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We purchased the 208 Chemung street property in Waverly, NY on March 17, 2010. We named it "Zehr Estate" and it is presently under major restoration. The property includes the former outbuilding at 208 1/2 Chemung street and the former carriage house at 9 Athens street.  Almost seven years later, on January 17, 2017, we purchased the home and lot at 7 Athens street, rejoining the original Samuel Wickham Slaughter and Charlotte Wells Slaughter's property. 

Back in 1945, the original estate was sold and turned into an apartment complex and five years later, in 1950, the then empty lot at 7 Athens street was sold off and the current home was built.

We are fortunate to have all the property back together.

As we continue the restoration, our plans also change.  We have returned the estate to a one family estate, Zehr Estate.

In 2010, we thought that maybe someday, it would be nice to host some kind of special events on a small scale. We love the property and the historical and architectural design. We do not want to compromise the original design of the home in order to offer special events, so it will depend on the village codes at the time. All we know now as we are in the restoration phase, keeping all as original as possible, that we have many more years of restoration ahead of us. 

See our photogallery for progress.

We thank all individuals who have voiced encouragement, advice, creative thoughts or technical ideas with this historic revitalization effort!

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