waverly, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eisenhart of Waverly, were married Saturday, Aug. 23 at 1 p.m. at a lawn ceremony performed at the home of the bride’s parents. … Her husband, a graduate of Waverly High School, is employed at the Ingersoll-Rand in Athens. The couple will reside in Waverly. The bride was entertained premaritally at a shower given by Tammy Reynolds, sister-in-law of the bride and Nancy Eccleston. Dec. 2, 2018 - Mrs. Clara Herrick Burnett died at 86 years of age.

June 10, 1952 The Evening Times - Born to Lewis and Gertrude Francis Sherwood of 208 1-2 Chemung street, Waverly, a son today at the Tioga County General hospital. (208 1/2 Chemung street)

1953 directory - 208 1/2 Chemung street - listed as vacant

April 15, 1954 The Evening Times - Lady wants 1 or 2 room unfurnished apartment located in Chemung County. Write Mrs. Miller, 208 1/2 Chemung St., Waverly or phone 906-M-2

April 19, 1954 The Evening Times - Doris Anne Cook Is Church Bride Of Thomas P. Knapp, Jr. of Waverly. Easter Sunday the Athens Methodist church was the scene of the marriage of Miss Doris Anne Cook, daughter of Mrs. LeRoy Mace Cook of Wilawana and Athens, and the late LeRoy Cook, and Thomas Phillips Knapp, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Phillips Knapp of Waverly. … Following the wedding a reception was held in Bethel Hall for 500 guests. … After a honeymoon in Bermuda, the couple will reside temporarily at 208 1-2 Chemung street, Waverly, and after June 1 at their home at 29 Pine street, Waverly. … Mrs. Knapp was graduated from Athens High school and Pennsylvania State university. She has been employed as a teacher in the Sayre schools and is director of the White Church choir of the Athens Methodist church. Mr. Knapp, a graduate of Waverly High school and Cornell university, is general manager of the Knapp’s Department store in Waverly. … (Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Knapp Jr. lived at 208 1/2 Chemung st. for a short time. WWII Draft Card of July 25, 1946 - Thomas Phillips Knapp Jr. of 455 Waverly St., Waverly, 19 yo., born in Waverly Oct. 22, 1926. Name of person who will always know his address, T. P. Knapp on Broad st. Thomas P. Knapp Jr. died Jan. 16, 1968.)

1956 directory - 208 1/2 Chemung street - Donald Holton (Alice emp. NYTCo.) emp. Elmira. Still here in 1958.

Dec. 7, 1956 The Evening Times - Born to Donald and Alice Nichols Holton of 208 1-2 Chemung street, Waverly, a daughter today in the Tioga County General hospital. (208 1/2 Chemung street)

May 31, 1958 Robert G. and Vera C. Callison owned our property. Mary I. Fralick to Robert G. Callison and Vera C. Callison.
1958 from Binghamton NY Press: VILLAGE OF WAVERLY - Mary I. Fralick to Robert G. and Vera C. Callison

1958 directory - 208 1/2 Chemung street - Donald Holton (Alice) emp. Elmira. By 1961, Donald and Alice Holton were living at 52 Orange st. Waverly.

Dec. 21, 1959 The Evening Times - Modern 3 room separate apartment. Automatic heat, range, refrigerator, furnished. 208 Chemung Street, Waverly 1364-R (208 1/2 Chemung st., former “garage apartment”.

1961 Waverly directory - 208 1/2 Chemung street - Robert Shafer (Laura) emp. Twin Coach Co.

November 26, 1962 The Evening Times: Three room modern first floor with range, refrigerator. Private. Automatic heat furnished. Garage attached. TV cable. 208 Chemung Street, Waverly.  (208 1/2 Chemung Street, was known as the garage apartment)

Dec. 11, 1962 The Evening Times - 208 Chemung Street, Waverly Separate modern 3 room apartment. Range, refrigerator, heat furnished. (208 1/2 Chemung street)

1963 Waverly directory - 208 1/2 Chemung street - listed as vacant

1965 Waverly directory - 208 1/2 Chemung street - Cora L. Bingham, lived here til around 1970. Prior to coming to live here, Cora was renting in part of the home at 25 Lincoln street, Waverly. She moved here to 208 1/2 Chemung street in 1963. (Cora was most likely the daughter of Jefferson and Helen Dickson Bingham, a pioneer family of settlers of Bingham’s Mills or Lockwood, NY. In 1930, Cora L. Bingham was boarding with the Paul R. Harsh family at 59 Lincoln st. Waverly. Cora was 47 yo. in 1930 and single. In 1920, Cora was a telephone operator.)

1967 Waverly directory - 208 1/2 Chemung street - Cora L. Bingham

1969 Waverly directory - 208 1/2 Chemung street - Cora L. Bingham

July 10, 1970 - 208 Chemung st., 208 1/2 Chemung st. and 9 Athens st. was sold on land contract by Vera C. Callison to Richard Morris (My Dad).

1970 Waverly directory - 208 1/2 Chemung street - Cora L. Bingham

1971 - Wendy Lewis, told me that she lived here at 208 1/2 Chemung street with her husband and son in 1971.

1972 Waverly directory - 208 1/2 Chemung street - listed as vacant

1974 Waverly directory - 208 1/2 Chemung street - listed as vacant

1975 - 208 1/2 Chemung street - Gerald Mullen  (Jerry and Sylvia Mullen) til May, then moved into apartment 2 West, at 208 Chemung street. May and June vacant

March 16, 1976 The Evening Times - 20 Indictments Are Approved By Bradford County Grand Jury. … Others approved were … John Angelo, 208 1-2 Chemung St., Waverly, charged with driving while intoxicated; …

March 2, 1979 William J. Rynone and D. Scott Jewell took over the property, until March of 1982, when Richard and Ruth Morris took the property back. 208, 208 1/2 Chemung st. and 9 Athens st. Waverly, NY)

1981-1982 phone book - 208 1/2 Chemung street - M. A. Smith

1982-1983 - 208 1/2 Chemung street - Jerry Townsend

1985 - 208 1/2 Chemung street - J. McNamara, then Jon Morris and Suzanne Smith

1986 - 208 1/2 Chemung street - Jon Morris and Suzanne Smith

June 9, 1986 The Evening Times - Athens Class of 1986 … Suzanne Michelle Smith …

1987 - Jon Morris and Suzanne Smith Morris, part year, then to 3 West of 208 Chemung street, main house.

Aug. 22, 1990 Elmira Star Gazette - Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre - Wanck - A daughter, Tuesday, Aug. 14, 1990, to Ronald Jr. and Fay Parks Wanck of 208 1/2 Chemung St. Waverly.

1997 - 208 1/2 Chemung street - Lenora C. Carnrike

1998 - 208 1/2 Chemung street - Lenora C. Carnrike

1998 - 208 1/2 Chemung street - Lenora C. Carnrike

2000 - 208 1/2 Chemung street - Lenora C. Carnrike

2002 - 208 1/2 Chemung street - Jack Lane til Aug. 2002 according to internet search

2004 - 2005 phone book - 208 1/2 Chemung street - Leonard Madigan  / then Jack Lane moved back into this garage apartment in October of 2005

Internet google searches have the following at one time being at or associated with 208 1/2 Chemung street: Doberman; Jesse Conner; James L. Carnrike; James Carnrike; Charity L. Smith

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